Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inspiration & CLASS REminder

HOT Backyard Adventure created by Stephanie Powers

Great pictures!! Love the wavy patterns-its perfect for these water pictures.
KUDOS Steph!!! What an easy layout to scraplift, as always the layout & all of the products are showcased on an endcap for you to scoop up quickly & run home to create!!!


Jori is teaching this very practical uses of embossing on everyday items!! You will love all of the tips & tricks Jori has up her sleeve!!! You have 2 chances to catch this class:

Tuesday, Sept 7th 6-8pm
Saturday, September 11 10am-noon

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: 2FER Tuesday-Queen and Co Rox BOGO
Last 2 days to earn your MM Shopper Dollars to spend like cash in Sept & each buck redeemed in September is your entry to win the $100 shopping spree.


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner & a Layout

Ok, how about some motivation for you the scrapper & the mother this morning?

Together created by Heather Banker

I'm loving these 12x12 titled photos from scrapbookpictures.com-don't you? Also loving these "everyday" moments photos-i wish I had thought of that more when my kids were here & younger-i think they would think it quite interesting, since those are the things they forget-they do tend to remember the parties & holidays that I do scrapbook LOL.

Speaking of kids not being here . . . Its bittersweet. Its so nice not to have 20 loads of clothes until Sunday when Justin scoops up all of his clothes from the dorm LOL. Its nice that I can cook the kinds of meals we enjoyed before picky eaters LOL. I've been on a roll cooking since the boys left a few weeks ago-not sure what's its called, but I've been cleaning out closets, cooking up a storm-normally you would call that "nesting" but the nest is empty-or maybe its bribery-I decide my meal in the morning & text Dane, Justin & Kiera to RSVP if they are coming to dinner. Yesterday i cooked Crawfish Manicotti and thought I'd share the recipe if there is any other empty-nesters reading this.

Crawfish Manicotti (recipe inspired by John Folse)
1 lb. crawfish tails
1 package of manicotti noodles
1 tablespoon butter
1 onion, celery stalk, 1/2 red bellpepper, 3 green onions & 1 clove of garlic (chopped)
1 whole egg
10 oz. heavy whipping cream
1 tbsp (basil & thyme & parsley)
salt, pepper & hot sauce to taste
and no "Tammy recipe" is complete without Tony's crab boil (just a dash, though).

Saute your vegetables and 1/2 crawfish in butter (3-4 min until veggies wilted). remove from heat & allow to cool.

Prepare noodles as described on box- Note-do not boil long-you need them a little firm for stuffing. Drain & cool.

In food processor-remaining crawfish, egg & pulse on high until smooth paste. Add cream & herbs & continue pulsing until blended. Season to taste (salt, pepper, hot sauce & Tony's crab boil).

Preheat oven to 375. In large bowl-place mixture from food processor & vegetables/crawfish in large mixing bowl & mix completely.

If you have a pastry bag to pipe into noodles, that works best-i didn't so i spooned the mixture into the shells & placed in a 13" baking stone/dish coated with pam. Don't panic if your shells split, just spoon in mixture & place snug with other shells to keep it together. I learned next time to boil a little less LOL.

I poured the remaining creamy part over the noodles & baked for 30 minutes.

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: BOGO Studio Calico Rub-ons
Reminder: Upload your pictures to be printed-less expensive than printing yourself!!
Last 3 days to earn your MM Shopper Dollars to spend like cash in September & enter to win $100 shopping spree.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Use your SCRAPS

WOW-talk about USING every inch of your masters kits. Jody used the box that held all the goodies in the masters kit to create a precious little mini album!!!

Take a look at the scraps she started with & what she created from there!! HOW RESOURCEFUL and CREATIVE!! KUDOS Jody!!

Don't forget to stop at MM today & get a $5 grab bag filled with $10-15!!
Last few days to earn your MM dollars to spend like cash in September and be entered to win a $100 shopping spree.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

WOW-the other half of the kit!!!! This is seriously the greatest deal around . . . get the newest products at 30% discount monthly, get 6 ideas using the products AND get a free cropping day in our studio to create the pages with these awesome products!!!! Some availability-call today.

