Monday, March 31, 2008

OMG, how cute is that?

I can't tell you what it is, but i know you will love it!!!! Come see the big surprises at Memory Mania this Saturday 10am-2pm.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

What do you do with this?

Ohhh, how cool is this painted transparency??? One of the goodies for EXPO!!!!

Sunday Tip for Creating Albums:

STEP FIVE: Journaling. This may not be the case for you, but I find that I have trouble journaling when I’m cropping with my friends. I just can’t concentrate the way I want to. So I usually save this step for a time when I’m by myself. Do whatever you need to set the mood to journal, a nice cup of coffee or tea, light a candle or play some relaxing music. Then start journaling. When you get in the zone, you may be surprised that you can journal for an entire album in a couple of nights, when you're focused on the writing (I know some of you are saying, i hate to journal, i know, i know, but its so important, don't worry the ones reading it won't judge your grammar or spelling, write from your heart.

ALSO, if you’re traveling or waiting for your kids to finish an activity, this is a great project to bring along. All you need are your album and pens!
You finish that last paragraph of writing on that last page, and guess what. You my friend are done. You have finished an album!
It’s beautiful, it’s satisfying, and it’s done.

Now you and your family actually get to enjoy looking through the photos and remembering the fun times you shared. And it won’t take long at all. I am not exaggerating when I say that with this approach, working only one night a week, if you are willing to do simple layouts, you can complete an entire album in two months or less.
How’s that for motivation!

Working in this style can be satisfying because you can really see yourself"getting somewhere!" It makes sense . You may find that you actually work a lot faster, because you're not constantly switching gears from choosing photos, to being spacial, and laying them out, to being creative and decorating pages, to being verbal and journaling. It’s just hard sometimes to keep that many parts of your brain going, all at once!

With the assembly line, you only have to use one part of my brain at a time, and the arranging, decorating and journaling steps go SO MUCH more quickly, because you can get on a roll. Another side benefit, is that when you come to crops you won’t have to carry so much stuff! If you’re just cropping and arranging one night, you won’t need to bring your papers and embellishments, and if all you’re doing is decorating your pages, you won’t need your cropping tools. OH, IT’S SO LIBERATING! NOw, i'm not saying change the way you scrapbook, i'm saying try this to get some layouts completed & change the pace a bit. Happy Scrappin'!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Check out the Gallery!!!!

WOW, the masters team has outdone themselves yet another month. I just loaded all of the March layouts and they are awesome. Check out the last uploads in the Memory Mania Gallery or the Masters Kit Club & Freestyle Layout ALbums, they are great. These layouts are also displayed in the store this month, check them out.

Saturday's tip for Completing Albums:

Embellish. Once you have all your pages laid out, you’re finally ready to decorate and embellish. And you’ll be surprised when you see how fast this step actually goes, when you’re able to concentrate on just one thing, and are able to really get on a roll.

Another tip that will make this step move more quickly for you, is to, whenever possible, think in terms of two-page spreads. For one thing, they look nice. Your eye flows right across the pages, and they flow better than if you go with something completely clashing from the left page to the right.

Also, and this is what I really like about them, two-page spreads are TWICE AS EASY TO COMPLETE! Think about it: the thing that takes the longest to complete as you’re going along, is DECIDING HOW TO DECORATE YOUR PAGE! If you decorate each page individually, it takes you TWICE as long, as if you think of your two pages as ONE BIG LAYOUT.
Now that’s a good tip, if I do say so myself. You’re going to thank me for that one later, I just know it.

OK, now our pages are all decorated and we’re moving into the home stretch…

Friday, March 28, 2008

What did you NOT order?

