Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LAST CALL for kit club registrations

Hurry in, Don't miss the deadline. All orders will be placed on Friday for kit clubs . . . So don't miss this chance to sign up for Baby, School or Season Kit Clubs!!!! How cool is it to have a layout already created, products pulled & a copy & directions to copy from each month. All that for just $15.99 per month. These kits are limited to club members only, so if you want to be included, call the store or stop in by Friday.

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and important events in someone's life. Cherish the anticipated arrival of your bundle of job and all that happened in his/her's first year with Memory Mania Kit Club or do like I'm doing a create layouts of the first year of life of your 20 year old (he he). Any graduate would also love to look back on the years of his school days . . .
Don't delay, they are almost all sold out.

Any scrapper that signs up for all 3 kit clubs will receive a FREE cover/end layout for the Season Kit Club.

Best Wishes for a very Happy & Healthy New Year!!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CCL Class - Disney Fairy

WOW-how beautiful are these pretty fairies????
Jody created this beautiful layout for the CCL Class - Disney Fairy. There are some spots available for Saturday, 10:30-11:30 am at CCL-so sign up soon, I'm sure those spots will fly fast.

Sorry, attendance is limited to CCL attendees only.

Happy Scrappin',


Tuesday ECOUPON - $10 savings

Hey Scrappers,

The Special of the Year is the incredible value of the Share & Tell Album. 187 pieces, including album for $59.

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Share & Tell Bundle (all wrapped up with a bow) for $59 (Valued at $69) includes album including protectors, 1 extra set of protectors, PLUS FIVE (5) creative pads & journaling cards. ONLY 2 LEFT!!!!!! Great gift idea & value!!!! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Let's face it...we are all busy. Whatever stage in life we find ourselves in, time seems to limit us from all that we want or need to do. The Share & Tell Album Program offers simple ways to organize your photos and display them beautifully!

The Share & Tell Album Program includes Albums, Sheet Protectors, Creative Pads and Journaling Cards that all work together to make scrapbooking your memories easier! This is a FAST & EASY way to catch up. You can be as creative as you have time for, there are 3 options, just add photos, add title card & journal card & photos or create a 12x12 layout and it all fits in the same album. Great for hard-core scrapbookers AND non-scrapbookers alike!

Here is what comes in this cool DEAL (1 Brown Leather Album, 6 4x6 photo protectors, 10 12x12 protectors, 90 sheets of 4x6 pattern paper & 12 sticker sheets, and 50 journaling cards. HURRY IN-THESE WON'T LAST LONG!!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Memory Maniac CHALLENGE

Ok, you're going to think "This CHIC has lost ALL of her marbles"!!!! Ok, here goes, read below on how you can WIN a $50 shopping spree at Memory Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may not know how important you are to everyone in your family, but I say to you, you are THE most important person to them and to us!!!! YOU must take care of YOU because you know you're the only one that will. And THEY need YOU, so do this for your family. And another great reason, if that didn't do it for you, your blood will be pumping so fast, reward yourself afterwards with a few minutes of cropping. I know you have a big HEART because you are a scrapper and we create art from our HEARTS, so make this a daily gift to yourself to protect your heart (you get bonus points if you do it 3 times throughout the day).

Here's what you will need:
Tennis shoes, 10 minutes, (Make it more fun with recording of "Cupid Shuffle" and 2 other of your favorite tunes) and a clock nearby: The beat of any song won't work exactly perfect because you are changing tempos quickly, but be CREATIVE, swing your hips or step higher with your knees-i do all of this in place; so wake up 10 minutes early & try this; lock your door at work at lunch & do it & 10 min right before you leave work or while you're cooking. Think I'm nuts yet.

Do each step for 1 minute each;
1. warmup/walk in place
2. Moderate-pace walk
3. BRISK Walk
4. Fast, hard walk/pump arms
5. Fast, hard walk/pump arms
6. Moderate-pace walk
7. BRISK Walk
8. Fast, hard walk/pump arms
9. Fast, hard walk/pump arms
10. slowly cool down

Believe it or not, its better than a 30 minute workout, on Jan 15th, give me an update. Please post daily if you were able to fit this in & if so how many times did you sneak it in? I will have a drawing at end of January. Your daily post is your entry-enter as many times as you like. If you do it 3 times each day & post that-you are entered 3 times. The PRIZE is a $50 shopping spree at Memory Mania!!!!!!!! Don't miss out!!!!!

Please post or email me any questions, I do this every day -4 times a day so I'm happy to help & want to share how great it feels!!!!!!

P.S. This activity is from Chris Freytag of PREVENTION.

Happy Scrappin & Walkin'

Friday, December 26, 2008

CCL is less than 3 weeks AWAY

WOW, hope all of you are having a Fabulous Friday after a wonderful week of Christmas festivities. I just LOVE Christmas and we had a great one. Best wishes to everyone for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Sooooo, Christmas is over and its time NOW TO START GETTING READY FOR CCL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta scrap all of those wonderful Christmas memories!!!!!

