Friday, August 31, 2007


Happy Holiday weekend to everyone. I just wanted to let you know that Memory Mania is busting at the seems with all of the new products in town. The delivery trucks come one behind another so it has been like Christmas for us at the store. There are sooooooo many new products that I can't even begin to tell you which ones are in and there are tons more on the way. I just don't know where we will put it all. Hurry into the store so you don't miss out on that one product you just can't live without. If you are traveling the long weekend be safe and Happy Holiday.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Hey Scrappers,
Congratulations to Darlene, winner of the drawing for the blog challenge. Check out her precious tooth fairy layout;

THE NEW CHALLENGE is (Aug 27-Sept 9):
Create a double page layout using the Autumn Leaves Expressions (12x12 Transparencies).
Upload layout into our gallery.
Email me to be entered into the drawing by Sept 9th.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Masters & More

Hi Everyone. Hope the back to school craze has settled & you can find time to scrap!!! Here is a layout that I HAD to do from the Masterpiece book (page 85). I loved Lexi's layout and wanted to make my left overs from my Sassifrass kit work in double time! Speaking of time, what an incredible thing to just pick out a layout that you like & make it work. The 'Make it work' mantra shoud be used when using the Masterpiece book. Use it for a guide to layouts and don't try to copy the layout exactly to save time & fill your albums faster. I thought that using the same line of papers for the same event (just so many pics & so little time) would make for nice flow in my album. * Sorry about the funny faces, but no time to get permission to publish. They were all so adorable. Maureen

Time to Remember

Here in Louisiana, we are about to reach the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It took me almost a year to document the emotions of going through that time. Not only was a beloved city destroyed, but our state was then hit by Rita, and it seems that it will take years to recover. So I encourage you to take a moment this week and if you haven't already documented this event, try to do so now when the media will again focus its attention on our city and our state on August 29th.
To complete the layout above, I opted for a simple design so that my focus would be the photographs and the journaling. For the photographs I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to over saturate the images to exaggerate how surreal and emotional going back to the city for the first time was for me. I also used Ranger Alcohol Inks on my title to emphasize the idea of stained glass. Fortunately many MMU students will learn how to effectively use Photoshop Elements and and assortment of Ranger products in some of the upcoming classes we have at the store.
Finally, as you reflect on the last two years in a scrapbook layout, let the products and techniques you use on that page mirror the emotions that you want to convey in your photographs and journaling. I know for many of you, this layout will be difficult to do, but I am a firm believer in real life scrapbooking. Hurricane Katrina will always be a part of my life story, and I believe it is a story that should be passed on to future generations.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thank you to everyone that joined us for the book signing last week. This has been such a wonderful experience and I've had the best journey with so many special people!! I'm so proud of all of you. THe layouts are great and we are getting the most awesome response at the store. Rarely does any customer walk out of the door without a Masterpieces. And the testimonials are incredible, everyone is in the store or posting comments and emails that they are getting so much done!!!


Tips**News**New Products---OH BOY!

Hi Gang,

Happy Wednesday to Everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that we have a new employee at Memory Mania. Her name is Rachel Vincent. She loves to Scrapbook and is eager to help you out in any way that she can. So stop by Memory Mania today, introduce yourself and give her a warm HELLO!

Have you ever needed a card at the last minute and didn't have time to run out to the store to get one? Well, have I got a tip for you..........Every time you create a layout, use your scraps to create 1 or 2 cards of different varieties to keep on hand. This way, you save money and time and you give your loved one something made by you. You can even make a cute card box (index card box) to store them in.

NEW PRODUCTS..........................
Okay, the Absolute Most needed Scrapbook item EVER is definetely the Memory Mania Masterpieces Book. You have no idea until you buy one how much you will use this awesome tool. I have reached for mine tons of times. You won't be disappointed.

We also received a HUGE shipment of Thickers-foam & chipboard- in tons of different colors, Clear Acrylic Buckle ups & ties from One Heart One Mind, The new Reminisce line of papers , stickers and rubons, & Hero Arts Clear Stamps. AWESOME!!!!!!

Hurry in soon. We'll leave the light on for ya!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

25% off -- SUMMER SALE!!!! -- 25% off

Hey Guys,

Don't forget about our awesome 25% off summer sale on select items throughout the store.
Some of the items include our wonderful Pink Krafter's Komfy cushion, the All My Memories Pink 12x12 shoulder tote (big enough to tote your albums), the Fastenater (decorative stapler),
various kits on the kit wall, Foam wedding stamps and much, much more. So make it a point to stop in, say hi and check out what's on sale. We'll be waiting for ya!

Terrific Tuesday

Hey Scrappers,
I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday. Just got back from a Tuesday morning workout & I'm all energized and excited about Jody's class tonight.

Reminder-this is the last week of the BLOG Challenge- create a layout using any of these American Craft Embellishments (foam OR chipboard OR flower shapes)

AND these are also the BLOG SPECIAL for this week only: Purchase any American Craft shapes AND Embellishment box & receive the free American Craft giveaway with ribbon, rubons, brads, etc.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Having fun with Handwriting

I was asked to teach the Love Your Handwriting class for MMU. In preparing for the class, I realized how much more I could do with my layouts using my handwriting and I've had so much fun working on this layout.