Poor Rachel, she's been drowning while organizing boxes, we don't even have enough racks to put all of these goodies, but this is a good thing right?
Just kidding, can't wait to share these goodies with you on Saturday for the EXPO, did I mention free ice cream from Scoop 'n Doo.
Friday's Tip for Completing Albums:

STEP THREE: Arranging. This is the fun part-Allow yourself a little extra space at your work station so you can actually lay several pages out at once. What you’re doing in this step, is deciding what pictures will go on what page, then loosely tacking them down to keep them temporarily in place (hermafix removable). What's cool about this step is because it gives you the freedom to get an idea of what the final layout of the album will look like, before you actually commit to anything. For example. I really like working with two page spreads. Let’s say I’m working on Valentine pictures. As I’m going along, I realize that they will all fit on the left-hand page. Problem is, I want my next group of photos to make a two-page spread. I have a couple of options. I can either spread my Valentine photos out onto a two page spread, or I can insert some miscellaneous photos onto the facing page. Either way, the result is that my next set of pictures will end up on facing pages as well. Or, I may find that after I’ve laid everything out, I have one extra photo remaining. I still have the flexibility to squeeze it in somewhere, or eliminate something else. All of these little problems would be big problems if I was completing my album page by page. I wouldn’t be able to make the little changes, because I’d already be locked into my layouts. But when you’re working assembly line, you can make corrections as you go. So are you still with me?
First, we selected and cropped all our photos.
Then, we arranged and tacked them down with just a touch of adhesive, to the page.
Tune in for more details . . .

Thursday, March 27, 2008


3 SCOOPS with a cherry on top
or 1 Scoop
Hey Scrappers,

Just 1 week away f-Memory Mania EXPO--Come Get the Scoop!!!! Don't forget Scoop 'n Doo will be serving free ice cream-compliments of Memory Mania & Scoop 'n Doo from 11-1. This is a really cool place to take the kids or you can stop in for yourself-LOVE THEIR ICE CREAM-and its just 1 block from Memory Mania-how SWEET!!!! Couldn't keep Jade, Rachel & Nicole from taking a bite. Don't forget to mark your calendar for SCOOP-EXPO next Saturday, April 5th 10am-2pm for free make/takes, cool demonstrations debuting some really cool new things. If you can't make it, we can't save the yummy ice cream, but you can purchase the 3 Scoops or 2 Scoops surprise packs!! Gotta love these girls.


OK, thanks for all of the emails on this post, so glad you are PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS.

STEP TWO: Crop your photos. And I don’t mean just the ones for the first page – I’m talking about the WHOLE STACK. Just sit down in front of the TV one night, or maybe at your child’s next sporting event, and crop away. Done with that? Good!
Don't forget - 15 minutes of printing photos today

Kit Inspiration

Still looking at that Feburary kit wishing you could get out of your creative rut and cut into it? Well what are you waiting for? Here are a couple of things I did with my kit.

Check out the Masters Kit blog for even more inspiration & some tips on using those products in a fun, creative way!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Complete an album in 2 months or less

Would you believe you could create a beautiful album, in 2 months or less, start to finish;
Keeping this in mind: CD's get scratched and hard drives crash. Your memories deserve to be placed in organized books that can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones. This is the story of your life together and as you share it, relationships will be strengthened and memories treasured. I know after I read that, i was thinking i may need to consider a couple options for scrapping faster.

I read about this recipe for getting your albums done fast and fabulous. I wanted to share it with you in case it works for any of you: There is a way to complete your album in a FRACTION of the time it used to take.
The secret, oddly enough, is in Henry Ford’s assembly line. Yes, that’s right – Henry Ford, the inventor of the assembly line is responsible for this month’s helpful hint.
Well, not entirely, and not that we’re building cars, exactly, but bear with me here, while I explain. The principle of the assembly line is the same, whether you are building cars, hamburgers, or scrapbook albums.
Henry Ford realized that if he wanted to sell automobiles to the public at a reasonable price, he was going to have to re-think the way things had always been done. It simply wouldn’t work to build cars from scratch, one at a time. It just took too long. And so, he devised a system where cars could be built much faster, piece by piece, in a – well – assembly line style.

