Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another one of "MY GIRLS" growing up

KUDOS to Jade for her first teaching gig at Memory Mania. As you know my BFF, Jill (Jade's mom), Allison teach 6 in 60 each semester, Jill couldn't make it & Jade stepped up and did an awesome job-KUDOS JADE!!! Jade is already my right hand girl so it was great to teach together too!!

ECOUPON - 20% off all High School Musical and/or Hannah Montana stamps today through October 10th. WITH THIS COUPON ONLY.



(check your newsletter-private sale for those on the mailing list only). Don't forget you must have your coupon from the newsletter. Another awesome benefit to being on our mailing list.

Monday, September 29, 2008


KUDOS to Darlene (How Sweet it is . . .) and Heather (Pocket full of sunshine) for posting their layouts in the gallery for last week challenge!!! Heather says "Lovin' these challenges, getting lots of layouts done". That's great because that's the idea. Little motivation like a door prize to get some scrappin done. Heather & Darlene are entered into the drawing.

For the Maniac Challenge this week:

Scrapbook some photos that are at least 5 years old using the Heidi Grace line.

Happy Scrappin,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congratulations Nicole-We're so proud of you!!

Congratulations Nicole!!! Nicole was chosen to be on the Dutchtown High School Homecoming Court of 2008, we're so proud of you!!!!! I can remember sitting next to Nicole at an EA Homecoming game when she was about 6 years old & Nicole was in awe at the beautiful girls on the field when she said "I want that to be me one day". Through the years I remember Nicole looking forward to her years in high school so she could wear beautiful long dresses to the Prom, etc. So you can imagine the tears falling as I watched her dream come true yesterday at the Pep Rally & then at the game last night. Not to mention the big plug for Memory Mania as they announced her "love for scrapbooking while working at Memory Mania". I know this is a dream for many young girls and its so cool to see them live that fairytale, even if its only for one night, its priceless memories. Can't wait to see these precious memories scrapbooked.

Friday, September 26, 2008


What fun I had yesterday at Scrapfest visiting with so many friends I haven't seen in a quite a while. Talking with friends in the store recently, the comment has been the same, "Since the hurricane, i just can't get back into the routine things. Some people want to be in the Memory Mania just to try to feel like things are normal again. Truly, my heart just breaks every time I hear a different story of all of the damage to their homes and the huge deductibles that leave everyone holding the bag, it is such a sad time for many. For all of you that are reaching out for routine & things to get back to normal, hope these tips on OOPS help. Check out this cool Halloween paper-does that motivate you to get scrappin'?

I find planning and organizing to be one of the BIGGEST challenges of scrapbooking… you've heard us say many times to OOPS before a crop, but guess what, we OOPS just because too!!! I think its a great idea to shop at MM with your photos in a MMU bag or other organizing bag to be able to keep your photos, papers, stickers, letters, ribbons & sketch idea together. We are happy to keep your papers separate while you are oopsing-bring them up, we will put on ticket & put on hold while you OOPS the rest of your layouts.

What is OOPS, I like to plan quite a few layouts at once. Its awesome if you could do this several times a year for all of your printed photos then they will be there ready & waiting when you have a few minutes to scrap. Where do i start?

PRINT a whole lot of photos (this ensures they won't be lost on the computer & you'll be motivated to scrap photos that are printed); if you need info on sorting photos before they can be oops-look for Photo Freedom in the archives

Look through your stash at home & pull any paper, stickers, ribbon, letters or sketch idea that you have at home

Make a list of anything needed at MM & bring photos with you in a 2 gallon ziplock, MMU bag, or page protector, to match cardstock, pattern paper, letters, ribbon, sketch idea, anything that you didn't already have at home (gotta say, the clip it up helps me shop at home alot);

Some may only be able to OOPS for about 10 layouts at a time, others OOPS for 50 to last them quite a while. YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH SCRAPPIN' YOU WILL GET DONE IF EVERYTHING IS PULLED & READY TO GO!!!!!