We Love Britt's created by Jody Sorey
Love the circles-i can never get tired of circles-maybe that's why I'm always running in circles LOL!! Love how Jody cut the die cut paper to use the lacy borders!! Go Jody-scrappin' those everyday photos & moments!!

Summer created by Heather Banker
LOVE the focal photo!!! Great job Heather. I love the letters that are jumping to the circle-more circles-love 'em!! Love the accent to that photo with the ribbon and LOVE the journaling -I need to do this more.

Back 2 School created by Stephanie Powers
LOVE how totally different this layout looks!! Love the slanted photo filmstrip. Love the title and LOVE LOVE the collage!!

WOW, what can you say but AWESOME!!!! These girls ROCK every month-I get blocked but somehow they just keep surprising & amazing us with their talents!! THANK YOU to each of you for your inspiration & eagerness to motivate all of us.

CCL Registration starts next week!!! Early bird gets the worm-tables are assigned upon registration, so if you want that "special" table that you always get-register EARLY!!!! ANd if you are overnight guests & register early-you get a $10 credit to spend at Memory Mania!!! And you know all the special perks you get as overnight guests (goodies on your pillow, snacks and breakfast).

Blue Light Special: $5 Friday: Fancy Pants Album &/or frames

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

AWESOME, product packed Masters Kits

Here's 1/2 of the masters kit:

Memories created by Noelle Landry
Love how Noelle even used the "box" and made like a pinwheel!!

Enjoy the Ride created by Heather Banker
I love the way that Heather cut the corner of the paper & used as photo mat.

Back Yard created by Stephanie Powers
Made me want to tear into that little treasure box-love the way Stephanie created a collage using lots of treasures & tore the paper as a subtitle.

One Wild Summer created by Jody Sorey
Love the way that Jody included snip-its of the summer on one layout!!

The Masters kits are ready for pickup!!! WOW-they are so big & bulky with all of the awesome product this month-please pick up as soon as you can!!!!

Check these layouts in person-they are incredible!!!!!!!

Blue Light Special: Thursday: 50% off 8x8 Cinderella album

WOW-the grab bags are going like crazy with the coupon-don't miss out!!!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Albums, Stickers & Papers, Oh MY

WOW, we've FINALLY received our shipment of Maude Asbury Albums!!!!
Hurry in, you know they don't last long.

Print those pictures & start scrappin'

MORE peeks at some new stuff from CHA

Don't forget:
  • YOUR email coupons $5 grab bags-what a TREAT ($10-15 value)
  • Earn your MM Shopper Dollars to spend like cash in September
  • Upcoming classes (Advanced Cricut, Easy Embossing, I DARE YOU & Scrapetizers)
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mother, Daughter Crop

The mother, daughter crop was a great success!!! Can't wait to schedule this again-hopefully in October. So sweet to see the moms & daughters sharing ideas & enjoying a night together and they REALLY all stayed until 2am-KUDOS-you MOMS ROCK-great idea passing this hobby on-its something you can share & enjoy for many, many years!!!!

Also, take advantage of the some "me" time- schedule your "playdate" with your friends for free cropping while the kids are in school or treat yourself to a Friday night crop on Sept. 10 or 24th.

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: 2Fer Tuesday- BOGO Dimensional Pearls

Don't forget to get your MM Shopper Dollars, spend like cash in September AND be entered to win a $100 shopping spree.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun week at Memory Mania

Don't forget to register for this fun DAY CLASS
Bring Your Own Stash (how did she get those buttons to match)
Wednesday, Aug. 25th 10am-noon

Check out a previous masters kit that Terri used, along with her cool punch from CCL Class!!
Awesome job Terri-love the photos!! I've been to Hana and WOW-these papers & this layout really makes me feel like I am there again!!! thank you for that!