Since then, the same amazing principle has been carried forward, shaping the entire realm of manufacturing, and now, today, we are going to apply it’s miracles to scrapbooking!
The approach I want to share will absolutely help you complete your albums faster.
It involves a shift in thinking – from completing PAGES one at a time – to completing entire ALBUMS, step by step. And yes, when you look at the process it’s like an assembly line.
But don’t worry, this approach won’t take the fun out of scrapping – to the contrary, scrapping becomes so much MORE enjoyable, because you can can see your progress so much more easily.
Of course, not everyone will prefer this method, but for those that have embraced it, go so far as to say that it has helped keep them from getting burned out on scrapbooking altogether. I love the BIG PICTURE or PHOTO FREEDOM method, but for some albums, this would work great too.

OK, so let’s get started:
Wednesday's Step:
STEP ONE: Naturally, get all your pictures and memorabilia together. Figure out about how many photos will fit in the album you wish to complete, and get them in chronological order. These pictures do not need to be all one theme, just photos of the next 10 layouts you want to create;
I will leave you some time to work on Step 1 and share Step 2 tomorrow. TTFN (ta ta for now-Becky would be smiling).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

Hello & welcome to Tuesday-its going to be a fabulous day, my little Ben Ben is coming to spend the day with me (I wonder if this is what being a grandma feels like, haha). WOW, its a beautiful day outside!!! I just LOVE this spring weather, although it is a little chilly still. Anyway, I was a little under the weather yesterday so I couldn't blog much. How was your Easter? Ours was wonderful!!! Justin kept asking "if we still have Easter" sidenote-i guess he meant since they are all grown up. My response was (as i'm sure all mothers feel), you're never too old for the Easter bunny to pass. Its so funny, you watch them grow and they love being older, but they miss the things from younger years. SO DO I!!! Which is why Easter was so great-2 of my nieces and nephews (Ben & Blake) still enjoy the magic of EASTER. Everyone gathered at the Bullions for Judy's fabulous cooking, crazy fun with the cousins AND Easter Egg Dying & Hunting (my favorite)!!! The kids had fun dying eggs, although funny enough the 15 & 16 year olds (Elaina & Justin) had the MOST fun dying eggs. It was so enjoyable to watch the kids running in the yard, no video games, no tv, no computers-just everyone enjoying each other's company. Only sad part was my family was spread out between Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, California & Canada-its just not quite the same when we can't ALL be together. Hope you had a wonderful EASTER and enjoyed your family. So did you print some photos today-just 15 minutes.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Hey Scrappers,
WOW, its a little chilly outside for a SPRING day, but nevertheless, it is springtime. I know spring cleaning isn't all that fun, so why not spring clean your digital photo files-that is quite enjoyable & it is spring cleaning. Yes, organize those digital photos & PRINT them. Remember if they are not printed, you won't scrap them, NOR will your family get to enjoy them. The cool part is you can print only the ones you want to scrap and the others can be organized by year & season;

I know its a scary task, but its even SCARIER if you don't do it; here are some helpful tips:

  • Break it down into workable tasks (decide to work on it for 30 min each day)

  • Organize photos by year & season, i.e., 2008-winter, 2008-spring, etc; I HATE looking for things, so i organize a little more more: I usually save my photos by year (folder), then make subfolders by month/day/event i.e., under the 2008 folder, i have 0324Easterwithbullions; or 0214Val or 02randomphotosofJus;

  • I like to scrap most of my pictures, so i also make a folder 2008-scrapbooked and once I print my photos i want to scrap, i move that entire folder to scrapbooked folder. This method has helped me ALOT to see what pics i need to scrap. So when i have 15-20 minutes here & there, i go to my 2008 folder and review a subfolder, print the pics I want to scrap, move that folder to scrapbooked and i feel just a little happier because I've saved some of my photos from the computer.

  • The Pioneer 3 up photo albums are a great place to store your photos until you are ready to scrap them-i stick 6-8 photos of the one event into 2 sleeves (grouped), & label the outside of the album by year, so when i see that layout i want to scraplift or feel like scrapping, i quickly find that group of photos in the album, pull & scrap;

  • The method suggested by Stacy Julian, is working great for me, hope you can try it to.

  • Her newest book PHOTO FREEDOM is awesome & provides lots more details on this.

