Tuesday, March 09, 2010

4 more days til MEMORY MANIA EXPO

WOW, Have you ever attended one of Memory Mania's CHA EXPOs? They are great fun and I think WILD is an appropriate word. I can remember back 10 years ago when we were located at Tanger Mall and the ITEM OF EXPO DAY was a little swivel blade, template & sponge mat-----Coluzzle -WOW-we were wild for it of course, but we never know if YOU will be WILD for the same things we are WILD for so we ordered some not an enormous supply of them and when i tell you they were FIGHTING for the coluzzles, I'm not exageratng, seriously, customers were stealing them out of the baskets of each other to get to the register first. I think the stealing was in great fun, (i think), but yes, EXPO day is always great fun And can you believe it, Coluzzle is still widely used today !!!

SO what is expo, well we have been putting out some of our new buys from CHA for a couple of weeks so that you won't be too overwhelmed, but we have more stored up surprises and the biggest thing is you get to PLAY with some cool new tools/techniques.

Now, talking about CHA, one of the largest shows of its kind-a scrapbooker's dream come true . . . Its that time of year when the vendors are unveiling their products for 2010!! My head is still spinning . Spinning from all of the awesome things we saw !!!! Chances are I couldn't name 5 of my favorite things - aren't you glad we narrowed the choices down for you. You can ONLY imagine how much money we spent, we went in the hopes of a TIGHT BUDGET, well, put a woman in a room larger than a football field filled with papers & stickers-what do you think happened to the budget, uhhhhh, i really tried. No really, i did-I told Christy the only things we could get were the things we just couldn't LIVE without. Ok, so we were gasping for air alot those 2 days, and we found more than I hoped, I just stretched it out over a few months. We will be getting LOTS in for EXPO day, but we've saved some things to come in May for National Scrapbook Day & then also a little later in June!!!! I think this is a good way for the customers too, afterall, we can only take so much excitement at one time!!!

The great thing is the vendors knew where we were all coming from with trying to save money, scrap more economically. Many vendors designed lines that kept this in mind, making most papers double sided. Therefore, you can save paper & double the use out of them. There were lots of new generic embellishments which we've been desperate for. So try really hard to save that date, its the best day of the year-you get to come & touch & feel & see how things work!!!!! AND lots of really cool things were saved for future Masters Kits!!!!

Stay tuned for more EXPO news as my head slowly stops spinning & I can think clearly (well, not sure if that happens in your lifetime). SAVE THE DATE, EXPO DAY, Saturday, March 13 10am-1pm.

Happy Scrappin'

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