If you wanted to take the Photoshop Class but last week's date didn't work for you-we're shooting to start this class this week Aug 26th-call today for more details.

Blue Light Special-Monday Madness: Buy 1 Mini dew drop & get 1 free

Don't forget 10 days left to earn your MM Shopper Dollars to spend like cash in September & be entered into drawing for $100 shopping spree!!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Do you know someone that is dying to get into scrapbooking? Please tell them about this great class at Memory Mania . . .

Fast Track Scrappin!!!
Tuesday morning, August 24th or
Saturday, August 28th
10 am–3 pm

Getting Started,
Style and Design, and
Beyond the Basics.

Each participant will complete 4 double-page layouts.
Call 744-CROP to reserve your spot!

Here are a few new things this week:

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: $5 Grab Bag - $10-15 value

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I DARE YOU . . .

A little inspiration from Allison . . . how did she make that design on the paper for "Good Times"?? Well, I DARE YOU to come find out that little "cheap" trick AND a whole lot more as she DARES you to try many "little tricks".

Class 'n Crop: I DARE YOU
Tuesday, September 14th

You will create this layout in class portion & choose papers, etc to create a layout (with Allison's assistance) during the crop hour-LOTS OF FUN!!!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: 30% Thursday: Tote-Ally cool drawer tote 30% off

14 days until CCL Registration-the best one ever. Its our 20th!!!!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Disney Fans

OK all you Disney/Mickey fans -check out the coolest new collection from CHA!!!

If you're WAY too busy to scrapbook your recent Disney trip, no worries, you can join our Disney Kit club to get a Disney kit each month OR we have a completed album, ready for photos OR we can scrapbook your trip "just for you". We want to help you get those photos out of your camera and into an album that your family & friends can enjoy!!!!

Blue Light Special-Wacky Wednesday: 30% Sticky Back canvas
This is way cool-you can stamp, print and goodness knows what else on this awesome sticky
back canvas. See Christy's layout at the store for ideas.

Don't forget 12 more days to earn MM Shopper Dollars, Spend like cash in September AND each time you redeem your MM Shopper Dollars, you are entered into a drawing for a $100 shopping spree.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's NEW

Check out these new themed albums AND check out the 2 that are completed-just add photos!!

Fiskars Desktop Trimmers

NEW from CHA Stickers, Stacked Stickers, etc.

New Papers from CHA

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL- 2 FER Tuesday – Dear Lizzy & Bella blvd paper & stickers-buy 1, get 1 free


Earn your MM Shopper $$ in August, Spend your MM Shopper $$ in September and be entered to win a $100 shopping spree!!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming class - Embossing

Here is one of the layouts Jori will be teaching in her Embossing Class (Tuesday, September 7 or Saturday, September 11). Come see how easy & fun embossing can be!!! Jori has some new & interesting embossing tips to share!!!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL-Monday Madness: Vintage receipt holder $20

Don't forget to earn all of your MM Shopper Dollars before August 31st, spend in September AND be entered to win a $100 shopping spree.

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Friday, August 13, 2010


Christy & Carly ROCK!!! Look at all of the NEW stuff that hit the wall & paper racks today!!!!! Christy & Carly were working like little robots on fast forward yesterday trying to get all of this checked in & put on the new wall and it looks outstanding!! KUDOS GIRLS!!!!

First, the paper from Queen & Co. that sold out in 2 hours at CCL is restocked for you!!! And 90% of the remaining new wall is REMINISCE!!!! This is brand new from CHA Summer. Can you imagine, this is one one of the companies we ordered from!!!!!

There are literally tons of FUN & PLAYFUL papers, stickers & embellishment. Here are some themes just to name a few (Disney, Fall, Autumn, Christmas, Halloween, School & Summer)

3D Stickers: Amusement Park, Cat, Dog, Circus,

Dance, Dentist, Doctor, Drama,

Fair, Over the Hill, AT the Park,

Recipes, Sweet 16, Travel, Tropical,

Vegas, Water Park, Air Force, American Hero, Army, Marines, Navy,

Baptism, Bath Time, Brothers, Sisters, Confirmation,

Farm Life, Fishing, Horses, Hunting, Monkey, School, Trains,

Zoo, Preschool thru Senior Year

AND, just in time for school is a new Back 2 School Kit.