If you need any pointers on this, feel free to email me at Happy Printing!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

EASTER Photo Shots

Hey Scrappers,

Don't forget these treasured memories. Taking photos of the Easter Egg Hunt, Posing before church, etc. Take a few moments in the beautiful sunshine to snap a family photo for posterity. I know families get tired of posing, but its so nice to have for years to come. Check out this cool family pose of Heather Banker's family.

I just love this photo of Heather's family, can't you just "feel the love" -pardon the expression, but seriously, getting the family all close just makes everyone relax & smile or laugh depending on the age. HA HA. Heather's advice: "The main thing is try to have fun and experiment with different poses. Don't be afraid to get away from the traditional poses. On this particular day, we tried lots of different poses. This just happened without too much thought. Sometimes just playing around produces the best photos. "

HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

Congratulations to Darlene Quebedeaux & Heather Banker for 2nd place in the Masterpiece Challenge!!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, the judges had a tough time narrowing down the winners of the challenge and asked that I recognize these layouts as runners-up (the funny part is these 2 girls are best friends & the judges didn't even know that); I have to agree, I'm so glad I didn't have to choose, these top 4 layouts were awesome. I just love the way all of these girls interpreted the sketches & the layouts they came up with. Makes me tickled pink that the Masterpiece Idea Book is so versatile. KUDOS to All of you JoLynn, Traci, Darlene & Heather!!!!!

Love by Heather Banker:
  • Page 10 sketch. Heather twisted this sketch by changing the placement of the embellishments on page 1, by changing the orientation and location of the picture on page 1, and by using a larger picture on the right corner of page 2 instead of picture and emb; The judges raved about the photos, color choices & love that stamp; Any layout with these precious children is a winner! KUDOS Heather!!

For the Love of Food by Darlene Quebedeaux:

  • Page 96 sketch. Darlene rotated the left page one turn to the right. On the right side of the page, she took one picture & cut it up to make a single portrait collage. Journaling also is perfect for the theme of the layout. The judges WISHED they had a sampling of this food--great photos in the layout. The judges LOVED the cricut title and the creative collage was a perfect focal photo and consistent with the theme!! KUDOS Darlene!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Congratulations Traci Furlow, you're the first runner-up for Masterpieces Idea Book Challenge. Traci likes Titles & subtitles, so she used a combination of several sketches on pages 8, 9 & 21. Tips:

  • use the cricut Alphalicious to cut out the title and double layer it to add a twist.

  • Traci stepped outside her box and used a couple of chipboards, the present and the caterpillar, painted them to match the colors of the layout and stickled them to make them shine. She just loves BLING & on all of her pages and stickles seems to be her favorite right now.

  • For the stripes in the middle of the page, use the cardboard pieces given to you in an album refill package and it already has the holes cut out so it makes it easily to stick your brads right through.

  • If you look hard you can see a dragonfly peeking out under the present which is soaked in dimensional magic to make it shiny.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Yo Ho Ho" - Sketch on pg 97.

The votes are FINALLY in, wow, the judges had a really hard time narrowing it down. In fact, they begged me to give a few more prizes for the 3 runners-up.

Here are some comments from the judges:
  • love the way she did her journaling and all of the photos are awesome to.
  • love the staggared photos
  • Twisted the sketch by: left page 5x7 photo for the main photo and a 4x6 and a 3x5 cut down for the other two pictures; finished title above the two pictures instead of using the journaling spot below the two pictures; on second side switched sides of the embellishments and put journaling down the side in place of the line of embellishments.

    JoLynn's comments: This was a great sketch to put all of my son's birthday pictures on a double page layout instead of several pages.

    Products used:
    PP: Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter line -Confession
    PP: Rusty Pickle Cap'n Jack line - Davey Jones
    CS: misc black and off white
    Tim Holtz distress ink - old paper and black soot
    Rusty Pickle Cap'n Jack line - Cardstock tags and ribbons
    misc pirate coins from the birthday party
    signo white pen
    zig black pen
    font: Black Castle and Old English from internet
    misc brad

Congratulations again to JoLynn, she is anxiously awaiting her delivery of $100 scrapbook goodies!

Thanks to everyone for participating!!!! The runners-up layouts are awesome too so we will be posting those later in the week.