I think there are a few spots left in all of the classes. So call today if you want to register for those 225-744-2767.

Don't forget, if you registered in the first week of registration & you're sleeping at the hotel, you will have a $10 store credit that must be used at the store. Stop in soon, sorry these credits don't show up at CCL because we only use a copy of the register, so stop by soon to use your credit today.

If you registered for CCL and put a yahoo email address as a contact, please ask one of your friends to forward emails to you, Yahoo has blocked my email as a spammer for some crazy reason, sorry for this inconvenience, i've tried to resolve with them, but possibly you could contact them also.

Check your email box frequently, i'll be emailing important information weekly. Check the blog too as I will try to post some of the more important details here.

Important reminder: OOPS night is Tuesday, December 30 6-8pm. More details on OOPS via email. You may pick up your tshirts, sweatshirts, pants, make & takes at Memory Mania. We have a couple extras of some of these , so come by or call to prepay if you are interested. If you can't make it to Memory Mania, we are happy to bring them to you at CCL.

AND, if you're preparing for Camp Crop a Lot, gotta check out the newest kits on the wall-all of the girls have created some precious new layouts. For those that don't live nearby, check them out online. Remember there are limited quanitities & once they are sold, they are gone and don't come back. Click this link to see kits:

Reminder: Don't forget OOPS night is Tuesday, Dec 30th 6-8pm;

Happy Scrappin,


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Never underestimate the POWER of your scrapbooks

Recently a friend said to me "THANK GOD for scrapbooking". After the passing of a very dear family friend, their family found great comfort in perusing scrapbooks. Cherishing all the little snapshots and kind journaling. The family just wanted to soak up anything they could possibly find to always remember . So KUDOS to all of you that take the time, enjoy & scrapbook. If you could only know now what it means to others in the future. It was so nice to flip through a couple of scrapbooks rather than loads of pictures to find this 2004 layout to remember our friend.

I know sometimes we get caught up with the perfect layout, the perfect embellishments, etc (and that's great for the artistic outlet we need in scrappin'), but always remember, its the memories and the pictures that will mean the most to us & our family.

Have a very Merry Christmas & Capture those memories,

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season!!!!! Don't stress too much, remember the reason for the season!!!

Your challenge for this week is to take photos of your Christmas traditions!!! If you don't have any traditions yet, start this year!!!!! You may have some special ornaments that each child hangs each year (note: Dane has been hanging this ornament on our tree for 20 years & Justin 17); is it a tradition that your husband put the angel on the tree (he he). If you're like me, you have traditions but didn't think to take photos of them until one year, I broke the special ornament & was in a total panic I hadn't taken pictures of these special moments. (note to self: remember the reason for the season!!). Anyway this little tradition bring back loads of memories: look at these grown boys hanging their ornaments and I can remember the many years, we held them to the tree to hang these little porcelain booties**tearing up**. Wow, life passes sooooo fast, savor every single little memory. Some of my favorite memories that I didn't think to take photos of, reading Christmas stories each night sitting by the tree, the boys laying under the tree looking at the lights, Dane begging Justin to wake up to go see what Santa left, listening to the music before midnight mass, my all time favorite, turning off all lights in the house & telling your favorite Christmas memory of all time. Well, I'm sure all of you have your own special Christmas traditions, remember to take photos so you can SCRAPBOOK them this year!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

FANTASTIC NEWS - Marah Johnson coming to Memory Mania

Memory Mania will be hosting classes featuring Marah Johnson February 26, 2009.

Marah will be teaching 2 classes at Memory Mania on Thursday, February 26. Times will be posted soon. Marah is a designer for Creative Imaginations & Hero Arts, so I know you've seen many of her designs in the past. Marah's blog is or to see her designs We will let you know all of the details as they are unveiled regarding projects/layouts/cost & WHEN you can sign up. As you know, we don't get many Scrapbook Celebrity Visits. I've been on the wait list for several years so here's our big chance, don't miss it. Schedule your time off of work so you don't miss this visit!!!!!!!!

I think she already has her projects planned, but if anyone has any requests, email me asap-do you want project or layouts!!!!

Happy Scrappin',

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!!!!

ECOUPON for this week is:

COUPON: (please print coupon)
Discounts not valid without this printed coupon;

30% off All FISKARS Punches
with this coupon while supplies last
expires December 24, 2008

Happy Scrappin' & Christmas Wrappin'

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Maniac Challenge

WOW, here's the coolest challenge EVER: Swap photos with a friend. I gave Allison 7 photos to scrap for me. I had a mental block after the 10th London layout, and she was happy to help me out. I love how she highlighted my photos using the Circle Coluzzle-AND love this sketch too!!!!!

I would love to see the layouts you & your friend create for each other. I bet Allison would love to see the layout I do with her photos too, ha ha. She gave me a rain check, I'm going to scrap her photos at our next scrap date. WOW-do you have some awesome friends like this-FRIENDS that scrap for you ???!!!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


DEAL OF THE WEEK: Share & Tell Christmas Bundle (all wrapped up with a bow) for $59 (Valued at $69) includes album including protectors, 1 extra set of protectors, PLUS FIVE (5) creative pads & journaling cards. ONLY 3 LEFT!!!!!! Great gift idea & value!!!!

