Saturday, January 31, 2009

WAY cool ribbon storage!!

Check out this awesome way that Deborah Wells stores her ribbons! Jill spotted it at Deb's table during CCL, and we just HAD to share it! She takes a large paper clip and ties the ribbon on it, then slips it on a wire coat hanger. The coolest thing is that you can use the ribbon from the ends and clip off what you need without even taking it off the hanger! Not to mention how cool it would be to just hang in your scrap room because it's so colorful! Thanks, Deborah, for sharing your idea!! We loved chatting with you!

Jill and Allison

Friday, January 30, 2009


Hey Scrappers,

Are you signed up yet for Memory Mania Stamp Day Block Party???? What a great day it will be with 3 classes in 1 day: Stamping, Masking & Embossing. Here are 3 of the 6 layouts, Call today & reserve your spot for a full day of fun!!!! 744-CROP

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have you heard of the Ice Storm in Dallas . . .

Things just went from bad to WORSE!!!! After a very BUMPY ride from Cali to Dallas, sitting on the airplane for 2 hours trying to deice plane, here we lay (or lie). We are rethinking CHA 2010, hehe. Not sure when we will be able to return home . . . looks like our hotel for the night is Dallas DFW Airport until further notice. Oh gosh, i'm hoping we wake up from this bad nightmare soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More WILD news from CHA

Pick of the day:

This is so much harder than you can imagine-picking 1 thing out of thousands of the COOLEST scrapbook products each day, but its kinda like being in heaven too!! Jade was GOIN' BANANAS over the new Glitz lines, including stamps AND the newest Bazzill edges. We're having lots of fun and ordering lots of really cool stuff, most of which we can't remember, he he. Can't wait to fill you in on all the new things you're going to WANT/NEED/GOTTA have them now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Going WILD at CHA . . .

WOW-I have to say THIS is the line that we were completely WILD for. . . We ordered every paper, every sticker, every stamp in the line!!!!!! Out of the 35 orders placed today, this is our PICK OF THE DAY, but probably the pick of the show!!!!!!!!!

OK the challenge for today: Start clipping grocery coupons & put the savings in a scrapbook piggy bank (hehe)---of course, we are buying everything at market & you don't want to miss out on EXPO day!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


WOW, I had a preview of the new release from Creative Imaginations!!!!! Finally, after years of begging for Star Wars products---In May, Memory Mania will get over 10 papers in the Star Wars/Clone Wars theme, metal embellishments and JUMBO rub ons!!!! Really, really cool. Of course, there was much more than what is pictured here but it was super hard to get a photo since the crowds were surrounding the display all night. Another cool line that had lots of attention is the Marah Johnson Baby Melange line featured on her website. There was lots more, I think i spent 1/2 my budget in this one booth, ouch. I'm going to have to be really choosy tomorrow, he he. I'm not too good at the budget thing during CHA, Christy & Jade are warning me their taking my visa, yikes. Easy for them to say, they were playing at Disneyland while I was seeing all the cool stuff tonight. Wait until they see it tomorrow, they'll be slipping me back my visa-its understandable . . . to everyone except John (hehe), Just DON'T TELL HIM.

I'll try to post more tomorrow, sooo much to see & order!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crop Can

Hey Scrappers,

How cute is the precious little crop can??? We fell in love with the baby crop cans we gave away at CCL in the summer, but check out the MAMMA crop can!!!!! This is perfect for my scrap room or taking to crops with me, i love that its collapsable for easy storage. The Mamma crop can measures 7" high by 6" wide and is made of a pink polyester with an elastic band for closure. When not in use the ScrapCan™ folds down to a mere ½" high, just slide it into the pocket of your craft bag! Use it for crafting, on your bathroom counter, in the car, ANYWHERE you need to catch all of the "little scraps"! I bet it would also be a good container for some scrap goodies, what are some different uses you can think of?

Registration opens today to the general public for MMU classes, Don't miss out on the Ad Inspiration Class with Danielle-Danielle always has incredible ideas & tips!!!!!

Also, don't miss out on the fun day of scrappin' & Stampin' with Noelle & Vicki, Feb 7th. Enjoy 3 classes, 1 day (Stamping, Masking, & Embossing). The class layouts are displayed in the store for your viewing.

And, wait there's another class coming up soon too, Sew Simple with Darlene!!!! Darlene shares some timesaving tips for easy sewing on scrapbook pages.

If you haven't attended a Memory Mania class, yet, call today, there are so much fun & very inspirational!!!!

Happy Scrappin,


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OOPs-i must need a little more sleep. The Summer Dates are Friday & Saturday, July 24-25, 2009. Sorry


Hey Scrappers,

ECOUPON - no coupon needed, we have several baskets at Memory Mania that are 40-50% off. Come Check it Out!!!!!

