Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few DURING pics

Special Thanks to these special people that helped with the BIG move!!!

This is kinda sad--the old MM with no people & no paper.

Carrying the paper over was no easy tasks-these guys were VERY tired. Do you know how HEAVY paper is?

Allison & Jill have said "No more ribbon can be ordered for the rest of the year!!

Do we REALLY need all of these stickers??

WOW, its been a 28 LONG 14 hour days BUT i think its well worth it!!!!!!! Tune in for pics from Monday, Day 1 of the new MM. Many customers have stopped in the old Memory Mania for the garage sale & begged us to bring the arch--we're looking to see where we can fit it now.

Its been GREAT fun seeing all of the HAPPY faces in the NEW MM.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yes, We're Open

This is BEFORE at Suite 9, please come see us today to see the AFTER!!!!!!! We are super excited to show you around AND THERE IS A HUGE GARAGE SALE at Suite 7. You can stop in the OLD Memory Mania & choose some great deals & walk them over to Suite 9.

Come join us-can't wait to get your feedback!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Promise I'm sticking to scissors from here on out

Ok, well, I bought this precious clock & I wanted to hang it that morning while John was at work. You know, men just don't understand WHY we need decorative things, he he. Well, as you can see, ME, screwdriver & metal studs don't mix well. The more i pushed, the bigger the hole got (OMG, i was freaking out). So what is a girl to do??? Call a guy, of course, I made an urgent call to Justin to come get me out of the mess & turns out I just didn't have the MUSCLE to get through the stud-he had me all fixed up in about 5 minutes.

So, this girl is sticking to scissors & glue dots!!!

Watch the blog this weekend for details on our opening day!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Sunday, June 21, 2009

LAST CROP at the OLD Memory Mania

Some of the croppers this past Friday night took a sentimental picture of their LAST crop at the Old Memory Mania & plans to scrap it for posterity!!!!! How sweet is that!!!! There was LOTS of excitement talking about cropping at the NEW Memory Mania in he Masterpiece STUDIO!!!! Thanks Cheryl for sharing the photo & notes:

This is a picture of our last crop in the "old" store. We certainly had fun. Unfortunately, I look like I have been up since 2:00 AM (I had); several of us called in quits early.

I took some pics of the old store for a layout of the old MM...that layout is scheduled for completion in 2015-LOL! My hubby says he now understands my hobby when he saw that I had plans to scrapbook my scrapbooking. He (teasingly) says that scrapbooking feeds itself.

We've been trying to get some feedback over the last few months for future Crops. . . As you know the crop fee has been $10 since 1999, wow, i can't think of anything else that is the same price today as it was in 1999. Since this time, we've incurred the rising prices of hostess fees, prices of supplies for the make/take, electricity, etc. so we must follow suit with the other stores & raise our price of crops to remain in business. AND, another way to think of it is where can you go & spend a Friday night having so much friend for less than $20???

Here are your choices, and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Option 1: Crop fee of $15 and includes use of all cricut cartridges in our library (currently only George is included in the price of the crop).

Option 2: Crop fee of $20 & includes use of all cricut cartridges in our library AND a light meal (Subway, La Mestiza, Domino's, Spaghetti Shop).

Also, we will have 2 spots for croppers that like to STAND & crop at the Cafe Bar-anyone interested in that-i rarely am able to sit & crop & wondered if I'm the only WEIRDO out there-hehe.

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Store Update

So where do you think Brooke is painting this??? OK, the name for the classroom has been chosen . . . DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . MMU teachers, students & croppers home will be called:

MASTERPIECE STUDIO. Its just perfect-what do you think? We had TONS of awesome ideas from scrappers!!! One of the main things we wanted to be sure we called it something we could easily refer to it as. And also, it needed to be something that would cover the 2 uses of the room: classroom & crop room. For instance, the current classroom/crop room is Memory Lane but we call it "workshop". KUDOS to Krisi Carriere for her awesome submissions, we liked the "Studio" as recommended by her & Christy Cochran & I came up with Masterpiece so it would cover The Masterpieces created in class & during crops. So we're awarding Krisi 1/2 of the award for inspiring us.

Thanks to Everyone for their awesome submissions, here were some of the cool names, and we LOVED all of them .