KUDOS to Jade, she already created, prepped & has the Snow Day 2008 kit ready to go. WOW-she worked very hard on it & its very cute and just in time!!

SPECIAL BLOG COUPON: Free BEAUTIFUL collector stamp from Technique Tuesday with any $30 purchase of regular priced products. While supplies last
not valid with any other discounts/promotions

What's HOT this week: New Disney Papers/Stickers/Rub-ons from Reminisce, latest kit club kits, pretty Boxed Albums, Lots of really cool new kits out this week: Snow Day, Piglet, Crazy Cool, Santa, Fright Night, and more

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, December 11, 2008


OMG!!!!! I so wanted to surprise my boys Christmas Eve with a ski trip, but it just wasn't working out coordinating work schedules, etc. BUT OH MY GOODNESS, its SNOWING in Louisiana!!!!!! Its so beautiful. I woke up about 5am to see the snow but at that time it wasn't accumulating on the ground. I tried to wake Justin up to see it (not knowing if it would last) but he wasn't real interested at 5am. He was very excited when leaving for school today in the SNOW, but it was dark so my pictures didn't come out. Oh why are they in school, this is perfect backdrop for that Christmas Picture. Ha ha. Dane just called to say, he thought he might get Rained-out today at work, but they showed up for work & were sent home for a SNOW-OUT, first time ever. All of you moms with little ones not in school-get out there & take some pictures. I'm calling Jade to create a SNOW kit today-i just hope it lasts until Jus gets home!!!!!!

On another note-please remember the soldiers when sending your Christmas cards; This is a Great idea! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington , D.C. 20307-5001

Happy Scrappin


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're Growing

Hey Scrappers,

Welcome our newest members to our family of scrappers at Memory Mania:

Lacey Addison
D.anne ainsworth
Betty Amos
Sherrie Anerson-hopy
Margie Ardoin
Katie Aucion
Lauren Baggett
Gay Boeneke
Susan Bordelon
Lori Bourg
Jennifer Brady
Melanie Braud
Linda Broadwater
Paige Brown
Connie Buccere
Jeanette Calloway
Amy Cancienne
Nicole Cannon
Dot Cashio
Karen Clausi
Lorraine Cobb
Jeremy Dauzat
Anitta Davis
Peggy Forbes
Amy Gammill
Tammy Gordon
Susie Granier
Tasha Griggs
Suzette Harrigal
Kimi Hart
Hallie Hedrick
Darlene Holt
Melanie Hunko
Mary Johnson
Danielle Lackey
Brigitte Lebeau
Trisha Liner
Monica Mecca
Amie Navarre
Julie Parks
Magen Powell
Tina Powell
Brenda Roussel
Sheila St. Pierre
Mandy Stafford
Lisa Wainwright

WOW, isn't awesome to see so many new scrappers joining this wonderful & satisfying hobby. If you recognize any of these scrappers, give them a warm welcome & some awesome scrappin' tips & tricks. Schedule a crop together.

Welcome to you, our new scrappers & watch your mailboxes for a special coupon!!!! If you recognize a friend above, reach out to your new scrappers & ask her to bring you along (PRINT THIS COUPON) and you'll get to share her discount.
NOTE: Please shop together with the new scrapper & print this blog entry as your coupon to share her discount.

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

Terrific Tuesday to everyone!!!! Here's your Terrific Tuesday ECOUPON!!!!! Just in time for Creative Christmas Tags & Cards:

50% of all Fiskars Halloween or Christmas Punches

not valid with any other discounts/specials.

Expires December 17, 2008.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Maniac Challenge

BLING IT ON!!!!!! Add a little bling to any layout, it doesn't have to be a girl layout!!!! On this layout (wow, really running out of ideas with red, blue for this England trip, he he). I tried folding back some pattern papers with brads, added some bling to photos, photo mats & journaling. Again, used the Bazzill edges, they just add so much to a page in a snap.

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, December 04, 2008

CCL CLass - Cricut Design Studio - Hands On

Last call for the CCL - Cricut Design Studio (CDS) Class in January. Yes, there are spots left --so call 225-744-2767, come in the store or register online to learn the many tips & techniques shared by Darlene Quebedeaux at Memory Mania's CCL Weekend Retreat in Baton Rouge. Sorry, the retreat is full, but this class is open to the public. $20, Saturday, January 17th 1pm-2:30pm.

This is a hands-on class so bring your laptop with Cricut CDS already loaded on it and come learn the many tips & technqiues that Darlene has to share regarding CDS. The entire class period will be dedicated to hands-on learning of the program, you will receive a class kit to complete a home of the above layout "Top 8 of 2008".

Check this out: Darlene used CDS to create not only the title, but also the page frames (fleur de lis) and transparency flourishes. Darlene is a frequent blogger here, so if you have any questions regarding this class, feel free to comment here & Darlene or I will reply.

