Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This awesome Crop in Style Store House bag is 50% off while supplies last. Reg. 139, Sale Price $69. Imagine what you could put in all of these drawers-acrylic stamps, inks, etc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tool Time Tuesday

Good Tuesday afternoon Ladies,
Here is a first time installment of tool time on Tuesday from the teaching staff at Memory Mania. This semester we will post on the blog each week about our current "it" tool. This week I wanted to share some new software that my favorite scrapping friend bought me for my birthday. The Digi Scrappin' software from Design Originals is a fantastic way to doodle without the black pen! All you do to install is put the CD into the computer and copy files to a new folder on your computer or directly into your photo editing program. This layout was completed using two flower doodles and printing them directly onto the cardstock. I then added chalk to make the doodles pop along with buttons, Ki Memories lace cardstock, chipboard letters, and of course my photos and journaling. Since the last thing I tend to do is free hand doodling on my layouts, this software is exactly what I was looking for. So the next time you want to doodle without the work, pick up one of these CD's and have fun creating your own masterpiece!
Have a *great* day,

Monday, January 28, 2008


The MMU Pep Rally to kick off the Spring semester of MMU was a lots of fun!! Special thanks to the MMU Cheerleaders: Becky, Jody, Jade, Brooke, Deneen & Amy. Special presentation by the dynamic duo-TOOL TIME-thanks Becky & Jody for preparing this little fun instruction for us. The yucky weather and lots of illness kept some of our classmates away so here are a couple of pictures to share with you. The class of 2008 has 34 students, 2 sororities, 27 classes, 11 teachers, and 3 crops. With these awesome ingredients it looks like a great semester cooking up. So you can just imagine how fun it would be to kick off with the Memories to Geaux class & wrap up with the recipe book class which includes tastes of recipes at the conclusion of the class. Don't forget you can add extra credit classes if you are interested in graduating in May. GIVE ME AN "M", GIVE ME AN "M", GIVE ME A "U", what does it spell? MMU!!! MMU!!! GEAUX MMU!!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Join Amy in creating a previous Memories to Geaux-GEAUX TIGERS!!!! After you learn how easy & affordable it is to recreate this album, you can recreate it with assorted papers for any occasion-great gift ideas.

Feb 16th 10am-noon $20


It's raining, its pouring . . . Don't forget to come check out the garage sale at Memory Mania on Saturday-its raining scrapbook goodies. Get some cool deals on the garage sale tables & also Memory Mania has loads of stuff on 50%-making way for CHA Shopping Spree.

While you're checking out the deals, also check out this cool new book:

More than 100 pages. The artists of Autumn Leaves have been busy cooking up mouth-watering works to scraplift. The Designing With Recipe book features 100 layouts, complete with step by step directions, all ready for you to easily 'lift' in your own creative kitchen. You can use the 'recipes' as is, or be daring and alter the recipe to make an original masterpiece. Whether you're using one photo or 15, you'll want to cook up every idea in this book! Lisa Russo, Leslie Lightfoot, jennifer McGuire, Cathy Blackstone, Margie Scherschligt, Jackie Bonette, Tia Bennett, Kelli Crowe, Mellette Berezeski, Robyn Werlich, Emily Falconbridge.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

50% off SALE

Hey Girls
Don't let this sale slip by you- the girls have picked some really cool stuff for the sale to make room for new stuff in their sections!!! I saw a big rolling bag, some idea books, lots of embellishments, chipboard, etc. Come check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!



WIN $100 scrapbok products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closing date: February 28

OK GIrls, I know you all already have this awesome book!!!!! This is an awesome chance to win some cool scrapbook products:

Create a layout from the Memory Mania Masterpiece Sketch Book that is OUTSIDE THE BOX-a twist of the sketch.Double page spread is preferred. Some entries will be posted on our blog daily and the winner will receive $100 worth of scrapbook product mailed to your home. International based applications welcome.Layouts can be emailed to & must include mailing address & sketch page # & explanation of how they twisted the sketch.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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My little corner of the world...

