Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Are you scheduled for this awesome workshop yet?
Saturday, November 7, 2009
9am- 7pm $125

Visit Karen's blog to learn more about her Also click on the Photographers' Workshop link to see more of what is taught in class. You will leave class with a CD of the pictures discussed in class, handout & loads of photography knowledge.

A recent student of Karen's, Dina Bonnecaze writes this:

She truly is phenomenal. The class is action packed from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm with a short amount of time to eat lunch. She asks everyone to bring their digital SLR camera along with their book. I would suggest that you do your homework before and get the camera that you are going to use so that you have a little working knowledge about YOUR camera before you go.
She has a tremendous amount of knowledge about most cameras and was able to tell you how your camera would react in certain situations. For the cameras that she didn't know alot about she worked with their owner in finding the information in the book. She has the mind set of helping everyone take better pictures....because that is what it is all about....isn't it?
I firmly believe that this class is worth the money (and then some). I have improved so much since I took this class back in November 2008. I bought a $900 camera and thought....should I really spend another $125 on a class to learn how to use it...maybe I should just use the auto mode and forget about it. Her class taught me how easy it was to use the manual mode and get a better shot. She will be the first to tell you, sometimes the timing isn't right to set everything up on the camera....just point and shoot and get the picture!!! But in most cases, we are in control of the timing and she will teach you how easy it is to set the camera so that PERFECT SHOT is captured. This is so that we can spend lots of money at Memory Mania to put it down on a layout right? (ha ha ha)
I would definitely recommend this class to everyone who wants to take better pictures. I would take it again if I could be there that day because she truly is a great teacher who is patient with all of her students and really wants us all to be better photographers. You come away with a binder with all of the information covered in the class along with a CD with more information. Well worth the money!!!!!

WOW-what an awesome recommendation Dina-thanks so much!!

Dot n Roll Stock UP
Dot & Roll Dispensers (Buy 1 at regular price & get 1 1/2 off)
Expires Friday, October 2, 2009

We are all so sad to see Dot & Roll discontinued, so we're helping you stock up for months to come, while supplies last.

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Margaritas & Masterpieces (Creative GIRLS' NIGHT OUT)

LSU Room Anyone?

Choose the papers that match your room best

Margaritas & Masterpieces
Wednesday, October 14 7-9pm
$25 everything is included except the Margarita

You won’t want to miss Margaritas & Masterpieces – a fun night of inspiration at Memory Mania! This is our first social gathering of this kind, and we are so excited about it! Bring your own margarita (or your favorite beverage) and schedule this creative girls night out with your friends (or meet some when you arrive) to spend a couple hours creating your own masterpiece to take home at the end of the evening. No scrapbook experience required. No thinking, just relax & follow the leader.

We’ll provide all the materials you’ll need to create a one-of-a-kind project on 16x20 canvas to decorate your home or give as a gift.

YOU choose the colors! YOU choose the embellishments! Feel free to invite your
non-scrapbooking friends who would like to explore their creativity too! Mallory will
guide you through the project step by step, and before you know it, you’ll be headed
home with your own unique masterpiece after a relaxing evening at Memory Mania!

The cost of this class is $25, which includes all materials, except the margarita!!! (La
Mestiza has a wonderful pomegranate margarita to try – they even have virgin
margaritas if you’d prefer!!) Call the store to reserve your spot now!

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, September 28, 2009


Congratulations!!!!! She is the winner of the CROP PARTY PACKAGE!! As you can see, many of her friends were super excited. AND congratulations to all of the other winners of door prizes!!!!! Special thanks to Studio S for donating several gift cards, La Mestiza for donating the party package for the crop basket, and Ascension Frame & Art for the beautiful painting.

I want to thank everyone for joining us for the grand opening, over 150 scrappers celebrated this special weekend with us!!! We had a great time & hope you did too. I so enjoyed visiting with everyone.

Special thanks to the MM crew for being awesome hostess, tour guides & demo queens!!! Blair, Christy, Danielle, Debbie Gunion, Jori, Mallory, Terri, and Jill for taking pictures.