If you have questions, bring your photos to the store & ask any of our AWESOME staff to help you OOPS. A Must have for this process is the Masterpiece Book & watch the staff, its the first thing they will pull to help you in this process. Be sure to mark the page # of the sketch or layout inspiration in your organizer bag with photos so you don't have to dream up the layout idea again.

Many scrappers say that they take this page packets with them to carpool, afterschool activities, etc. This is also a great time to sketch your layout based on any layouts or sketches you've seen for a jumpstart for your layout. This is also an awesome time to jot down your journaling & add to the packet, bet it won't take 30 minutes to complete the layout once you get home or find 30 minutes to spare (ha ha, i know how hard finding 30 minutes is).

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey Scrappers,
The ECOUPON this week is for a BRAND NEW LINE - 25% off anything on the Fiskars, Heidi Grace, Cloud 9 Display today through October 2nd. Check out these beautiful flock papers, shiny papers, epoxys, chipboard, etc.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Mania Challenge

Hey Scrappers,

The challenge for this week is to create a layout using the lyrics of a song & your fav stamps. My layout title is Get 'cha Head in the Game (from High School Musical). Check out these cool HSM stamps & paper-wow-they came out just in time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


KUDOS to Heather for taking the MM Monday Challenge. Attached is her layout using the NEW fancy photo corner punch. WOW, I love lots of things on this page-i love the layout, love using the excess letters from previous masters kit & love the Heidi Grace papers. Great job & good luck in the drawing.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey Scrappers,
Thanks for the wonderful emails this morning about Brooke's class last night. I'm SOOO PROUD OF HER!!!! At the tender age of 18 she makes her debut into teaching. Sometimes you just "know"!!! When Brooke wandered into Memory Mania last year working on her St. Joseph Scrapbook Project, we instantly connected, she had so much enthusiasm & talent. She asked about working at Memory Mania, we sat down for about 10 min, she was hired & started working that day. WOW-aren't we the lucky ones. Brooke began creating kits at Memory Mania & this year she was ready to TEACH. She did an awesome job with her students explaining how to make all of the little hidden photo booklets, etc. I lost count, i don't know how many pictures she had on that one layout, but the layout was beautiful!!!! KUDOS BROOKE!!!! I snapped a picture with my phone of her class layout-you can't see the detail in the photo but she used that beautiful Doodlebug Flocked Paper. Check out Brooke's kits next time you are in the store to see her awesome style!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

CUSTOM High School, LSU & Louisiana

WOW-this is probably the best stock of Custom High Schools, LSU, Louisiana, New Orleans paper & embellishments we've ever had. Come check out these cool new papers & embellishments that you can't find anywhere else. This is just a few snapshots, our inventory includes (St. Theresa Warriors, Dutchtown Griffins, St. Amant Gators, EA Spartans, Prairieville Middle, Oak Grove Blue Jays, Parkview Eagles, St. Joseph, Galvez Pirates, St. Amant Wildcats, Catholic High). St. George-coming soon.

Check out the TIGERS chipboard album!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are You Signed up for this Class Yet??????

Many of you remember Amy taught this MEMORIES TO GEAUX mini book idea. She received RAVE reviews from our students that loved how inexpensive this little mini book idea was. Many students brought in samples of their designs they created for family & friends as treasured gifts-all using Amy's design. The them for the mini book this year is Family. Sign up today to learn how you can create your own mini album in less than 2 hours-what an awesome gift for birthdays or Christmas. How cute would a Christmas theme book be of highlights of several Christmases to share with your mom as she host this year Christmas Party. If you were in Amy's class & created a book on your own, share your comments & book ideas.