KUDOS to Becky & Jody for an awesome CCL Class (Pirates & Fairies)!!!! A treasured CCL Tradition, these two girls always show so much enthusiasm !!!! At CCL, you can expect to attend awesome classes & be entertained by a Disney personality as lagniappe!! Another CCL tradition is for these 2 girls to make a grande entrance on the last crop night in full CCL theme costume. Thanks again for always entertaining us!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


WOW, Just getting back from CCL this weekend!!! KUDOS to everyone that attended!!!! I'll post more details & pics later in the week. MY Challenge for today is just SURVIVE THE DAY!!!! I'm pooped, he he as are many of my peeps!!!!

KUDOS to an incredible staff for the unbelievable passion & hard work they have for this CCL Weekend!!!!!! It takes about 6 full months to ensure that this weekend is especially FUN, RELAXING and ENJOYABLE!!!!! Thanks to the SPECIAL campers that take notice of their hard work & appreciate what they give up to do this.

Set Sail with CCL in July !!! CCL Summer is July 24-25. Registration opens March 1st by email invitation. Only Happy, Fun People SAVE THE DATE-life's too short for the grumpies. Plans begin next week after returning from CHA Market-ha ha, plans really started this morning about 2am!!!!!

Don't forget to squeeze that 10 minute workout in today.

If anyone has anything they would like me to look for at CHA this weekend, please email me at

Friday, January 16, 2009

Inspiration: 101

Inspiration. Where do you find yours? If your not sure, then this class is for you. Inspiration surrounds our daily lives. Sometimes we just need to slow done for a minute and take it in.

In this class, join me for ways to spark your creativity, using things we see in our everyday lives. Inspiration comes from many things and in many forms. Anything from ads, television, billboards, clothing stores, card shops, music, fabric, and so much more. Since all of the design work is created by the experts, the hard part is done for you. Let me show you how to take a few of these things and use them to create beautiful layouts and accents with minimal effort. I hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to our newest Scrappers!!!!

Welcome our newest members to our family of scrappers at Memory Mania:

Dawn Amos
Krista Andry
Laurie Aucoin
Mona Babin
Samantha Beasley
Susan Bordelon
Lindsey Brecheen
Brandy Burrell
Kelly Davidson
Tina Davis
Jan Day
Amy Duplessis
Beth Estes
Cathy Griffiths
Amy Hebert
Malorie Holmes
Debe Jenkins
Lauren Laird
Lynn Landry
Jennifer LeBlanc
Tara Maples
Lauren McCabe
Tracey McDowell
Emary McGehee
Sonja Miller
Linda Millet
Lacey Millet
Lynn Moak
Courtney Nickens
Karen Pierson
Gail Pigion
Jeanne Plaissance
Trish Ponvelle
Johanna Reese
Jill Rehn
Charlotte Ricaud
Rebecca Richardson
Christine Robinson
Dana Rodriguez
Brenda Roussel
Theresa Roy
Allyson Sadler
Terri Santa Colonna
Meghan Schilling
Rita Simpson
Sharon Sledge
Ashley Smith
Mae Stevens
Jessica Swaye
Jennie Templet
Stacy Vollenweider
Denise White

WOW, isn't awesome to see so more and more scrappers each & every month discover & enjoy this wonderful, fulfilling hobby?? If you recognize any of these scrappers, give them a warm welcome & some awesome scrappin' tips & tricks. Schedule a crop together.

Welcome to you, our new scrappers & watch your mailboxes for a special coupon!!!! If you recognize a friend above, reach out to your new scrappers & ask her to bring you along (PRINT THIS COUPON) and you'll get to share her discount.
NOTE: Please shop together with the new scrapper & print this blog entry as your coupon to share her discount.

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ad Inspiration with Danielle Gaudet

Here's a LITTLE peek at this awesome creation by Danielle.

Where do you get YOUR inspiration? Learn how to get inspired by many things you never thought of . . . Commercials and television show titles are professionally created to be pleasing to the ear - the eye - the emotions...let Danielle help you use these ideas to inspire future layouts! Danielle has some great creative ideas to share AND as always some awesome tricks/techniques up her sleeve. Check out this fleur de lis border punch-love it or what?? It is needed for this class, but I guarantee you will be using on many layouts/cards/projects to come.

Join us for:
Ad Inspiration class
Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009
10 am - noon
Cost: $20 + Required supply of Fleur De Lis border punch - purchase it for this class, but you'll be sure to use it for many layouts and scrapbooking projects to come!

Open Registration for this class just opened this week --As you know, Memory Mania classes fill up quickly, so call the store now to reserve your spot!! 225-744-CROP!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

P.S. CCL Campers - just 3 days away . . .
There is ONE (1) spot that just opened up for CCL Weekend Retreat due to family emergency-if anyone is interested, please call the store for information 225-744-CROP!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

E COUPON & More News on Marah Class

You won't need a coupon for this one-there is a big 50% sale bucket at the store-Come check it out!!!! Some really good deals-clearing out for CHA-Market next week.