Lots of important things to remember:

** Margaritas & Masterpieces Class: Coming up on October 14 7pm-9pm-FUN FUN FUN class. You choose the papers that match your home decor and create your masterpiece OR you can choose LSU. Stop in soon to check out these masterpieces & sign up for this fun class. NO SCRAPBOOK EXPERIENCE required. Bring your friends to share this fun, girls' night out. No thinking required, just pick your papers & follow Mallory's instructions for this laid-back, fun, EASY night.

** Karen Russell Photography Class: Another great event, November 7th 9am-7pm. Check out Karen's blog: . You will learn LOTS of creative AND technical expertise. Really, you can't afford NOT to take this awesome class-tell your friends about it too-they don't have to scrapbook to want to take awesome photos!!!! This is an awesome opportunity open to all-please tell everyone you know.

** GET SPOTTED: Did you pick up your cling this weekend. Some supplies still available. Put your MM cling on your car & wait to get spotted by one of the MM gang. We'll post each week the description & location of the car spotted, just email me to say "ITS ME!!"

**Skip & Scrap: This is an awesome project class with Christy. Join Christy on Friday, November 13th as she shares 6 FUN projects which are awesome Christmas gifts. I'll provide lunch!!

Tune in later this week, I'll be sharing some videos of the demos later this week.

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, September 25, 2009


Good Morning!!

Please join us this morning for our GRAND OPENING of our new store!! The ribbon cutting is this morning at 10am. Demos & door prizes each day from 10-2.

We have sooo many new things in right now, the new wall is pretty much the entire store. There is an entire display of NEW Halloween & Christmas!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

PHOTO FREEDOM again?? I know, I just love it!!! Here is the only 3 up album Stacy Julian recommends . Believe me i tried the cheaper ones and the sleeves tear apart. These are great. I don't recommend putting more than 3-4 photos per sleeve. VERY briefly, here is what is recommended in PHOTO FREEDOM, gather the photos that you plan to scrapbook and organize them chronologically in THIS 3 up album. I edited my pictures (the ones i want to use on a layout) and slipped several in a sleeve so that per page is a layout or event. If there were other photos that I am not using on layout, it either goes to trash, cold storage (photo box) or punched with my 2" punch for a photo on relationships later.

With this method, i was able to get 16 double page spreads created last weekend. My photos were all organized. Another great thing about this method-if i see a cute layout that reminds me of some photos I want to scrap-i can quickly flip through this album to find my photos to scrap right then. Since the photos are stacked within the sleeve, you don't have to view every photo-basically you're viewing every event to find the photo you want.

"GREATEST ALBUM ever to keep you organized so that you can scrap the night (or weekend) away!!" said Christy.

Awesome Jenni Bowlin -love these trading cards & the big circle paper!! Makes me think of Jody.

So, are you coming to MM this weekend for grand opening??? Its going to be so much FUN!!! just saying. LOL

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Wouldn't you love to fill this room with your friends for a Fun Crop Party Package, including margaritas, chips & Salsa??? Don't forget you have until 1:15 to get your purchases & fill your card to be entered into the drawing at 1:30. Winner or representative must be present to win.

Reminder: GRAND OPENING Festivities this Friday & Saturday include fun demos, prizes & NEW Products!!!!!

What's new this week!!

NEW Custom School Papers: Stickers, Laser Die cuts (Catholic High, St. Joseph Academy, Parkview Baptist, Lutcher, East Ascension, St. Amant, Dutchtown
Custom Disney Papers: Grafitti, Enchanted Castle, Another Day, Another Park, Autographs, Magical Adventures,
Bon Voyage
Dog stickers & papers
Marine stickers
Sassafras Lass – Whimsies in Shindig, Rainbow layers, Beatnik Buds, Flower Child, Hooligan Countdown, Disco Deck
October Afternoon: Cherry Hill & Ducks in a Row Collection Packs

Jesse James buttons: Christmas, flip flops, citrus fun, smileys, peace signs, dog bones, sea shells, outdoor, beach walk, Mardi Gras, Leaves, Halloween

Glaze Pens
SMOOCH-all NEW colors & restocked previous colors

Best Brothers
You’re a Star
Gal Pal
Cool Summer Fun

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


DON'T FORGET about our grand opening this Friday & Saturday!!!!
Don't forget to get in this week to fill your GRAND OPENING DRAWING CARD!!!! YOu will have until 1:15 on Saturday to get stamps on your card.