Don't forget there is still time to enter the drawing for the Masterpiece Referral Program-refer a Masterpiece book to a friend or buy yourself a copy & enter the drawing for over $50 worth of scrapbook goodies-some products are things we don't even have in the store yet.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Have you signed up for this class yet?

Hey Scrappers,

If you haven't yet signed up for this AWESOME class with Nikki Rispone--do so TODAY!!!!! You know how those Memory Mania classes sell out way too fast!!!! It will be great fun & the first of its kind at Memory Mania. Each person will decorate a recipe album AND each student will bring 15 copies of 1 recipe on a 6x6 cardstock, AND a sample of this recipe. AND you guessed it, we will have a taste fair after class. YUMMY, I know you girls have lots to share so sign up NOW.
This class is a few weeks before Mother's Day in case you want to create one for that special mother in your life, or of course, you can create for yourself. AND there is a precious wine container displayed in Creative Cafe which is great for wooden utensils to match the album that you can easily scraplift.
Class is Saturday, April 26, 1-3pm $20, plus additional supply fee;

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Happy Happy Friday to everyone. I'm glad to be back and feeling much much better.

I hope all of you are planning to "COME GET THE SCOOP" at our Expo on Saturday, April 5th. You won't be disappointed. We get in about 8-10 new boxes everyday and we are saving most of them for our Expo. It will be a fun filled day of demos, Make and Takes, and the most awesome Yummy new products you've ever seen. So be sure to mark those calendars and come early. Remember the Early bird gets the worm.

Saturday April 5th, 10-2pm............BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Girls
Thanks for everyone's patience. Danelle's husband, Marty, is still trying to load the YOUTUBE, technical troubles, so keep checking Danelle's site, and she is loading pictures of the project-she made some cute creative touches to the project.


Hey Scrappers,

TONIGHT is the night we've all been waiting for . . . Danelle Johnson will post a video of the project on the her Blog for viewing 5-8 pm CST ;

Then tune in at 8PM & chat it up with Danelle & others to discuss the creative cafe project this week: THE CHAT WILL BE AT 8 pm tonight. We thought this might be a better time so you could get dinner & baths taken care of & sit, relax & chat with us. THe CHAT link of lower left corner of Danelle's home page; user name: choice password: happyhour

If you weren't able to get to Memory Mania to purchase your kit yet, we have a few more and Danelle will keep the piece on her blog so it can be accessed a few weeks if you want to stop in & purchase one in the next few days.

Following the chat, happy hour projects can be posted at in the gallery. Watch the blog for more details on a follow-up chat with Danelle.

OH, and please express your gratitude to Danelle & have a great time with this awesome project.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maureen's Favorite Tools

One favorite tool, now really?..... Have you seen any of my layouts? I can tell you that my favorite tools are embellishments. Pictured below is a clock which I made for my dad that features 3 of my favorite embellie tools. One of my favorite tools are stamps. I stamped wings very slightly around the word fly. The wings needed favorite tool #2- STICKLES!! Stickles just make a page pop. I don't think that I have made a page without Stickles in quite a while. One of my favorite things to do with Stickles is to cover them with dimensional magic while still wet. The numbers on the clock are my 3rd favorite tool..Thickers. The package of Thickers always has enough extra letters to get a few good layouts made. Thickers come in so many different varieties such as chipboard, felt, vinyl and even shimmery. Happy Scrappin'..Maureen

Friday, March 07, 2008

Come get the SCOOP

WOW, I wish they would let me out of this house, please, please, I really want to see what's in these boxes!!!! Here are a few pictures that Allison snapped to make me super lonesome for the store & excite you about Getting the Scoop at Memory Mania. P.S. Please pray that Christy is feeling better ASAP (poor darling has the flu & bronchitus and really ready to get to these boxes). Rhonda is working feverishly to receive as many as possible, but UPS just keeps coming with more. As you know, we bought everything at CHA, but then we can't remember what everything involves, so every box we open is 10x better than Christmas. For those Getting the scoop shipped, we are gathering some really cool things for you & for those coming to get the scoop in person, I can't wait to share with you too. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that is working so hard to pitch in during this crazy time with all of the surgery, sickness & school. Also thanks to the all the customers' patience while my mom & sister (never worked at MM before) learn to check them out.