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fairest of them All/Cards for Soldiers

Good morning scrappers,

What's new with you? What's new at Memory Mania is the Imaginisce Fairest of them All Papers/Embellishments???

And just as we were devouring the pretty princess paper, Jimmy (our UPS guy) walks in with some NEW Disney products-Mickey just wanted to remind us that "It started with the mouse . . .".

Please remember our soldiers at Christmas. I'm sure everyone is working on Christmas cards (check out the cool display of Christmas Card ideas created by Rachel). Anyway, while you're addressing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to the address below. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington , D.C. 20307-5001

Happy Scrappin'


Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Good morning Scrappers,
You know that BUTTONS are making their way back in a big way into scrapbooking (don't you just love it when some of your favorites get popular again??)) To celebrate the excitement of buttons again - this week special is a great one!!!

ECOUPON for this week,
60% off
Valid 12/2/08 - 12/10/08

NEVER miss out on a great deal again, set the blog as your homepage;
Internet - Options - Main ; where it says homepage-paste this: OK

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Maniac Challenge

Good Morning Scrappers,
I sure hope you all had a wonderful holiday with lots of special memories, pictures & no stress!!!!

CHALLENGE for this week: Use Cricut CDS for a title & incorporate a 3D embellishment into your title (see crown brad); Added challenges - use velvet or flocked paper & the new swirl punch.

P.S. Don't forget to check back on Tuesdays for the ECOUPON special.

Happy Scrappin'


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for You

You know the old joke --- "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwards. Maybe that's why, during the holidays, there are so many plates of goodies around; we need the fudge and cookies to keep our stress levels manageable. Because, as everyone knows, the holidays are full of stress. And doesn't all the stress come down to one simple thing? We want to find the perfect gifts for the important people in our lives. We're searching for the way to make a pair of slippers say "I love you" or a candle to communicate how much we value a relationship. Really, though, there is an easier route than frantically rushing through crowded malls. Find your old slippers, make a cup of hot chocolate, and curl up with Amy Sorensen's class.

All joking aside, enjoy your desserts, ward off the stress, have a wonderful, Happy day with your families. I hope you find the perfect picture opportunities to remember these special memories. Don't forget, most importantly to share with those special people in your life what you are thankful for!!! I'm very thankful for my healthy family, the closeness of my friends, the family spirit of my team at MM and for the wonderful friendship of my community of friends at MM.

Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

American Crafts - WOW!&!%%@%@

You just gotta see this awesome new line from American Craft for the Teen and the Teen-at-Heart. This awesome line features cell phones, texting, mp3 players, headphones, make up, clothes & all the other accessories of teen life, this fun, funky new line is bound to be in your basket if you see it. Capture your kids' memories of Jr. High & High School, or showcase our dorky pictures from the 70s & 80s (we've all got them, don't we?)

Includes 30 papers, gorgeous glitter thickers, thickers accents, epoxy, stickers, ribbon, etc.

DON'T FORGET OUR AWESOME 10th ANNUAL GIFT CERTIFICATE SALE FRIDAY November 28 ONLY-20% off. Please note gift certificates purchased on sale may only be used on regular priced products only. Not valid with classes, crops, or discounted items.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ECOUPON & Bazzill Project Idea

Good morning Scrappers!!!!

We have a special treat for your ECOUPON TUESDAY, the featured item on sale 30% off is featured on the Bazzill TV video . See video: -select Christmas Clipboard Chipboard. Another cute idea is the ornament at .

ECOUPON (with this coupon) all mini board books, including (Bazzill, Maya Road, Cosmo Cricket, Creative Cafe, Adornit) 30% off through December 2, 2008 (not valid with any other coupons/specials).

Happy Scrappin'


Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Maniac Challenge

Good morning everyone!!!! I know everyone will be cooking & getting ready for Thanksgiving celebrations this week. Try out the hints from last week about scrapping 10 minutes at a time for the challenge this week. Challenge is: Incorporate a chipboard embellishment as your title.

Don't forget to check back on Tuesdays for the Ecoupon.
Reminder: Today begins VIP registration for MMU students.

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Season Kit Club

Hey Scrappers,
Wouldn't you love a little motivation each month to complete a layout per month, no matter how crazy life gets? Well, Christy can do that for you. Register for the Season kit club and receive a kit with picture, directions and all products needed to create a monthly layout, put your photos & journaling & voila, you're caught up for the month. The other thing Ilove about kits is that it relaxes me & gets my creative juices flowing so I can create a few layouts of my own. Ever notice after just a few minutes of scrapping, your shoulders drop from your ears and your humming along, its so relaxing. Don't cha just love it???

Here's a peek at the Season Kit Club - January, registration closes December 31 so that we can place orders & get prepping. Sign up today.