The GRAND PRIZE drawing is at 1:30 on Saturday for the AWESOME CROP PARTY PACKAGE!!! The Crash Course BASKET for all newbies!!! and more. Remember the winner or representative must be present at drawing.

Join us for a fun day of DEMOS Friday & Saturday!!!!!! Demo stations include: Beginner 12x12 page 2) Mask & Mist 3) Halloween Treat Bag 4) SMOOCH

Check out our latest shipment of CUSTOM schools & Disney papers!!!! These are so awesome and please note-with all custom items, there is limited quantities so don't delay.

Dutchtown Griffins East Ascension

St. Amant Gators Park View Baptist

Catholic High

Laser Cuts

Girls/Boys Grad Rings

AND how about DISNEY papers!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, September 18, 2009

Its a GOOD day for a CROP

OMG, I could barely sleep last night, now if I could only move those digits (we used to say hands) on the clock to say 3:30, it won't get here fast enough!!!! At 3:30 our BFF scrap weekend (OUR CCL) starts and I just can't wait. A whole weekend of cropping!!!! Hopefully I'll have many many layouts to share on Monday. I have about 2 years to catch up on Justin's school scrapbook since he graduates this year and hopefully Sunday night won't arrive too quickly so I can squeeze a few extra pages in.

I can't tell you how motivating it is to PRINT YOUR PICTURES. My biggest stresser this year has been when I sit to crop, I can't decide what to work on because all of my pics are on my computer-yikes-and that freaks me out, always worrying about computer crashing. So last Sunday, I printed all of my pics for 2009, it felt so great!!! I immediately started OOPSing, but then some work stuff came up that I had to take care of SOOO my awesome employees OOPS'd for me this week so I would have plenty to scrap this weekend and I can't wait to see what they picked out for me.

Cropping at Memory Mania is fun too, but unfortunately we don't have sleeping arrangements for the weekend, LOL. These girls have a lot of fun, they share lots of scrap tips & lots of laughing. If none of your friends scrap, don't worry, you could always head over to MM to crop & make new ones.
Pics from last week's crop:

WOW, it was a packed house, we even used the bar!!

Go Mrs. Myrna, she's working on her masters kit!!!!! Jody will be so proud, you're scraplifting her AT Country layout!!!

Some things they said they learned from each other at the crop:
We spotted some girls using metallic cream chalks to add sparkle, some old friends catching up at the crop, sharing tips about dimensional magic, and making chipboard letters.

So, let the guys head to the high school football games tonight & call to reserve your spot at the MM crop-doesn't it look like lots of fun??

I hope all of you can squeeze in some girlfriend, crop time this weekend!!!!! NOW I know how ya'll feel when you're getting ready for CCL!!!!! Speaking of CCL -ITS filling up quickly AND WOW, lots of new names I see, so I think the word has spread, its a REALLY FUN place to be. Sign up soon to reserve your spot for CCL-its the best gift you can give yourself-imagine right after Christmas how ready you are to get AWAY!!!!! CCL is the PERFECT setting for lots of laughin', chattin' and croppin!!!!

Happy Scrappin',

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Inspiration

Montmartre created by Brooke Adams

Hold a True friend with both Hands created by Brooke Adams

Well, the Karen Russell Class WAS full, however, we were able to open up more spots-we do not want anyone to miss out on this awesome, photography class. Click this link to find out a little more about Karen. . Learn lots of CREATIVE photography tips from Karen Russell, imagine how much a scrapbooker/photographer can share with us.

Call today 225-744-CROP!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Happy Birthday Becky (Mickey Mouse)!!!!!
We miss you & hope you have a fabulous day!!
See you at the grand opening!!

Mickey Mouse opens up for the first MMU Class this semester

Always alot of entertainment & learning in Becky's classes.

COUPON IS REQUIRED-please print post

Purchase a MM Page Kit and receive a FREE SALE item**

**item on the sale table, original price must be equal or lesser value of the page kit .

Expires Wed, September 16, 2009
Limit one per customer

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do Something Nice for Someone Today . . . just because

This young girl inspired me yesterday . . . This is Kelsey Gaudet, Danielle's daughter. Kelsey was so excited about the new store and when I showed her the children's area and explained that that room would have to wait, i was just completely out of energy. She shows up a couple of days later with a magnificent painting of Marty!!!!! Such a refreshing thought of teenagers today!!!

