Monday, March 30, 2009


WOW- how many things can YOU do with a scallop circle punch? Join Becky on Saturday April 11th 1-3 to learn some cool ideas using this awesome punch!!


Hey Scrappers,

Here's a peek of the 2 layouts in the awesome Floral Punch Art Class. Don't miss out on this awesome Floral Punch Art class with Becky Robichaux-the PUNCH QUEEN; she shares some wonderful tips with you on adding dimension & beauty to your pages!!!! You may not be a big punch lover know, but guarantee you will be AFTER Becky's class. Her passion is contagious.

All of you BECKY fans, are you signed up for the double header that day:

Floral Punch Art, Saturday April 11 10am-noon
U Pick it Class, Scalloped Surprises, next Saturday, April 11th at 1-3pm

Call the store today to sign up 225-744-2767!!!!!

Anyone interested?

I just posted a little teaser about a possible how to on the Masters blog...hop on over and let me know if you are interested!


Hey Scrappers,

5 more days until EXPO-GO WILD WITH MEMORY MANIA!!!!!!!!!!

Check out these beautiful layouts created by Heather Banker using some cool new products to be debuted at EXPO.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

7 Days til EXPO-GO WILD with Memory Mania

WOW, awesome layout by Noelle Landry created with some new products to be debuted Saturday!!! Don't forget the awesome drawing at 1pm.

Be Prepared to GO WILD!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK, i thought i was emotional with the post yesterday too, but you guys have really put on the waterworks this morning!!! Thank you, Thank you for your kind & heartfelt comments!!!!! They mean SOOOO much to me. Thank you for being a part of my life.

I'd love to hear from any of the 53 customers that visited Memory Mania on opening day!!!! Not bad for a hobby that most people didn't know existed.

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We've come SUCH a long way baby!!!!!

As you can see, the kids are SOOO small and Allison & I look a little younger too, he he. There's Mary Heintze, who is responsible for convincing me to take up scrapbooking in 1997, so it was only right that she be our first employee (the kids were free labor, he he). Look at the blood, sweat & tears these little guys put in for the opening of Memory Mania. They did a great job. we THOUGHT that was so much product, ha hahahaha. Check out the stickers on a roll and that double rack of paper was every paper we could find, the only manufacturers then were Frances Meyer, Paper Adventures & Keeping Memories Alive (this was even BEFORE Bazzill). IN fact, just to give you an idea of how NEW this hobby was, CK had just begun publishing their magazine just months earlier.

Mallory is sorting DIE CUTS, OMG. We couldn't even imagine a cricut back then.

Check out these Templates, can't recall , ____ buddies??? more stickers on a roll WOW-so much scrapbook stuff, who would have every thought (ha ha), they worked about 18 hours & then they were pooped. My favorite memory (wish I had a picture) was Becky Robichaux who lived in Alabama at the time peeking through the gates, (oh yeah we were in a small room behind Coffee House at Tanger Mall in 1999) saying "I just can't wait to come in, a real scrapbook store, I saw ya'll in CK". It wasn't long before she moved to Prairieville to be near her favorite scrapbook store-we love you Becky-can't tell you how that made our day-we were so nervous about spending that money in CK and someone actually read it-turns out alot of people read it!!! And guys, take a look around MM today, and look at this picture, in 3 snapshots i could show you every item in the store, and believe me in 1999 that was every item available-we had it all. if you look real close, you'll see Coluzzle hanging on the wall, that was the month it was created. When i quit my job at EATEL, people would look at my like i needed to be commited, "What are you going to sell besides scrapbooks". The puzzling looks were so funny. When we would talk to others, people didn't even know what SCRAPBOOKING was.

Check out those first 2 shoppers, that's Jill and our Asst Manager, JADE Templet -OK, so don't you agree this was a REALLY long time ago. Jade attended our first Junior Scrappers Camp that summer . Tina LeJeune was the 2nd of the 53 customers that day, and she is also still scrapping today!!!! And of course, i couldn't pass up this last photo of my CARLY, 5 years old making her first scrapbook purchase (ok maybe she didn't purchase it).

And with the help, support & encouragemen of all of these wonderful people, Allison & I took a huge leap of faith & opened this humble little scrapbook store of 500 square feet, March 24, 1999 (The opening was supposed to be April 1st, but we couldn't stand it, we opened a week early).