Never miss out on a great deal again . . . make Memory Mania BLOG your homepage with these simple steps:

Internet - Options - Main ; where it says homepage-paste this: OK

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and important events in someone's life. Cherish the anticipated arrival of your bundle of job and all that happened in his/her's first year OR its never to late to scrapbook your older child's first year. Its easy as 1, 2, 3 with Memory Mania Monthly Kit Club. JOIN TODAY. Registration closes Dec. 31st.

Kits are distributed around the 3rd week of each month and will highlight all of those special firsts:
Expecting You
Labor of Love
Home from Hospital
It’s a boy/girl
Baby's Family or Fan Club
First bath
first baby food
first haircut
first xmas

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ECOUPON & Challenge Entry ALREADY

Hey Scrappers,

35% off Grab & Go Shoulder Bag with this coupon - expires 11/25/08
This awesome tote is chocolate ultra suede with multi dot inside (which is so cute, i'd have to walk around with flap up for everyone to see the cute dots. Matches many other organizers with the multi dot. It features a padded zipper pocket that doubles as a dividing wall and is removable. And additional snap shut compartment offers 2 small pockets & credit card holders.

Also check our gallery today for some cool blog challenge creations using the Blog Challenge this week. In Tania's layout, Nawlins, she recreated the fleur de lis from the fence into her layout design-cool-you know we all love fleur de lis . Check the gallery for additional layouts uploaded yesterday.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Maniac Challenge

Happy Monday to Everyone,
Let's get some scrappin' done today. Have you tried the idea of scrappin' on the fly?? You don't need several hours to scrap. Do it in stages: get your photos out (without knowing it, you'll be thinking of your photos & next time you have a few moments you'll have an idea for pulling papers & embellishments to use. Next time you have a few moments, find a sketch or layout idea or arrange your photos & papers etc to create your own design; next time, glue down & journal. THen set another set of photos out & repeat. I sometimes get more done with this method than scrappin' all night.

OK, for the challenge: Recreate something from your photos, as you can see, I recreated the Subway sign with some chipboard & Bazzill washers. Don't forget to email me your entries OR load them into our gallery. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun with Cricut Vinyl

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
  Even though I didn't get to make the trip to this year's Skip and Scrap, I still always have that mid- November itch to make some homemade scrapbook projects. I wanted to share two with you that I recently completed using my Cricut machine and the ProvoCraft Vinyl. The calendar was just a plain whiteboard I purchased. I used the Mini Monogram cartridge for the days of the week and free handed the grid pattern. The wall project was created using white vinyl and the Home Accents cartridge. It was so easy, and Becky obviously loved the new and improved green scrapbook room! So this weekend, head over to MM for all things Cricut and get started on those Christmas projects!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LAST CALL for CCL pre-orders

Hey Scrappers,
WOW, can you believe its November?????? CCL will be here before you know it. We have about 15 make/take kits left, if anyone would like to order their make take kit, please call, come by the store or purchase online. Please note-we will not have any extras at CCL.

Don't forget the FUN Mardi Gras tshirts or sweatshirts. We have customers not attending CCL dying to buy these Mardi Gras shirts, pre-order yours today.

OK, if you only get 1 CCL treat for yourself-it MUST be the pants-these PJ pants are SOOOOO comfortable & they're flannel - you know the temperature in those cropping rooms & these are so comfy to wear the whole weekend-you don't have to wait until PJ night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants, i have several pair in each color & wear them anytime I can.

ALSO, we still have some sleeping rooms left, so if you would like to change from crop only to staying at the Holiday Inn Select, you may do so just paying the difference-remember its cheaper & you get breakfast only through the MM group rather than calling directly.

Also, there is availability in ALL classes, these will open up to the public soon, so if you would like to take a class, schedule it soon.

Everything above can be purchased in store or online (we won't have any extras at CCL so these are pre-orders only). If you wish to change from crop only to occupancy stays-that is best handled over the phone (225-744-2767) or in person at the store.

LAST CALL for any of these fun add-ons for CCL. We hope to see you soon!!!

There is an awesome assortment of Memory Mania kits too, now is a great time to stash a few away for CCL.

If anyone has any questions on CCL, please don't hesitate to email me

Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

Have you taken advantage of any of the Memory Mania Kit Clubs yet? Our goal is to help everyone find time to scrapbook each month. The kit clubs are perfect for just that, the kits come with instructions, picture of the layout & all materials needed to complete 1 double page spread. We encourage members to complete each month with photos & journaling before the next kit is ready 4 weeks later. Isn't that a great plan. We know LIFE IS CRAZY and sometimes you can only find a few moments to scrapbook, so the products all pulled & layout idea ready to go, helps you squeeze in those photos & journaling in just a few minutes.

Pictured is the first School Kit Club layout, each month will highlight the next grade. how awesome would it be to have your child's school album created BEFORE they graduate, just waiting for his/her to pass to the next grade. Of course you can use just the layouts or you can supplement with field trips, etc. Some people are creating these layouts for a child that has already graduated, what an awesome gift to remember these times.