So anyway, I had been searching for this photo when in fact it had been hiding on my camera, when I viewed it yesterday morning, it inspired me to do something nice for someone just because (also inspired by a blog post i read yesterday) . . . The first 2 people that came to mind was my mother-in-law and my sister. So I stopped by Winn Dixie and picked out 3 beautiful mums and thought I would surprise my mother-in-law at school with a precious picture I also found hiding on my camera of her & her 3 favorite people in the world. She was so excited and I have to admit it was a great start to my day also!!!!

Then I sneaked in my sister's house, and left her mums on her counter without a word. I giggled all day at this because I knew she would first call her husband to thank him & then he would be wondering. I knew she would question Carly after school and she would be wondering, she would call my mom & she would be wondering (mom kept my secret-lol). It was such a fun thing-Carly told Julie, "well they could be for me" . Anyway, turns out, she was calling me to tell me something else & I just busted out laughing and had to give it up. Anyway, LOTS of people had a fun day because of it.

Sorry so long, so the moral of the story is Do something nice for someone & print those pictures that are hiding on your camera.

KUDOS Kelsey & thank you sweetie. We LOVE IT!!!

Print your pics on your camera today-you know you have some cute ones that will match these papers perfectly.

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird

Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend

Oh and have you signed up for Karen Russell Photography class at Memory Mania???
We opened up several more spots, we just can't let anyone miss out on this great opportunity. I'm telling you its a once in a lifetime event in Prairieville.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Time To Remember

I'm sure for almost everyone, they spent the weekend REMEMBERING 9/11. Its such a sad time for the family members of those who lost loved ones that sad & earth shattering day. I am in awe just thinking of the many, many heroes of that day & weeks & months after. And a special thank you to our military that immediately went to protect our freedoms so this may never happen again. I know I speak for many when I say, I'm so proud to be an American-so thank you also to the heroes, the families of the those that stand & protect us each & every day!!!!

Time Stands Still created by Pam Boudreaux highlighting KaiserCraft Papers
KUDOS Pam-awesome pictures & I love the creative squares of paper & rhinestones highlighting your destination. I also love the creative use of the scallop paper.

Pool Days created by Noelle Landry highlighting Marks Paper
KUDOS Noelle for this fun creative pool layout. The circles just add to the feel of a pool page!!!. Cute & fun pics.

Christmas & Halloween Sections
Expires Sat. Sept 19, 2009
Remember, please print this post & bring it with you for these awesome savings!!

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, September 11, 2009

CCL Tshirt

CCL Sleep Pants

CCL Sweatshirt or Long Sleeve Tshirt

Kit Special

for more complete details, click on CCL BLOG link in the sidebar OR type in

This CCL will be the best one yet-I hope you can join us!!!

Have you seen these NEW Custom Chipboard Albums!!!! These are a limited edition, so don't miss out!!

New Orleans
Mardi Gras
LSU Tigers

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, September 10, 2009


My HAPPY place . . . The Masterpiece Studio is just an awesome place to be, I hope you'll join us soon for a Friday night crop or a private party.

Speaking of a private party-you can win one!!!! Our September promotion offers you that chance, for every $10 of product purchased at MM (sale items excluded), you receive a stamp. Once your card has 10 stamps, it is entered into the drawing for a Private Party Package, including crop from 10am-2am, chips & dips & margaritas courtesy of La Mestiza Mexican Restaurant. You will have until 1:20 on September 26 (our grand opening) to enter into the drawing. WINNER or representative must be present to win --so mark your calendars for this Fun day of Demos & Grand Prizes!!!!!

Festivities begin on Friday, September 25 with our ribbon cutting, demos & FREE make/takes (10am-2pm both days) .

If you have a friend that has been interested in scrapbooking-bring her -we will have a demo for beginners , a Halloween treat bag, and a few interesting things with Smooch, Masks, and Mists.