Okay, I admit I used to get a bit envious every time someone showed all the cool things about their scrap room...why? Because even though I HAD a scrap room/office/junk room, it was anything BUT uplifting and inspiring!! Plus, I could never find anything when I needed it, and that killed me, because I am an ORGANIZATION JUNKIE!! I just LOVE containers and organizers, but this room was devoid of any organization, and it certainly wasn't FUN!! I only really liked to scrapbook at Tammy's house (in her cute little scrap room!) because there just wasn't a place at my house that inspired me to do anything creative!! So, I enlisted the help of my own decorator - my daughter, Mallory - to spruce up my space!!

But Mal has grand ideas which sometimes come with grand price tags, so I had to warn her that I didn't want to spend a fortune on this room!! When she asked what I had in mind, I told her that the only thing I had to start with was a little 6-drawer storage unit that I had bought on sale months before. I really liked those colors, but I had nothing else specific in mind. Her first suggestion was to paint ONE WALL - she's into that lately - I said NO! I'm sure I would've liked the look of it, I just didn't want a bright wall that I'd have to repaint later. So, she bought some bright pink curtain panels ($19.99 each) at Target to take the place of my painted wall - how cute!! Next, we had to get rid of the wooden closet door, and she did this with a curtain panel also! Then came the colorful rug ($29.99 at Walmart), the cool letters that she spray painted to match, some hot pink dorm accessories (papasan chair and wall file), a couple throw pillows, some colorful scrapbook papers on the wall as decorations, and now I LOVE to scrap in my room! I like the fact that I can work on something, then leave it out on the desk and work on it a little at a time without having to pick everything up from a family area. I get SO much more layouts done since I finished my room! Isn't that what we're all shooting for???

The coolest thing is...the whole project cost $182! Now THAT's budget decor - especially for MY decorator!! And I just LOVE it!! The moral of this story is that you can get a lot for a little if you try - changing even small things can bring some color into your space and make it a place you enjoy spending time and creating! And this all came from a little 6-drawer organizer...

Check out the slide show above this post for Before and After shots!Just click the PLUS sign to advance to the next slide!

Happy Scrappin'

Just Saying Hello!

I just wanted to take a minute to say hello to all of you gals over at Memory Mania. I hope every one is having a great new years and is getting lots of scrapping done. I apologize for not posting sooner. Seems as though I am learning much on the road of life right now there is no too much real news to share. LOL!

I have heard from a few of you over the past few months and that has meant more to me than you will ever know!!!! It was quite a bit lonesome over here in the beginning, but has gotten better since Rob and I have gotten our own place (with a scrapbook room) and I have found a store near by to play and meet new freinds that happens to be down the street. (yikes, I know!!!!)

I have passed both my Special Ed and General Elementary Ed tests so I am still looking for jobs and have a miillion applications out. :) I have been substituting all during this school year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! One of my sisters just moved to N. Houston and my dad is moving about 30 minutes away from us so we are very excited!!!!

Owen is doing good, and LAZY. He gets jealous of Rob sometimes but is adjusting. I keep telling him that he still gets more scrapbook layouts done about him than Rob. ;) He misses being with the other pups at my dad's.

I had a great visit with Natalie over Christmas and we were reminiscing about the "good ole days" we worked and cropped with all of you. Laughing and singing and doing a little cropping until 2 am or so. HaHa! We keep in touch, she is doing wonderful and I will have to get her to post an update for ya'll here too. We still feed inspiration off each other even though we are so far away! I have to kick her butt into gear and get her scrapping, but we talk on the phone and share emails with our pages. Hey...I'll take what I can get :)

I miss you all very much. I hope you are all scrapping away and taking lots of classes! HEHE! I hope to have great news to report soon on the job front. In the meantime I have scrapbooked....ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over the past few months and we all know how much of a treat that is!!!! So drop me a line some time!!! I have a blog that you can come to see pics and pages. I try to keep it updated for the friends and fam I don't get to see all the time.

I hope to see all of you very soon! I miss hearing about what is going on with you all!!! Say lots of prayers for me to be getting a teaching gig soon!!!! Lots and lots of love coming you from Houston.


Monday, January 21, 2008

It's A New Year!!!!!