Classroom of Bloom
Scrap Spot (Sparking Creativity Raises Amazing Productivity Saving Plenty of Time)
Crop a Mania
Idea Alley
Crop Central
Scrap Central Station
The Crop Shop
The Crop Stop
Scrap Happy School House
Scraptastic Studio
Cropping Spa (because its a perfect getaway that I can relax & enjoy)
The Crop Den
Maniac Station
Memory Trainer
Education Station
Croppers Dug Out

Happy Scrappin',

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have you SIGNED up yet??

Don't forget this awesome opportunity to attend the FIRST CLASS IN THE NEW STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be there, please join me as these fun GLITZ girls wow us with their totally cool scrapbook products!!!!! There are only a few spots left -CALL 744-CROP TODAY!!!!!

The class samples will be arriving soon for review.

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK, so we stole some of the slatwall from the old store. I know, it looks empty, but believe it or not, the only thing missing is the slatwall that wasn't even being used along the tops of each side of the store.

We have pulled some things for the big garage sale this Saturday-don't miss it!!!! But for the most part, everything else you've always seen is still there, it just looks really bare without these black slatwalls above the inventory on the outside walls.

We will be moving June 29th, the day of the newsletter coupon so we are honoring the coupon June 22. Please pass the word to all of your friends!!!! I'm sorry for any inconvenience BUT i promise it will be worth it.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, June 15, 2009

Masters Team Creations -Monday Motivation

DIVE IN Created by Brooke Adams

5th Grade by Jansen Hebert

Summer Fun with Friends created by Noelle Landry

Check out these awesome layouts with a fun Summer flair-these layouts are displayed at the store with products nearby. Stop in soon as supplies for these layouts are almost gone. Love, Love, Love these fun creations!!!!

Don't forget to stop in for the last time at Suite 7. We move in just a couple weeks to Suite 9!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Store Update

HA HA, so that was really a JOKE, what other color would Memory Mania be????

Friday, June 12, 2009


Bday Lu created by Pam Boudreaux

Family Best Friends created by Heather Banker

Final Thanksgiving created by Jody Sorey

WOW-check out these awesome layouts!!!! Get a closer look at these layouts at Memory Mania!!!

PLEASE PARDON OUR PROGRESS at the old store-we're moving slats, etc. PLEASE PLEASE come buy all of this paper & embellishments so we don't have to move it AND we can buy new stuff. Oh well, I thought it was worth a try. I'd much rather see UPS hauling boxes of new stuff rather than us walking tons of boxes over. ha ha

Update on the NEW MEMORY MANIA, Thanks to JOHN, Christy, Jori, Blake, Justin, Shelby & Richie almost all of the painting is done. The studs in the wall are giving my guys (John, Dane & Justin) fits, can i tell you, lots of words flying about the room as the drill makes a funny noise, he he.

Stevie and Brooke have been working on a few projects of their own-I can't wait for you to see it!!! I took some pics, but i'm afraid they are too revealing to post this early. Meanwhile I've been drawing lots of squares on paper, crumpling and drawing again. Yikes-do we REALLY have this much stuff????? It seems the new store with loads more space is already full (on paper & in my mind's eye-anyway) !!!

Wish us luck, Allison & I will be pouring over the plans AGAIN tomorrow-hopefully we'll solve all of the MM world problems.

CONTEST: Name OUR classroom!!! Email me tammy@eatel.net with your name ideas by June 19th. The winner will receive a $50 store credit-won't that come in handy real soon!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Awesome Masters Layouts

MOTHER created by Pam Boudreaux

Ruby Falls created by Jansen Hebert

Lucky Winners created by Heather Banker

WOW-check out these awesome layouts created by the design team!!!! I just admire & appreciate the creativity of all of these girls!!!!!! We'd love to hear what you like most about the design team layouts each month!!!

Oh, and regarding the paper arrangement at the store . . . You had me at Cal's Brownies!!! Well, unless someone wants to top that with Margaritas, he he. Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Masters Kit

Our Family created by Jody Sorey

Family created by Brooke Adams

Family created by Noelle Landry

WOW-check out these awesome creations by a few of the girls on the Masters Team!!!!! They will be posting hightlights about their layouts-check back at the comments in the next couple of days!!!! Don't you love how different they all are!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

DITTO Friday's post

wow-these shirts are really amazing!!!!!! We won't be reordering for several months so be sure to get yours today-they are going really quick!!!! The color is a little different than shown!!!!!!

My posts may be few this week-lots of decisions/planning at the NEW store in the next few days-whew, i think my BFF is going help me with some of that tomorrow!!!

You KNOW how much we like to surprise you, so i don't have much to share just yet-maybe by Friday, i can share a little . . .