Crop is FULL tomorrow night, but there are some open spots for Friday, Sept 18th 6pm-2am so call today 225-744-CROP!!!

Crop includes a free make/take and LOADS of fun. Here is a pic of the first crop in the MM Studio. These ladies laugh, chat & really enjoy themselves. The hostesses say the most popular item on crop night is the Masterpiece book-they all have one & use them constantly for inspiration!!! Thanks ladies-that was the intention we we named the studio MASTERPIECE STUDIO, so keep creating those awesome masterpieces in our studio!!!!

Stop in soon to check out the studio-but please note the sign on the door in case its reserved. While attending MM crops in September & October, you have a chance to enter into a drawing for a free crop just by giving us feedback. There's always something fun going on at MM, so please join us -the more the merrier!!!

Means, come on in & check it out!!

means, room is reserved, please stop by another time!!!

P.S. With all this talk about cropping . . . Have you signed up for CCL yet???

PRIVATE ECOUPON (print this blog entry for great savings)
70% off all products in the Christmas & Halloween Section WITH THIS COUPON.
Expires Saturday, Sept 12.

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Good Stuff

Don't you just hate vacations to end??? My family is FAMOUS for begging everyone to stay "just one more day". For some reason, I'm just never ready for the Good Friends, Good Times, Rest & Relaxation to end. And lately the worst part is . . . when its time to go home that means Dane goes back to his house . . . and my heart is ripping out of my skin because I feel like he's moving out all over again. I think now I understand why ten minutes after mom leaves to return to Texas, she calls me sobbing:( LOL, and don't you hate when you also think "Now I know what my mom meant . . ." Does this separation anxiety with children ever end?? Oh well, everyone knows that all good things must come to an end-just relishing in a childish moment this morning. LOL and hope you have a terrific Tuesday!!!!!

OK, on to more weepy subjects-have you scrapped those school pics yet????? Check out this COOOL new school papers/stickers & that awesome apple die cut paper!!!! Just the perfect excuse to print those school photos that are screaming --let me out of this camera please!!!!!

Geez, wonder what was in my milk this morning??

Check out the newest stickles . . . Add a little sparkle to your life today!!!!! You know a girl can never have too many stickles!!

And here's the BIG surprise today . . .

70% off all products in the Christmas & Halloween sections

Expires Sat, Sept 11th.

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Weekly Inspiration & What's New

Good Morning & I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!! We had a great weekend in Gulf Shores and can I tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered, REST & RELAXATION!!!!!!

How about some Glitz for this week's inspiration!!!!!!

Photographs are no fun if they are STUCK in your camera. You know you have some cute photos of the kids or your designated other that would look precious on this layout. Get your pictures developed and start scrapbooking while these supplies are still in stock.

What’s New THIS WEEK:

Coordinating Paper/Embellies: Cosmo Cricket: Over Easy Line

Creative Imaginations: School lines complete with epoxy, stickers, stickers, swatch pack, die cut sheets, etc.

Trimmers: Fiskars Rotary Yellow/orange Trimmer & Fiskars Premium Craft Trimmer (awesome)

Embellishments: Glitz: Plum Crazy, Detour, Olivia, rubons, alphas, stickers;
Large C rings
7 Gypsies: Victoria Chip letters and numbers

Organization: Pull Ez ribbon bag in Lime Green; Clip it Up Mini & Jumbo Tiers

Stamps: Glitz: Clear Stamps Distress Set 2 & Glitz Stamp block restocked

Ranger: Distress Stickles in ALL NEW colors, Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint

Idea Books: Punch Bunch – Garden Punch Blossoms

Kits: Best Buds, Sisters & Sweet

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, September 04, 2009

GLITZ embellishments (and new stamps) are INNN

Come check out the new Glitzers to match the summer release of Glitz Designs!!!!! AND the entire new wall has been changed out again-all of the new CHA Summer stuff is in!!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe holiday,

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, September 03, 2009

CCL Registration Opens Today

WOW, these girls have done it again!!! Check out the awesome CCL Make/Take Kits that Christy, Jori & Terri created this time!!!! Don't forget to pre-order these when registering for the Winter CCL!!!!