Other kit clubs registering now are: Baby (baby firsts) and Season (each theme season coincides with that month).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ECOUPON & Bazzill Annoucement

OK, this has been so much fun, thanks for all of the awesome guesses . . . There are 28,370 sheets of Bazzill in Memory Mania-WOW*(%$$)())*&. Can you believe it. Email me if you're the highest bidder & we'll make plans to get you your prize. Stay tuned to the blog-we'll have another guessing game soon.

ECOUPON for the week of November 11-17; Any Magazine or Idea Book by Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook Trends, Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbooks Etc (Better Homes & Gardens) - 50% WITH THIS ECOUPON through 11/17/08.

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

Just loving all of these guesses, can't wait to share the REAL number HOW MANY SHEETS OF BAZZILL AT MEMORY MANIA!!!!! It's not too late, answer will be posted tomorrow!!! who will be the lucky winner????

Please, share your challenge pages with me. You can upload them in the gallery-please remember you have to register & wait for approval-user name must be your full name-we have to be strict on this because if we just allow anything-not so nice pictures were added to our gallery. also, if you can't upload-email me & I'll upload.

CHALLENGE: use any die cut page for a quick scrapbook page. There are some with scrolls & Ki has some others that are smaller die cuts with words or shapes. I also used that new scroll punch to compliment the shape of my die cut paper-this was lots of fun & took about 30 minutes. So, I know you can squeeze 30 minutes in this week, take the challenge!!!!! At the end of the month, all challenge participants are entered into a drawing for a REALLY COOL PRIZE!!!!

Happy Scrappin',

Friday, November 07, 2008


Its finally here, Skip & Scrap, KUDOS to Christy for some awesome projects, this will be a short post as I'll be cooking lunch for those poor sick students (ha ha).

We feel so sorry for all of you that can't come to skip & scrap that we're having a store wide sale (all regular price products)-20% off everything in the store TODAY only, Nov 7th.

If you stopped in this week, you may have seen our hair standing straight up as we were counting & counting & counting (inventory) Bazzill paper this week, who knew how many sheets of Bazzill we would have, the number is astounding!!!!!! GUESS HOW MANY sheets of Bazzill in Memory Mania and WIN a 50 sheet of asst Bazzill cardstock & 50% off COUPON for one item in the store. Post your guesses to this blog entry & the closest guess WINS. Winner to be announced on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


WOW, we have 45 new scrappers to join our family at Memory Mania this month. We've been getting some great feedback on listing our newest family members. Many of you are saying, we're in carpool together & I didn't know Fay scrapbooked, or Monica is a high school friend of mine, we'll have to make a date to crop at MM on free cropping day, etc. Something about us scrappers, we love to "talk scrapbook", so see below if you you recognize any of our new scrappers and make a date soon to scrapbook at MM on a free cropping day. We'd love for all of you to join us. If you are a new member listed below or if you referred a new member below, please print this blog entry and bring into the store for A FREE CROP (expires 11/28/08-not valid with any other sale or promotions or classes). THANK YOU for joining Memory Mania & for spreading the FUN of scrapbooking.

Fay Babin
Monica Beavers
Sharon Bennett
Heather Berot
Heidi Bowman
Melissa Bradley
Patricia Butler
Linda Coats
Aleasha Daniels
Wynn Diez
Laurie Dugas
Wendy Firmin
Leah Franklin
Diane Genre
Ann Gorman
Heather Guidry
Lydia Hambrick
Sherryl Harper
Ashley Hymel
Charlotte Hymel
Jacklyn Kason
Kathy King
Trisha Liner
Laurann Marino
Misti Mcgann
Sarah McKee
Brittany Messina
Shelly Migues
Nancy Mihalik
Sarah Myers
Amy Napoli
Michelle Parker
Kim Robinson
Lisa Ryan
DeShay Savoy
Candy Spillers
Shannon Taylor
Maria Thron
Elise Tullier
Barbara Villmarette
Candice Waguespack
Jenny Waguespack
Michelle Weber
Lauren Wheeler

Reminder: Gift certificates make the PERFECT Christmas gift, remember that Memory Mania will have its 10th annual Gift Certificate Sale the day after Thanksgiving-25% off that one day only!!!!! Have you started your Christmas list today? KUDOS to all of you that are making gifts from the heart for gifts for Christmas.
Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Calendar of Memories

Good Morning Scrappers!!!!

Ok, its official the Holiday Season is here!!!! I sure hope you will join me in my Calendar of Memories Class and create a very special gift for someone dear. The wonderful thing about this calendar is that all months memories are 12x12 so when the month passes, you remove the page & add to your album. In my gift calendar to my mother-in-law, I included snapshots in each month of the birthday girl/boy within the extended family (another great idea that i did a previous year was took a birthday cake photo of each person in the family so it was really easy to complete the calendar that year). If no one had a birthday in that month, I included favorite photos of the previous year-family shots when possible. I can't describe to you how excited she was with her calendar. She immediately passed the calendar around for everyone to sign their name on their birthdays. She proudly displays her calendar in the kitchen & loves that she hasn't missed one birthday yet this year. I know how hard it is to giveaway a gift like this, so remember you can color copy each month & hang in a calendar for yourself too. Or you can easily scraplift the idea for multiple calendars-there will be additional supplies available to recreate if you like.