Question for today: So, currently our Bazzill paper is sorted by ROYGBIV by texture-Bazzill states this is the best way because the color charts the use per texture is the same color chart that any company will use to create colors for pattern paper. So Bazzill SAYS that once you find one color that matches your pattern paper-the coordinating colors will be in that same texture.

Having explained that-do you prefer the way the Bazzill is organized NOW (texture, then roygbiv) OR did you prefer all ROYGBIV -regardless of texture (all textures of red were together, all textures of orange were together, etc)??

Love the idea of the solid paper with the patterns-BUT, do you really want to give up that many choices of pattern paper?? If we put solid paper with pattern papers AND in the Bazzill paper-that would HUGELY limit the choices of pattern papers we could offer due to space-we wouldn't have money or space for the many MORE paper racks that would require.

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Speaking of Marah Johnson . . .

Marah loved our zebra fleur de lis when she visited in February SOOOO, she took it & added some flourishes & pizazz for us & we had NEW tshirts made!!! What do you think? Come get yours soon!!!

Are you signed up for Marah's awesome classes yet-hurry up-they are more than 1/2 full already!!

ALSO in today---precious Baby Girl or Baby Boy Baby Books-come check them out!!!

P.S. Lovin' all of the suggestions for the new classroom!

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So,,,, what color do you think the walls are in the new store? Who do you think was painting them today?

What if we made a WISH LIST. Now, keep in mind its a WISH list, SOOO we may not be able to use all of the suggestions keeping our budget/room/labor/majority of customers wishes in mind, but we'd love to hear what kinds of ideas you have for our new store and use the ones we can make work?

What would make the classroom cool?

What would make shopping easier?

How do you like things grouped-do you like the themes ?

What lines would you like to see remain as a company rather than arranged by color?

Would you like us to carry less choices--HA HA this is a JOKE to see if you were reading!!!

Here's the MIC or the mouse--he he!!!! Tell us how we can make Memory Mania BETTER.

Happy Scrappin'

Hola!! So, you've read THE exciting news!!!!

Back from paradise & ready to get to work today!!!!! We have less than one month to get the new MEMORY MANIA ready for you-its going to be exciting, but its going to be ALOT OF WORK-yIKES!!!!! Ok, more details to come . . .

OK, so I had a few other secrets up my sleeve too . . . DID you read that MARAH JOHNSON is coming back to Memory Mania? Marah's visit in February was so exciting that we just had to do it again. She has EVEN MORE TIPS & TECHNIQUES to share using some of the same mediums (and a few new ones too) she taught you about in February so she said to be sure to let the students from February know, this is NEW & GREAT tips they don't want to miss!!!! What we loved so much about Marah is that she had so many practical tips & WOW'd us with little tips & tricks we hadn't thought of.

Sat, Aug 15th 9:30 am -12:30 pm OR Sun, Aug 16th 1-4pm • Class fee $50

This is a NON-project based class focusing on techniques and how to’s. Join Marah in a super fast paced hands-on class...learn EVEN MORE NEW ways to use Foils, Alcohol inks, Glimmer Mists, Pearl ex powders, Glitters, Paint techniques, Masking, Frugal Tips to stretch your scrapping dollar. We will cover adhesives, their purpose and what the best ones are for all of your different projects. From glue dots to diamond glaze there is an amazing number of things you can do beyond just sticking things together. Marah encourages you to bring products you may have bought but never used (because you couldn’t figure out how)! You will receive a Designer Notebook- we will create a gorgeous cover together and the inside will be a great place to put all of your class samples and loads of notes.

Saturday, August 15th 1:30 – 4:00 pm • Class Fee $38
This is a totally get your hands dirty technique heavy class with loads of beautiful papers and embellies. It is non-themed with a whole lot of potential. Summer, beach, vacation, seaside, ocean....you get to choose from 12 paper patterns. We will be playing with flocked papers, mists, inks, wire, bling, glitter, paint and more...so leave your fancy manicures at home or wear gloves. See you there!

Post here and go into a drawing for a special prize from Marah!!!! Were you in the February class? Have you heard all the talk about this mini book class???? Marah has sold out this class across the country-how cool that you'll be able to attend such a popular class, without having to pay airfare & hotel to attend this class-its right here in your hometown!!!!!!

Don't forget the GLITZ GIRLS classes too-we are really lucky to have these celebrity visits all in one year!!!!!!

Happy Scrappin'