OK, ready for the secret . . . The other album . . .
is about Good Friends, Good Food & Good Wine!!!!!

Class is $35 all inclusive.
February 26, 2009
1-3pm (noon for the Bon Appetit)

Now you will need to do a little homework . . . Please bring a typed recipe to class-we'll supply dimensions as class gets closer. AND BRING A SAMPLE DISH of the recipe and we'll have Bon Appetit. We had such fun with this idea in Nikki's class, and everyone has been begging for something like that again. And what a perfect way to welcome a California girl to the South!!!!!! Marah has some awesome techniques in store for you & we'll pay it forward with some awesome southern treats & recipes!!!!!!! Sign up tomorrow-spots are going quick (I think there are still spots-I didn't check tonight) 225-744-2767. Don't forget about the BIG drawing for any comments on the Marah post (post any comments to that first post last week). So what do you think?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Memory Maniac Challenge

KUDOS to the girls that are taking the challenge of a 10 minute walk several times a day. Its not too late, you can join in too. Post everytime you complete your 10 minute walk and you are entered into a DRAWING FOR A $50 shopping spree at Memory Mania!!!! Its bribery, I know, he he. You all are so important to me, I want you to be good to your heart!!!!

OK, for the scrapbook Challenge this week: Organize one (1) month of photos using the ideas from the book PHOTO FREEDOM by Stacy Julian!!!!!! This method makes it so much easier to scrapbook your photos. I organize my photos in groups in these photo sleeves (about 4 photos per sleeve) so that i can flip through a month's photos within just a few pages. It allows you to see your theme/event at a glance, its a great time to edit duplicate photos too. Honestly, organizing my photos with this method has saved me loads of time when i have a few minutes to scrappin'. You can organize your photos while watching TV or in carpool, etc.

Note: There are cheaper photo albums out there (I tried them), i ended up wasting more money because the sleeves weren't strong enough to hold more than one photo per sleeve. If you are interested in organizing your photos this way, I can send you a copy of the document to print labels (Winter, 2007-Summer, 2007, etc) if interested, just email me

Check blog last week, there is a coupon you can print to purchase the Photo Freedom book AND get a discount on the album to start 2009 off right. These albums go pretty quickly when we have them in stock, so stop in soon.

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, January 09, 2009


Hey Girls,
I totally misunderstood, there is no additional charge, the $35 is the only cost; That includes album, papers, embellishments-everything as shown on her sample; WOW, you can't beat this-the products alone, not counting the instruction are worth well over $35!!!! Don't delay, this will definitely be a sell-out!!!

Thanks so much Marah!!!!


Hey Guys,
I was trying to save this post until after CCL, but its all bubbling out so I GOTTA spill; Some of you may already know, we have been on the list for years to get a visit from a Scrapbook CELEBRITY!!!!!!! So DON'T Miss this incredible opportunity to attend a world-famous class in your own hometown!!!! Schedule that day off of work now, because you won't want to miss either of the classes that day . . . SAVE THE DATE - FEBRUARY 26th 10am-noon & 1-3pm.

I talked with Marah yesterday & girls you are going to love this chic-Marah is an incredible instructor---the techniques & excitement were oozing through my phone yesterday, so I can only imagine the techniques she unpacks from her "buffet of love"-that's what she calls her suitcase of technique treasure!!!!!-I was wanting to change the date of her flight to get her here next weekend-but she's superbooked. Her excitement and passion for scrapbooking is contagious!!!!!

The Safari Accordian Book (pictured above), Just look how cool it is, I know its cool-stop petting the computer (he he). Us Southern girls always want to touch everything. The accordian book will arrive at Memory Mania next week & be displayed at CCL . .. so if you won't be at CCL, call the store today to reserve your spot. The Safari Book is the 10am class. . .

AND, there's more . . . She will also teach a another mini book 1-3pm class. BUT, i think that's more excitement for today than one can handle, so I'll share more details on that next week. Just FYI, it is a different class & you're going to LOVE it as much as the one above, so sign up for both!!!!!

As many of you know Marah designs her own collection for Creative Imaginations. The lines we've had & sold out of: Rock Star, Joyful Memories (the current masters kit), Coffee House, Untamed, Travel, Music and so much more. Marah's designs are the lines we sell the absolute most!!! To learn/see more about Marah, copy & paste this link: /

Join with me in extending a great southern welcome to Marah!!!!! Is you've attended a MARAH class before, please dish. If you have any questions about class & Marah, post here or call the store 225-744-2767.

SIGN UP NOW & come learn techniques GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!! We REALLY want you to join us for class so we can extend a really WARM SOUTHERN welcome to Marah . . . but if you can't get off of work for the day to attend, you can sign up for class & we'll hold your class kit for pickup.