I would like to encourage you to love your handwriting and use it more often in your layouts. Using your handwriting adds some of your personality and style to your layouts.

A helpful hint: look at fonts online (just google "free fonts" and you can download fonts for free), on Microsoft Word, or in magazines. It helps to get ideas for different types of fonts from other sources! I hope you will start or continue to use your unique handwriting when working on your layouts!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Masterpiece Designers Group Photo

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful dream with me.


So sorry for the delay, Thanks again for attending Camp Crop a Lot and sharing your talent and time with us. Attached is the group picture. CCL4LFE - January 4-5, 2008. Early bird registration September 7th.

Thanks again to Michelle Sanders for the awesome make/takes from Hambly and the mini classes for the table contest winners. Check out Michelle's clipboard class several blogs down.


OK Girls, if you haven't taken the challenge yet, please try this one (August 13-27). Remember all that you have to do for the blog challenge, is create a layout or project using challenge products, load on Memory Mania Gallery & Email me to be entered into the drawing for a goody bag.
BLOG Challenge-for the next 2 weeks (ends August 27): create a layout using any of these American Craft Embellishments (foam OR chipboard OR flower shapes). AND these are also the BLOG SPECIAL for this week only: Purchase any American Craft shapes AND Embellishment box & receive the free American Craft giveaway with ribbon, rubons, brads, etc.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Merry Monday!!!!!

Hey Scrappers,
Its the first day of school in Ascension Parish, so I'm sure there are many moms out there doing what I'm doing this morning. . . Just taking a moment to try to figure out where did the summer go. Watching Justin walk out of the door like he has so many times before for his first day of school (10th grade now0. OMG, where did all of the years go???? (Guess I'm feeling kinda nostalgic, we had a 25 year class reunion this weekend) OK, back to first day of schoo, of course, I'm not allowed to take the bus picture anymore, but I did snap a couple by the front door like I always do. Talk about cool, to take that 1st day of school picture in the same spot each year and look at them side by side-OK i'm tearing up now because I can honestly remember the morning of kindergarten and he didn't walk out of the door without me, I was holding his hand until he jumped on the bus AND i followed the bus to school to get a picture of his grandma (she was on bus duty that morning) get him off the bus. Those days were so sweet. Its so wierd when they get older, he wouldn't even let me cook breakfast. Its great to have some freedom, but its sad that they don't need much from you anymore. Of course, the hug & kiss are non negotiable, he he. And if your kids are past the bus picture, one year I did take a cool picture of the bus driving away & journaled that I wasn't allowed to appear for bus pictures anymore, he he Anyway, I hope you all had some good memories of this first day of school. And if you're not there yet, check out the pictures in Scrapbooks Etc magazine for some cool first day of school pictures to take.

OK, for the Monday Challenge-for the next 2 weeks, create a layout using the foam/chipboard/flower shapes by American Craft-there's also a special this month on those-by the American Craft shapes and Embellishment box & receive the free American Craft giveaway with ribbon, rubons, brads, etc.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Alter Much?

This project is fun! Not only is it an altered clipboard, but it's also a little organizer for receipts, coupons and all those little bits and pieces we seem to loose track of. If you are signed up for the clipboard organizer on the 25th, this is what we will be making. If you are not signed up, better hurry!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Organized Kaos

Here’s a question I hear often: “How do you display/store your scrapbook albums?” For some time now, I’ve been on the lookout for a piece of furniture to house my albums, works in progress, and miscellaneous materials and I just found it! Here’s my new armoire neatly storing my albums and everything else that I previously had in stacks on the floor of my scrapbook room. I was surprised at how much I could actually get in there and I can add shelves.

I also found a crate to keep my masters kits (and any other already coordinated supplies) neatly filed. I used hanging folders with several manila folders inside. Now when I plan a layout all I have to do is thumb through my crate to see if I have something that I can use before I head to Memory Mania to shop!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! 25% OFF!!!!!!!!!

You heard right. It's our Big Summer Sale. We are offering 25% off of select items throughout the store. Some of them are too good to pass up. Okay, I'll give you a hint: Our PINK Krafters Komfy Cushion will give you a soft seat for those long hours of cropping with side panel pockets for organizing all of your essential tools and keeping them close at hand.

Another must have SALE item is the PINK All My Memories shoulder tote. It is great for toting all of your 12x12 albums with you to crops or classes. This is also a great gift for all of your scrapbook friends.

And did someone say KITS!!! We have about 16 different kits on SALE 25% off so stop by the store today and check out all of the other items on SALE. You don't want to miss out.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hey Scrappers,
There is lots of things throughout the store on sale for our SUMMER SALE. I'm sure Christy will give you a few hints later in the week. But for now, the first hint is: select kits are on sale, come check it out.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Master Team Kit Idea

Hello everyone.

I am sorry that my post is a couple of days late but I was out of town.

I know that like many of you I have extra left overs with my Master Team Kits and I try to find ways to use them. One of my favorite is making cards for family and friends on birthdays, holidays, everyday, etc. I will post some sketches of some of my favorite cards to make later today in the gallery. I hope everyone will enjoy them.