Call today 744-2767 to sign up for this awesome little treasure of a class. Memories 2 Go (Family Album), Saturday October 4th 10am-noon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MM is renting Cricut Cartridges

Hey Scrappers,
Have you heard that Memory Mania is now renting the Cricut Cartridges $5.99 for 3 days. here are our BLOCKBUSTER titles available for rent:

Animal kingdom
Fab finds
Home accents
Printing press
Joys of the season
Mickey & friends
Mickey font
New arrival
Speaking of school
Stretch your imagination
Plantin school book
Printing 101
Accent essentials

For inspiration today check out Darlene's GUSTAV layout in our gallery: http://dev1.boomersdomain.com/gallery_memorymaniac/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=o ; KUDOS for taking the challenge DARLENE-gotta love those generators!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mania Challenge

Merry Monday to all of you!!! KUDOS to Heather, she emailed me her last week challenge!!!!! What a PERFECT use of the Scenic Route Arrows-we all have them-i think we also included in a past Masters Kit too. Thanks so much for sharing Heather. And we'll enter your name in the September/October BLOG drawing. IT PAYS TO PLAY!!!

OK, the new challenge of the week is . . .
Scrapbook a 2007 Summer highlight using the new fancy photo corner punches, of course, if you are all caught up, you could do 2008. Feel free to load in our gallery or email me & i can post on the blog!!!!!! Have a wonderful week of scrappin.

Happy Scrappin

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're so proud of you, Rachel

I know we've been hearing some awesome stories about our neighbors through this terrible aftermath of Gustav and I just had to share with you the good that one of our own, Rachel, has been doing. I couldn't be more proud of her!!! For the past two weeks she has been serving in many different communities setting up distribution centers to help people to get supplies, working in yards helping the elderly and widows get their yards cleaned up!! Her group just make themselves available for what ever is needed! Rachel is enrolled in an intern program at Household of Faith Church where she will earn a associates degree in theology and christian ministry. If you've met Rachel, you know she just LOVES helping people & our community! Thanks for being such a good neighbor Rachel!!!

Also, if you can say a prayer for Rachel & her family for her father's health.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WELCOME new Memory Maniacs!!!

Hey Scrappers,
Its that time again to welcome our new Memory Maniacs, friends to our family at Memory Mania. Thank you to our longtime friends for sending new folks our way!!! Welcome new friends. . .

Tonya Anding
Nicole Anthony
Carrie Atchison
Susan Bear
Jillian Beard
Marianne Beck
Jewel Benning
Suzanne Bier
Catrina Bonomolo
Annie Boudreaux
Chade Bourgeois
Kari Branch
Tasha Braud
Lindsey Breaux
Liz Cook
Theresa Donald
Toya Dotson
Candy Dugas
Nicole Fabre
Vanessa Ferderking
Lesley Frazier
Charlotte Gibson
Cathy Greenwald
Jaime Guidry
Nancy Guillory
Terri Hagginbotham
Rogena Hartley
Kristin Hatchett
Krystal Herrera
Stephanie Huye
Judith Johnson
Shannon Jones
MIchelle Jordan
Emily Kelly
Chrystal Kidder
Mary Kunka
Erin Laiche
Courtney Lanaux
Megan Lewis
Diana Libby
Amber Martin
Danielle Mock
Kelly obrien
Rachel Parker
Courtney Pickle
Frankie Poland
Dorothy Prudhomne
Cherie Rickard
Miranda Rupnarain
Paula Scarton
Kerri Schmidt
Beth Sinanan
Sherri Smith
Lorretta Smith
Stephanie Stoltzfus
Victoria Templet
Sierra Trabeau
Joyce Welch

Thank you Julie Jackson for referring your friends. You are the winner for August, come to get your door prize at MM at your earliest convenience.

P.S. Check our kit wall, the girls have stirred up a creative tornado of KITS!!!!!

Happy Scrappin'.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Take a Hike Ike (thanks for the headline Darlene)

Hope everyone is having a great day today!!!! Boy, I can't tell you how good it was to wake up this morning, exercise and resume my routine. You know you couldn't help but feel like you had to get caught up before Ike visits, but you know, I'm all out of Southern hospitality, so take a hike IKE!!!!

BLOG Ecoupon- Prima Transparencies/overlays 50% off through Sunday, Sept 14th.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting back to Normal???