Seriously, I could never run this store without the love & support of my 3 boys & my BFF, Allison-you can't imagine how many sacrifices they have had to make for the good of Memory Mania. But as John says, "You couldn't LIVE without Memory Mania". So, thanks to all of you, you give me so much back!!!! What an awesome life, that my work is my hobby & my passion. I wouldn't say it was easy, but i would always say it was worth it!!!!!

And its OFFICIAL, we are business owners YIKES, we were scared to death, WILL THEY COME???? And they came, and they came, they continue to come 10 years later. We are told on a regular basis how awesome a store we have, that's it the best store in the nation (for real, they say that). I can't take credit for that though, its my girls!!! Its definitely a team effort. Its because we have always had the best people in the world working at Memory Mania!!!!! Tha BFF, Allison, she gets the word out to all of you through her emails & newsletter. The TEACHERS, you know we have the most awesome classes in the country-seriously-these are the best teachers& i've been to many classes across the country and I'm NOT being partial, ask anyone. AND "my girls" in the store, WOW, what can i say??? Its not just a job to them, its their passion too!!!! They give 100% all of the time, anything I ask and anything you need, they do it and with a SMILE. We have been so blessed through the years at MM, for the awesome girls that we've found to work at MM. Of course, these 4 walls changed to the 4 walls we call home in Prairieville, more pics of that later. There is so much more we want to do & provide at MM, stay tuned. As we all know, times are tough in the world today, PLEASE PLEASE support your local scrapbook stores-they are a blessing-can you imagine trying to match your pattern paper online?? !!!!! Let's stick together for another 10 years, don't you think? I HAVE scrapbooked before local scrapbook stores, believe me, you don't want to LIVE without a local scrapbook store!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memory Mania CARD Class

Hey Scrappers,

Are you ready for a really fun CLASS!!!! Look at this awesome Card Organizer Box with dividers for months (to list your family & friends birthday reminders each month), themes, and an assortment of 9 handmade cards & walk away with a little card sketch book to make creating cards faster than you can run to the store AND it means a whole lot more!!!!!! This class will certainly teach you everything you need to know to be known as the "AWESOME CARD MAKER" and no one has to know that it didn't take you 10 minutes to create it. Its OUR LITTLE SECRET.

Call today 744-crop to sign up for Darlene's CLASS, It's All in the Cards,
Tuesday, April 21st 6pm-8pm
Cost is $20 plus a required supply fee. SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!
REGISTRATION CLOSES April 10th so that all supplies can be ordered.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Inspiration from JODY - Go girl

WOW, look at this really cool paper!!!!!! Can't wait to see this whole layout!!!!!! SAVE THE DATE--APRIL 4th 10am-2 (anytime during this time for demos)!!!

Seriously, we don't have enough paper racks for all of the paper we have yet to put away-i guess we'll start hanging paper from the ceilings, any other ideas???

ECOUPON FOR TUESDAY ONLY, March 24th (OUR 10th Anniversary of MM)
10% off your total purchase (regular priced items only)
all day Tuesday, March 24th. MUST PRINT & BRING THIS COUPON with you.


Gearing up for EXPO

Hey Scrappers,

Are you prepared to GO WILD WITH MEMORY MANIA on April 4th 10am-2?????

Check out this peek at Jody Sorey's layout using some super cool new products!!!! Bring your cameras on expo day, you'll want to take some pictures of these cool layouts that lots of the customers have been working on.

Don't forget that is the day we will be debuting all of our NEW BUYS from CHA this Winter. We will have 3 FREE make/takes, demos of some cool new projects, NEW Kits, new products!!!!!
AND Christy has some really COOL demos planned for the day.

Its a great time each year, please join us!!!!! And super exciting this year-

It's our 10th year anniversary, so we're raffling off that $500 basket of goodies!!!!!!!! We will be entering names until 12:55 and the drawing is at 1pm. Please remember Amercan Craft requires that the winner be present-so plan to attend or send a represenative for 1pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, March 21, 2009

American Craft & a sneak peek from Jody Sorey

This is a line of new papers on the new wall this week!! Check out the cool layout that Jody created with a couple of the papers!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, We miss this girl so much!!!! I know many of you treasured the classes with Jody & thought you might enjoy some creative inspiration from Jody all the way from North Carolina. Great job Jody!!!!! We Miss you!!!!

Come to the expo for some really cool ideas with some other new products she is working with.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

CCL COMMENT WINNER & Jade's Class, All About ME

WOW-thank you so much for the wonderful, funny & sweet comments!!!!!!!! Ok, now i remember why I do this!!!!!! Thank you!!!! And the winner is . . . Heather Banker!!!!!!