Orders are being placed today, so call today & register before 7pm. We will complete all 12 months during class so you will have your first Christmas gift completed on November 15th.

Calendar of Memories
Saturday, November 15th 10am-noon
$20 class fee/**$25 required supply fee to cover costs of calendar & additional supplies
Register TODAY 744-2767

****For a chance to win a spot in Friday's SKIP & SCRAP CLASS, comment to this post. Please let us know about your favorite scrapbook christmas gift of the heart. Have you tried it? If you have, who did you give it to, or who do you plan to give it to? We would love to hear your thoughts on Gifts from the Heart! We will leave comments open until Thursday morning (Nov 6th) at noon. A winner will be selected via an online number generator and announced on Thursday afternoon morning, Nov 6th.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hey Scrappers, test

Monday, November 03, 2008


WOW-Still enjoying this wonderful, beautiful weather of fall!!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with tricks & treats, lots of football & lots of scrappin'!!!!

Its a brand new month, try to take the challenge each week to get some photos printed & scrapped each week. You'll be amazed how easily it comes to you when you only focus on one challenge.

Complete a layout using this sketch and Bazzill Edges in less than 1 hour. WOW-you won't believe how fast these edges can speed up a layout. Other fun things I played with: Treading water punch on the red pattern paper, Prima rhinestone swirls, and those cool photo corner punches which I can't scrap without. Can't wait to see your layouts!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Memory Mania Classes

Hey Scrappers,

WOW-can you believe its already November??? Just a couple reminders that classes are wrapping up for this year. There are a couple openings for the Boys Rule Class (Tuesday Nov 4th)- registration closes Saturday afternoon.

Make it a Double (Tuesday, Nov 18th) has a couple of openings & registration closes on Nov 15th.

LAST project class, Calendar of Memories (pictured previous blog entries) Saturday, Nov 15th 10am-noon) registration closes on this class this weekend.

Hope to see you at these last few classes, call 744-2767.

Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, October 30, 2008


WOW-I knew when Christy showed me the layouts for the GIRLS ROCK class that this class would be a hit!!!!! KUDOS Christy!!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!! Here are my fav comments from students:
  • Loved both of Christy’s layouts; loved learning different ways to use the swirl punch;
  • Very simple layouts & super cute!!! I will definitely use & enjoy!! Thanks for all of your hard work-I so appreciate it.
  • I loved using my template for stitching.
  • Girly Girl was my FAV layout!
  • Loved using the fiber/ironing technique;
  • Great class, great teacher & awesome layouts!!
  • LOVED these Fibers (stay tuned-there will be more of these fibers at MM soon)
  • Christy – YOU rocked it OUT of the park!!! Great layouts!!! Thanks so much
  • LOVED this class, thanks for making it so easy!!! Loved the shoe technique & layouts are PERFECT!!!
  • Loved the fiber!!!!
  • These layouts are FABULOUS!!! Christy outdid herself with the xyron’d pieces. She shared soooo much with us. We had a lot of time and the environment was calm & relaxing. Thanks
  • LOVED THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the shoe & fibers!!!!
I agree with one of the students-YOU ROCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fibers & ironing technique is very cool-Memory Mania will have these fibers in house in a couple of weeks, be sure to ask about them next time you're in the store.

FYI-Christy is also teaching the cool stamp/fiber technique in Skip & Scrap-call Today 225-744-2767 & come see what all the fuss is about;
SKIP & SCRAP registration closes on Saturday so that orders can be made!!!!

Hint: Check the Morning Advocate today (Ascension section).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Freedom

Give yourself permission to scrapbook ONLY the photos that inspire you & tell the stories that you want to tell. There's no way that most of us will ever have the time to scrapbook every photo of our child before we have grandchildren (ha ha), I know some of you have done this & KUDOS to you but for those of us that started scrappin' after our children were born, that is impossible. So Let yourself off the hook. You should enjoy scrapbooking, don't make it a "To-do" list-i think we all have plenty on that list already.

I had a wonderful time scrappin' with my buddies this weekend!!!!!! WOW-nothing like a little girl & scrappin', Laughing, Chatting, time. I hope you can carve out some time for yourself to scrapbook this week or weekend & make a point to only do what you are inspired to do. It will add so much joy to your life!!!

Happy Scrappin'


Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday-isn't it beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I'm scrappin' so this will be a short post.
CHALLENGE: Use 3 items from your clip it up stash on a layout for this week (wow-this is such an awesome feeling to shop from your own things).