I hope that most of you have power restored and are able to get back to some sort of routine today. Everywhere i went today everyone was making a real effort to get back to some normalcy but I keep finding myself spinning in circles, what about you? I've heard some really sad stories but most end with WE WERE REALLY LUCKY!!! I've heard so many stories of people that lost their homes due to a falling tree but THANK GOD they had just walked outside or just gathered at the dining room table, stories of terrible property damage but their family's lives were spared.

On to some GOOD NEWS, Connie Boles is the winner of the newsletter hidden sentence! Congratulations Connie-your prize is at the store.

ScrapPINK (Breast Cancer Fundraiser Crop) CROP is scheduled for Friday, September 19th 6pm - 2am. This crop is $10 (sorry no coupons due to all registration fees being donated to Breast Cancer). Brandi is hosting this fun crop & we will have some fun Olympic Celebration Challenges, call today to sign up!!!!

Have you seen these awesome stickles-new colors!!!!!!!!! Glitters Stickles and stay tuned for delivery of our Distressed Stickles.

Big SHOUTOUT to Lindsey Travis LT in the US Army. Lindsey found our blog and requested some donations for all of the scrapbooking soldiers in Afghan. Memory Mania donated a HUGE box of papers, Masterpiece Books, etc to Lindsey and others in the Army. We received a card today saying how thrilled they were to get the supplies and that it helps break up the monotony there and really takes their minds off where they are. So glad to help & we'd love to hear from you Lindsey-send us some photos of layouts so we can post online.

Have a wonderful week
Happy Scrappin' (check out the Hurricane Challenge from the weekend)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Scrapbook Challenge

I hope everyone is really close to having power restored!!!! Hugs & Prayers go out to our many customers that were affected by Gustav!!!!! So, as avid scrappers, i just KNOW you took photos. Scrapbook Challenge for the weekend (take a small break from the monotony of coping with Gustav and refresh yourself with a little scrapbook therapy):

1) Create a layout highlighting photos & JOURNALING from Hurricane Gustav-don't forget to journal about how your family passed the time, how did you get through the times without power, how did you eat, how long were the lines you waited in, who did you pass the storm with, what ODD things did you do to get by (i used a ski rope to make a clothes line to hang clothes)-it will make you feel better to see how creative you were to get through the rough times and maybe now you are a stronger person for all of it.

For Bonus points, use the color combination on page 72 of Simple Scrapbooks (Gold, Green, Lime, Red, Light Blue). Please load your layouts into the gallery on our website gallery (remember you must join the gallery and use your full name as the login name -(we have had trouble with naughty pics loaded in our gallery by spammers so i only grant access if i recognize the name), you can also email layout pic to me & I'll load for you.
Happy Scrappin'

Friday, September 05, 2008


Hey Scrappers,
Thanks for your enthusiasm, i know all of you are in much need of some SCRAP THERAPY. However, for security reasons we decided to cancel the crop tonight, next week we will resume as scheduled. If you were registered for the crop, please call in to reschedule to next week if available.

The Vacation Mini Album Class scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled & we are attempting to reschedule to Sept 13 or 20th (check emails).

We are hearing stories of some of our treasured MM family members with LOTS of damage, our hugs & prayers go out to all of you.

MEMORY MANIA will reopen Friday with limited hours

Whew, I sure hope all of you made it through the Hurricane OK. WOW-most of us were very lucky just to be without power, although it is very warm AND I'm giggling at myself while hanging out clothes on my makeshift clothesline of ski rope (ha ha). Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do though. The good news is the power and AIR CONDITIONER are restored at Memory Mania. If you need a place to getaway today & come soak up some air and friendship, ride on over. The hours will be limited based on traffic, so call before you come (744-2767).

FYI-Hurricane Gustav sure didn't affect CCL registration, the registrations are rolling in!!!!! For all of our Houma/Thibodaux friends, I'm so sorry you took the brundt of this storm and would love to hear from you when you can. HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way-let us know what you need and we'll get it to you.

So how many of you were scrappin' to pass the time away.

Happy Scrappin'