Girls, you just gotta treat yourself for this awesome scrapbook getaway right after Christmas. You won't believe how BAD you need a getaway about then. For many this is the only time they get to scrapbook!!!! We sure hope you can join the SCRAPPERS GONE WILD!!!!!!

January 8-9, 2010
Crowne Plaza

As you know, CCL typically SELLS out in 2-3 weeks, so don't DELAY. You can register online or in person. Sorry no fax or phone orders.

Happy Scrappin'

P.S. Don't forget to use your MM bucks you acquired (on products, only-not valid for classes/crops, etc) during August during the month of September!!!!!!!!

Also, check out the awesome giveaway basket & start getting punches to win your very own PRIVATE PARTY PACKAGE at our Grand Opening - September 25-26, 2009. (valid on any non discounted purchases)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Inspiration and Need a new Trimmer

ENJOY Inspiration from the Masters Team

Created by Stephanie Powers
Love, Love, Love this layout with the My Minds Eye embellies, etc and Basic Grey papers!!!!
BUT mostly, I love that Stephanie captured this fun day with her friends-do you know how many awesome days like this I've had, but never had any great shots to scrapbook-Go Steph!!!

Created by Heather Banker
Ahhhhh, how sweet, I loved this layout so much, i scraplifted it the day she emailed it to me-KUDOS Heather!!! I love her use of the scallop papers and she used her border punch to scallop some other papers and of course, no layout is complete without CIRCLES. And how cute is Miller???

Have you been needing a NEW trimmer??? Well, I've been on the market for 1 year now for a new trimmer, I was fed up with my old trimmer, it wasn't cutting straight, the blades were not cutting great. We had received 1 shipment of the below trimmer and I let Christy buy the first one thinking i would get the next shipment, wellll, it never came. Christy loves this trimmer so much, that she brings it back & forth to work everyday, she won't use any other trimmer (i think i owe her a new one now).

Well, like I said i NEEDED a good trimmer and I was tired of waiting-it had been 8 months, SOOOOO, I ordered about 17 trimmers and bought about 10 different ones to test them out!!!!!! I came across two trimmers that I think are the best on the market - The Fiskars & the Ultimate Trimmer -they were both awesome!!!! We've hadthe Ultimate Trimmer in for a couple of months now so most of you probably already know about that one. Below is the Fiskars trimmer, they are not being manufactured anymore, so we bought as many as we could get, come check it out. Why is it so cool. 1) It has 6" of base so you don't have to turn the arm out to measure 6" (which i use all the time); 2) there is a wire that keeps the cutting straight; 3) it's soooo cute. Oh, and don't worry, Fiskars never discontinues the blades, they just keep changing out trimmers. They still make the blades from Fiskars trimmers 10 years ago that haven't been available for years.

Oh, and the moral of the story . . . I NOW have 2 awesome trimmers, cause really CAN A GIRL HAVE TOO MANY TRIMMERS??? You know my boys are always using my trimmers and of course, they leave them wherever they use them, not where they found them-hopefully they leave me this girly one.

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer draws to a close . . .

Raise your hand if you have vacation photos? Boy, does MM have a deal for you??? We have 1 Disney & 3 Generic Album in a Day Kits left, all prepped with photos, including album, ribbons, stickers, papers, etc for a 20 page (10 double page layouts). Matching papers are available if you need to add additional pages to your album, but i think you'll be surprised, you can get an entire album. All this for $159 while quantities last.

I'd love to hear comments from anyone that took this class!!!!! I'm offering a free spot in the Journaling Stamps - 5 ways class. Comment to this post before the drawing on Thursday Sept 3rd at 2pm to enter into the drawing!!!

So, what else is going on at MM?? Well, what's not, OMG, my head is spinning trying to keep up: We have lots of cutting edge classes this month, redeem your MM dollars earned in August this month, our Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening of the new store on Friday, Sept 25 & Saturday Sept 26--SAVE THE DATE!!!!

September Season kits are ready for pickup!!!!

Have you seen the new wall???? OMG, so many items from CHA are coming in that we are changing out the new wall every few days, so be sure to look around, there is NEW stuff everywhere!!!

We won't be attending Scrapfest this weekend-we wanted our employees to be off to spend time with family. So stop by MM before you head out for your favorite kits.

Happy Scrappin'