WOW-just used the Tread Water Border punch again-its just wonderful. I just love that you can make ANY paper you have a scalloped paper. Its awesome!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Deneen - The SHIMMER & SHINE Queen

WOW-It was great to see everyone working tirelessly on these awesome layouts with Deneen. I think this Christmas layout outshines last year if you can imagine that. And the Halloween layout was very cool!!! KUDOS to Deneen. Here are the awesome compliments shared with me:
  • I love anything that Deneen creates; Deneen always brings more to class than you can imagine and loaded with lots of info.
  • loved the beading & Halloween layout
  • Great Class-as USUAL!!
  • I love Deneen's layouts, i sure hope she doesn't EVER run out of new ideas!!
  • Great class, beautiful layouts-very unique, not something i would create on my own. Loved the mesh.
  • Super Job!
  • Awesome class.
  • Loved the shaker title
KUDOS again Deneen, what a great class!!!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

Happy Scrappin',

I'm so PUMPED UP & READY TO SCRAP, we're sneaking away for 3 days of cropping!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Have you seen this AWESOME projects for Skip & Scrap

These are some of the projects to be created with Christy at Skip & Scrap.
Have you signed up yet???
Call 744-2767 (CROP) to register for SKIP & SCRAP, 2008:

Registration closes in 8 days!!!!!
November 7th 9am-noon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey Scrappers,
Have you noticed all of the COOL products from Fiskars lately, they had a HUGE rollout at the summer CHA and its trickling in every month. The biggest excitement this month has been the Fiskars Halloween lines which are selling quickly (note: Fiskars includes Lil Davis, Heidi Grace & Cloud 9). To celebrate Halloween, the blog special is 25% off any Fiskars product through October 31st (with this coupon only).

For added inspiration, check out Fiskars TV for awesome project ideas

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nikki ROCKS again!!!

WOW, you might remember all of the hype after Nikki's recipe class, well, this class was no different, there was a 7Gypsies Card Carousel Frenzy after this class on Saturday. Everyone was fighting (in fun, of course) for more carousels & slip covers & inserts to create MORE Card Carousels & the new Photo Carousel for family & friends. KUDOS to Nikki for sharing this wonderful idea & inspiring so many wonderful gifts. Here are the comments I received:

  • Great class & great teacher!!
  • I loved everything in this class-it was awesome!!
  • Wow-all of the cut pieces from the cricut were awesome-lots of work-thank you Nikki!
  • Loved the stamping ideas
  • Nikki went OVER THE TOP with this class, I loved every single minute of it!!!! Thank you!!
KUDOS NIkki!!!! You WOW'd them again!!

Note: If you love project classes-we have 2 left this year. Skip & Scrap Day of gift projects AND the Calendar Class.

Don't forget to stop in & check out just a few of the projects Christy has designed for Skip & Scrap-they are really cool!!!

Remember to register early for both of these classes so that we can get the supplied ordered for you!! Registration closes November 1st for orders to be made.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Maniac Challenge

Merry Monday to Everyone,

WOW, another beautiful day!!!! I'm so excited & planning for a scrap getaway with my best buddies, trying really hard NOT to think that last year when we did this & the day I returned was the end of my back-planning on lots of stretches throughout the getaway, ha ha-its tough getting old. Anyway, got my scrappin' to - do list going & trying to OOPS and made me thing of a great challenge for the week:

SCRAP Something Stylish about the eights (??2008). I'm not real sure what to call 2008 -we used to be able to say "eighties" or "nineties"-what is this period called?? Take photos of you or your kids' style (or Christy would say her dog's) and choose the most stylish pattern paper & scrap that this week. I know that all too often we forget to take photos of the everyday moments and believe me those end up being really special memories later, so take that picture while you can.

P.S. Have you ever created a scrap to-do list OR am I the only LIST NUT?? Talk about get you motivated to scrap, my list includes: Album, Layouts Needed, products needed, Photos printed. Sometimes you're just not sure where to start, so keeping this list helps you prioritize & get scrappin'.

Happy Scrappin'

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Queen Darlene Cricut

WOW-once again Darlene was crowed QUEEN of the cricut. KUDOS to Darlene for sharing her hours & hours of research & experience with the Cricut Design Studio with us. As many of you know the manual that comes with CDS doesn't really offer any help, so lucky for us, Darlene was willing to share everything she learned about CDS with us. If you weren't able to catch this class, Darlene is doing one last CRICUT DESIGN STUDIO class at CCL in January. Here are a few comments I received:

  • Loved learning how to make the letters merge, incredibly useful class; loved Darlene’s tips
  • I definitely feel like I got more than I paid for with this class;
  • Liked learning the extra tips on cricut (little things I didn’t know already)
  • Loved that both layouts for class are easy to adapt & make personal
  • Loved the invitation tips; Great class!!
  • Darlene has great tips & techniques for the Cricut
  • Darlene is an excellent teacher. Her directions, both oral & written are easy to understand.
  • Darlene’s layouts highlight the techniques taught and are easy to complete without a high level of stress!!!!
  • Great, I'm no longer SCARED to play with CDS. Loved the welding and all other features.
  • Thank you!! It was awesome being able to try it as I went along (on my laptop loaded with cds)
Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!!!! Catch Darlene's last CDS class at CCL in January.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Skip & Scrap, November 7, 2008
9am - noon
FUN day of Christmas projects