HI everyone,

Okay, it's a new year, the holidays are over and you are ready to scrap. We are already off to a great start. Our first crop since before the holidays was Friday night and it was full. All of the girls came in and got right in the grove working on their scrapbook layouts.

If you need a little help getting started don't forget about all of our new kit clubs. We have the new Toddler, Christmas, and seasonal kit club. Plus Masters and Disney. The new February seasonal is Valentines. It is adorable and on display at the store for all to see. If you want to sign up for the new kit clubs you have until the end of January so don't delay.

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hey Scrappers, Its your last chance to sign up for Seasonal Kit Club-here's the first layout to be distributed later this month. Wouldn't you love someone to take the guess work out of your scrapbooking EVERY month. CHRISTY ROCKS!!!! and she's ready to help you stay current with 2008 with these awesome monthly layouts!!

50% off Sale

WOW-I think this is the best sale we've ever had, don't miss out on these awesome products at 50% off. Christy, Lexi, Rachel, Jade, & Brooke have been SUPER busy since Monday pulling these great products and marking them down to great prices for YOU!!!! We will be adding to the sale tables daily to make room for CHA. Christy, Jade, Jill and I are already working on our wish lists for CHA purchases-seriously we will be like kids in a candy shop-imagine seeing thousands of scrapbook products in one big HUGE room, its incredible and we want to bring that to you. Here are some of the things on the 50% off tables today:

Karousel by Crafters Purse
Disney Embellishments
Baby Embellishments
TONS of paper
Creative Imaginations Ribbon Frame
and MUCH more


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

50% off SALE

We are gearing up for our "GETTING READY FOR CHA"sale. We will be adding things to our 50% off table daily, so drop in as often as you can to get these great deals.


Thank you to my new friends at EA. Amy Phillips invited me to speak with her Free Enterprise class last month at East Ascension High. I was a little apprehensive about keeping them interested, but Amy gave me some areas to include that covered areas they had been studying, like loans, supply & demand, etc. These kids were so kind and attentive-I'm sure it had to get boring, but each student held eye contact and asked questions. It was cool to meet so many well behaved & polite teenagers. They decorated a water bottle & made a cool sign across the back of the room welcoming me and pretended to be interested in my children's scrapbooks (he he)--they did tease me a little because of the purple Dutchtown scrapbooks. I was so impressed with them that I had to share how impressed I was with them. They even mailed me this cute picture to remember them by. They all received gift certificates and water bottles afterwards for their kindness.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Duh...I'm Such a Duffus!

"Does anyone have anything inside their surprise?" answer. "Anybody?"

I timidly raise my hand..."I have piece of paper in mine." "Does everyone have that?" OHHHHH, "SUMMER" 2008! I won admission to the CCL in July! I'm such a duffus! Tammy's sister made everyone one of these sweet little pies and this little slip was tucked away in one...mine. Such a wonderful surprise! THANKS so, so much! I'll be there with bells on!

And a HUGE thanks to Tammy and all the Memory Mania staff for another FABULOUS CCL experience!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Closing date: February 14

Description: Create a layout from the Memory Mania Masterpiece Sketch Book that is OUTSIDE THE BOX-a twist of the sketch.

Double page spread is preferred. Some entries will be posted on our blog daily and the winner will receive $100 worth of scrapbook product mailed to your home. International based applications welcome.

Layouts can be emailed to & must include mailing address & sketch page # & explanation of how they twisted the sketch.

Thank you,

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year Everyone,
Just wanted to share one New Year's Resolution that I have made- I will take at least one photo every day this year. Now I know some of you feel so "behind" with your scapbooking that taking one photo every day this year will be too much. I have to confess I felt the same way earlier today while trying to take pictures of the kids. It was a true test of patience to get all three in the frame much less looking at the camera. But I did snap one picture that I just love. And I also have the memory of me and the girls trying our hardest to get the baby to smile. So try it, even if it is just for January- take one photo every day. My goal is to not only take the photos but at CCL this summer, I want to start a small scrapbook of layouts using only my photos of the day. This Friday, I'll be at CCL for a little visit. If you see me there, let me know if you are going to resolve to take more photos in 2008. I am already glad I did.