Oh, and because I just can't hold myself back . . . On Feb 14th, I will have a drawing based on all posts to this blog entry . . . more details soon on what you COULD win!!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Have you gotten your MASTERS KIT YET???


6 sheets of cardstock
6 Marah Johnson Joyful Memories Chipboard Titles
2 Marah Johnson Joyful Memories Pattern Papers
3 Bo Bunny Papers
Heidi Swapp Clear Alpha Stamp
2 Bo Bunny Ribbons

AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE January Kit-it totally rocks & February will melt your heart-don't wait!!!!!!!

SNOW DAY created by Sandi Gautreau (check out her stickled tip of letters & cricut letters - several layers to replicate chipboard;
Joyful Memories created by Heather Banker (check out how many photos Heather was able to include on 1 layout)

WOW, just in time for your photos!!!! Memory Mania Masters Kit Club is open to the public. Most members have been in the kit club for several years. Its such a great deal, monthly you receive products valued from $32++ at a price of $24.99 (and we can ship to any customer within the United States). But the biggest advantage for the Masters Kit Club is that we've chosen & matched all products for you. AND, our talented design team: Heather Banker, Pam Boudreaux, Traci Furlow, Sandi Gautreau, Jansen Hebert and Noelle Landry, receive a kit 4 weeks in advance & create awesome layouts using the same products in your kit to give you ideas to scraplift or inspire you to create your own.

Frugal scrapbookers know that it's important to manage their money wisely. Fortunately, A Memory Mania offers this awesome monthly product offering at a $6-10 savings each month. We want you to make the most of your scrapbook supply budget. However, these special offers are available to members only. Occassionally we have extra kits available to the public BUT you will pay from $30-36 for the same products that members enjoy for $24.99. But these are always products not offered for sale in Memory Mania, exclusive to club members and always HOT new values.

So, check it out today-there are 3 (THREE) kits available for purchase this month-you can join today & purchase your kit at the reduced savings. It is a 6 month minimum commitment. Our members have requested an automatic renewal or minimal effort, we only request a 2 month cancellation notice anytime after your 6 month membership as we order 2-3 months in advance to obtain these vast quantities). Copy & paste this link for an awesome view at the layouts created this year: & for more ideas!!!

Many members save all of their kits until CCL, everything is in one bag, just print your layout ideas & add to your bag & your OOPS'd and ready to go. Each monthly kit includes solid paper, pattern papers in 2 separate product lines, letters, embellishment, you add brads, stickles, etc from your own stash for stunning layouts!!!!! And every other month a non-consumable product like a stamp or something that can be used again & again is included. Its a great way to build/update your scrapbook supplies. Members say they are able to create 3-4 and sometimes more layouts with 1 kit!!!! They also add items from previous month kits to show you how to get more use from each kit, for more money savings!!!!

What are you waiting for, there are only 3 left of this December kit!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hey Scrappers,
If you or someone you know is attending CCL and has a YAHOO email address. Yahoo email customers will not receive the important CCL emails. YAHOO has blocked all emails from me. Please forward any ccl emails you receive to them so they will get this valuable information .


Monday, January 05, 2009

CCL - Pirate's Life Class at CCL

WOW, Here is the awesome Pirate's Life, Disney Class to be taught exclusively to students at Camp Crop a Lot on Jauary 17th at 9:30-10:30 am (at checkin). Instructor: Becky Robichaux $20.

Only a few spots remain, call the store to register today 225-744-2767. Sorry ladies, this class is exclusive to CCL Attendees.

Happy Scrappin


Memory Maniac Challenge

KUDOS to Jackie & Darlene for the 10 minute walk Challenge. Come on girls-you can find 10 minutes in your day if it means you qualify for a $50 shopping spree right??????? Click on this link for more details: !!!!

OK for today's challenge: It's the New Year, Let's get Organized. Many people spend a large amount of their cropping time digging through their loads of supplies and pictures, losing
valuable time that could be spent creating layouts!

First Let's Talk About Organizing Your Photos. You've got to read this book I'm ALWAYS talking about, Photo Freedom!!!! (Noelle, Allison & everyone else - please post your comments on this book. Everyone that has really read it feels the exact same-its awesome & its so motivating!!!

With your pictures all organized and labeled, you can just grab a stack and crop whenever you get the urge to crop! Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas about the book, I live by this book so chances are I've pondered the same questions & can give you some insight. Good luck-organizing your pictures for 2009!!!!!!!!!

AND don't forget, 10 minutes morning, noon & night of walking to keep your heart healthy!!!
Purchase PHOTO FREEDOM and get 25% off of the Cropper Hopper Photo Boxes or the Pioneer Photo Albums - valid through January 15, 2009
Not valid with any other promotions/sales/credits.