Heather wins a spot in Jade's class "All About ME" , Tuesday, March 31 6-8pm. Displayed is one of the layouts Jade will be teaching, there are a few spots left, but call today, since she displayed the layout yesterday, she's already had a few add-ons!! 225-744-2767.

Congratulations Heather, you are our lucky winner!!!

P.S. For all of you that gave up chocolate for lent-the new CHOCOLATE paper was a big HIT today!!!!! I got mine, did you?

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


YOU MUST EAT Chocolates this week. Its true, REALLY, its American Chocolate Week (I read it in CK). Celebrate by planning to crop & bringing chocolate for your scrap friends. If you can't MAKE YOURSELF eat chocolate-here's some new Rusty Pickle CHOCOLATE paper. HOW Cool, i was holding this for expo-but in honor of Chocolate week, i'll have to put it out on tomorrow.

Happy Scrappin'


If you know a young person that is interested in scrapbooking ages 9-16, let her know about Memory Mania's Summer Scrappers Camp; June 8-12 & July 13-17 $150 for 5 days, you supplies the photos & adhesives & we supply EVERYTHING ELSE, including the album, everything to create a 20 page album, tshirt, and LOADS of FUN!!!!! Camp is always SOLD OUT, so sign up today!!!

Happy Scrappin'


Monday, March 16, 2009


Good morning Scrappers,

Although its an ugly day, its perfect for scrappin'. UNCOVER your own pot of gold!!! Saw this in CK (again, it was great this month), Beyond Family & Friends, what is it that you treasure most-is it your scrap room, your pattern papers, your coffee, your music, what ROCKS your world. Stop-photo & scrapbook that, i'm sure it will be something different next year, so record it today!!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

P.S. LESS than 1/3 spots available in CCL Summer, 2009. Call today 225-744-2767 or register online.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

CCL Favorite Memories

What is your favorite part about the morning of CCL?

If you've been to CCL for years, did you like participating in demos on arrival morning or just ready to come in & set up?

Do you like classes on arrival day so that Saturday can be dedicated to uninterrupted cropping?

Friday, March 13, 2009


WOW, my email box sounds like a slot machine with the online registrations from CCL beeping every couple of minutes. Hurry up-don't delay, CCL is sailing aweigh, don't be left behind!!!!

Share your happy & fun CCL times here to be entered for the drawing.

CONGRATULATIONS ALLISON SHEFFIELD DAVIS, winner of the survey drawing $50 shopping spree.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Totally Textures

Wanna learn some cool new ideas for adding texture to your layouts and projects? Then come and join Danielle on Saturday, March 21 for this "totally awesome" class on textures. Here is a sneak peek of one of the layouts you will be creating. Call or come by the store to register. Registration will close at noon on Tuesday, March 17.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CCL COMMENTS - Win a free stamped Am Craft card for the drawing

We want to thank all of you that were able to attend the CCL-Throw me Something Sista’ Weekend Retreat in January & making it a tremendous success. There were friends scrapping with friends, sisters scrapping with sisters, mothers scrapping with daughters, grand daughters scrapping with grandmothers. We had a lot of fun and by the looks and sounds of it, all of you had fun too! We hope that those of you that were unable to attend are able to attend the next CCL. It was a weekend filled with goodie bags, room goodies, door prizes, layout challenges, page contests, great meals, great music, snacks, massages, king cakes, and 37 hours of dedicated scrapping!

WOW-how many weekends away is the next one anyway????? FYI-Set Sail is a pun, we're not really going to be rocking on the seas trying to scrap-weekend retreat is held at Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge!!! OK, take a deep breath, go straight to the online store or visit us in person AND BOOK YOUR CCL TODAY. You can't afford to wait-just ask any of the 75 ladies that didn't call in time for January. Ask the many ladies that were strangers 8 years ago but have become close CCL friends & meet at CCL today.

If you've been, please comment here & if you've thought about coming, but weren't quite sure it was for you, comment here!!! We will hold a drawing next Wednesday to win a FREE spot in Jade's class, All About Me: Collecting Memories One by One!!! AND anyone that comments 5 different days (about what they liked most about previous CCLs OR would enjoy most if you went) is entered into the American Craft drawing for the $500 box of goodies.


SET SAIL FOR CCL RESERVATIONS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN !!!!! ONLINE registration is available NOW or go to the store to complete your reservation.