WOW-Jade, Lexi, & Nicole have been super busy on this little surprise for you!!!! Aren't they some awesome girls we have? Its humerous really if you could see them processing CCL registrations, then running to fix the ribbon, then back to register to run CCL registrations-kinda like a silent movie on FAST, FAST forward. In between the hundreds of CCL registrations, look at all of the ribbon, and wait---there's more coming, where will we put it? Better come help us make room. Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you at Memory Mania this weekend. And once again, thank you girls for being the best employees EVER!!

CCL-July 2008

Hey Campers,
I have great news-we have 1 more class to add to our list of classes on Friday!!!!

Our resident Disney Expert will be in town to teach her CCL Disney Class
Layout & Class is all new material

1:00 – 2:00 _______ $20.00 PAWSITIVELY DISNEY
Instructor: Becky Robichaux
Join the entertainment & Disney expertise as Becky shares her newest Disney class featuring Goofy & Pluto; this is one ccl class, you should never miss-a HUGE treat;
If you have already registered for ccl (its 3/4 full), you can print this email & fax in with cc# or drop in.
Layout will be posted ASAP.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Danelle Johnson Blog Happy Hour -next Thursday, March 13 7 CST

Hey Scrappers,

I wanted to give you some details about the Happy Hour with Danelle Johnson next Thursday night, March 13th 7-8CST; Danelle will post a youtube video of the project (project kits can be purchased at Memory Mania or online) for $7.99 and then also there will be a live chat, here is the link to the chatroom, . If you would like to be prepared, click this link, & assign yourself a username & password & login , remember to jot your username & password down so you can login on NEXT Thursday night for Happy Hour. This is so cool of Danelle to donate her time for us, so please make plans to participate. See posts below for a picture of the little project journal.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

Don't forget to mark this awesome date too, Saturday, April 5 10am-noon; Memory Mania will unveil all of the fabulous finds from CHA; AND, this year, if you can't make it we are shipping the scoop to you-read further down for details if you want 3 scoops with a cherry on top or other; call in, prepay & we will ship the scoop to your door; But if you can make it to Memory Mania, Scoop & Doo will be serving the best ICE CREAM, what else could you need, yummy scrapbook goodies AND something cold on your throat-should be a fun day-can't you tell how often Jade was snooping out the scoop at CHA.


Hey Scrappers,

Don't forget to mark your calendars for this on-line Creative Cafe Happy Hour. The packets can be purchased at the store for $7.99 or $10 including shipping-supplies are limited. Even if you can't catch the happy hour-kit includes photo & complete instrutions.

Thinking of you Journal, Online Creative Cafe Happy Hour, Thursday, March 13th 7-8 CST.

Technical details to follow, please stay tuned to this blog site.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

WOW- 1/2 full already

WOW-another awesome response to CCL - its 1lready 1/2 full in just the first 3 days of registration. Can't wait to hear if Natalie is coming with the Hollywood theme & all. I'll shoot her an email, since my fingers are moving a lot faster than all other body parts.

Very special thanks to "My Girls" at Memory Mania. They are doing an awesome job keeping the store running-many people don't even realize i'm gone-that's when you know you have a winning team!!!! They all work so hard to keep all customers happy & everything is still on schedule AND everyone's still smiling, so KUDOS TO MY GIRLS!!! You might want to give them an extra hug while you're in the store the next few weeks, since beneath that smile they're probably stressed trying to keep everything going, not to mention the loads of boxes coming in from cha!!!!! YOU GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, its week 2 after surgery and I'm hoping to attempt a movie with my hubby-he's a little nervous since both times i've attempted to leave the house, its been an event, ha ha. I'm probably a fool but just gotta see "Fool's Gold" today. Really torn between Fool's Gold or Definitely Maybe, in the days prior to back problems, we would easily have sat through both, but may be a few months before I can try that again-and that is my favorite way to spend a Saturday so i hope it returns soon. Have a great weekend. Wish my luck on my date.