On the new Wall

On the new wall

And these below are just looking for a home (paper rack):

WOWWOWOWOW!!! We pulled (our little personal shoppers) for the CHA preorders yesterday and WOW, i seriously could not go to sleep last night, after touching & feeling all of those wonderful papers, flowers, edges, glitter paper, die cut paper, embossed paper, shabby chic paper, graphic paper, and on and one AND serious problem, WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT OVER 300 NEW PAPERS??????????????? So we won't be able to share them until we can find them a home (looking for paper racks). Ha ha, we've added so many new papers in the fall that we've used all of the racks we usually save to debut CHA papers. But we're trying to be creative.

Seriously, there are sooooo many of these that you will WANT/NEED/HAVE TO HAVE and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BREATHE WITHOUT!!!! Check the new wall frequently for the newest papers that FIND A HOME.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CCL Make/Take Kit

WOW - CCL Registration opens to the public on Thursday, March 12th. VIP Registration to past attendees is now, have you signed up yet?

Shown above are the 3 make/take kits for the special price of $28.99 at time of registration, $32.99 after 5/1/09. The kits are Beach/ Enjoy & Together is the Best Place to Be!!! All kits feature brand new from January CHA products rushed to MM for this special m/t kit!!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009


Life created by Brooke Adams, our newest member of the Memory Mania Masters Design Team. Have you gotten your Masters Kit Yet-look at these awesome supplies - stamps, overlays, stickers, 7 Gypsies Paper, Little Yellow Bicycle Papers & MORE!!!!!!! What a bargain $24.99 for $36 worth of products!!!!!


I saw this in CK (WOW-have I mentioned how great the last 2 issues of CK have been???? Its been a while since I've been this excited about CK. It totally motivated me, check it out:

Your scrapbook challenge this week is to find WHAT motivates you?? Here is the quiz i saw in CK:

Why do you scrapbook?
  • To organize,
  • preserve family history,
  • share stories/thoughts;
  • creative outlet,
  • social interaction;
  • relieve stress,
  • means to connect with family;
  • create gifts & express love;

Which elements are most important;:
  • Photos
  • Stories
  • Design
  • Products
  • Artistic process

No wrong answers, keep your hobby focused on what INSPIRES YOU!!!!
This will help you know which products to buy & keep, stories to tell, photos to print & how to make everything work for you. Hope this helps!!

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, use a Seussian quote on a layout this month. One of my favorites is "Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened. Smile, what a good thought. Speaking of smiling, these fleur de lis chipboard tha Marah misted & used alcohol inks sure make me smile.

Have a wonderful, happy weekend!!


Thursday, March 05, 2009


Don't miss this awesome class with Darlene this coming Tuesday night, Trash to Treasures. It couldn't come at a more perfect time. We're all searching for ways to save money & Darlene is anxious to share her tips & tricks with you. She will be revealing how to get the most use of the scrapbook supplies YOU ALREADY HAVE. Darlene will share some incredible organizing tips so that you can find & use the scraps, embellishments etc.

Call today 744-CROP to register!!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What is keeping life fresh???
Nutrition facts:
Serving Size: 1 piece
Servings per Bag: 70
Creative Calories 100, Printed 100g, Glitter 30 g, Inspiration 100g, Fun 100g, Cuteness 100g, Uniqueness 100g and Creative Fiber 100g: The ingredients: Full of fun. No preservatives- Collect all 12 Favors

Available now at Memory Mania, you'll want to taste every bag-come check out the WHAT'S HOT WALL!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

WOW- Great PROMOTION in honor of 10th Birthday

WOW, can you believe it Memory Mania is 10 years old!!!!! In honor of our 10th birthday, we are having a month long celebration promotion!!!! Here's a close up view of all of the goodies in this basket. Believe me, the team has been begging me just to open & distribute to them. While they most certainly deserve it, it would have spoiled the fun for all of you, he he.

Instead of our normal frequent buyer cards, we will be issuing a card to win this $500 basket to be given away on Saturday, April 4th 1pm at our EXPO. Come in soon to check out this cool basket AND get your stamp card going. You will receive a stamp for every $10 spent and once the card is filled it is entered into the drawing. Enter as many times as you wish.

Watch blog often for updates & specials.

Other things to see:
We have 3 baskets of SALE products 40-60% savings!!
2 Baskets of foam stamps ranging from $1-3
LOTS OF new Glimmer Mist
Awesome alcohol ink colors