Blue Light SPECIAL: $5 FRIDAY: Grab bag of Dear Lizzy ($15-20 worth of Dear Lizzy

products for $5) Paper, embellishments, etc.

Don't forget earn your MM Shopper Dollars, Spend in September and enter to win $100 shopping spree.

Thanks for reading & Happy Scrappin'

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little bit of Ki . . .

Dollywood created by Heather Banker

WOW-LOVE these fun, bright colors!!! LOVE the ribbon & circle focal photo!!! These pictures are sooo cute!!!! Looks like ya'll had fun.

Ladies if you want to scraplift this FUN layout, all of these goodies are displayed together at MM so you can grab & scrap!!!!

So what is everyone doing today with the kids back in school? I hope you can carve out some scrappin' time!!!

We just received the LARGEST order of the year-WOW-can't wait for you to see it-might take a couple of days to check it in-but you're gonna LOVE IT!!!!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: 30% Thursday - HALLOWEEN in Holiday sections only-don't miss this chance to stock up on Halloween sale -you could create goodie bags, party invitations and mini albums, scrapbook layouts, etc. Hope that motivates you to catch up on some previous years of Halloween!!
Don't forget to earn your MM shopper dollars to spend in September & be entered to win the $100 shopping spree.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WE R Memory Keepers Ideas from Stephanie

The Sink's created by Stephanie Powers

LOVE these awesome generic patterns in the We R 4th of July line!!! LOVE that they are not 4th of July (don't know why I'm on this kick of loving papers used for different themes LOL). Great job Steph-I love how she inked the "summer" fabric border to match her papers exactly-pretty creative!!! The pictures are so cute too!!! I was in the store Saturday & heard several scrappers picking these papers up for fun "summertime" photos!!!! They were sooo excited that you had already matched all the colors & design for them-Thanks for the inspiration Steph.

Kids are back in school today, schedule your "play date" with your friends at Memory Mania!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: 40% off glitz stamps.
Don't forget to earn your MM Shopper Dollars in August, Spend like cash in September & be entered to win a $100 shopping spree!!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fancy Pants Transparencies

Believe You Can created by Jody Sorey

Good morning!! Terrific Tuesday to all!!!

If you are like me, sometimes i look at a paper & not sure where to begin-this was one of them!!! Jody did an awesome job with the Fancy Pants transparency-i especially like how she cut 2 of the diamonds out to use on photo on left!!!
I love these pictures & so proud of this Big Girl!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Blue Light Special: "Stuff” folder---buy one get one free

Dont' forget to earn your MM shopper dollars in August, spend in Sept AND be entered to win a $100 shopping spree!!

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy Monday

Some mornings are harder to wake up than others- wonder why?? Maybe its because my BFF is going back to work today and the summer has been so crazy---we didn't get to scrapbook 1 day :(((( But that's the past, its going to be a GREAT day today so hurry up & get yours going, you never know what wonderful things will happen today!!!

WOW-I had an AWESOME time Saturday with my scrapper friends!!!! They were awesome, they were whipping those vacation albums out & getting another to complete at home-what motivation!! Thanks to all of your for participating-i had a BLAST!!!

And Mrs. Myrna, thank you so much for missing me (blog posts), I'll just take you with me on vacation next time :)

SWEET Life created by Noelle Landry

SO, here is your Monday morning inspiration for the week!!! Check out this precious layout created by Noelle. Its a very easy one to scraplift!!!! We hae all of the products pulled at the store in one spot (FREESTYLE ENDCAP) for you to grab & go!! I love how she cut these huge title with cricut & pattern paper-seems we always get stuck in a rut cutting titles with solids-love the change!!!! What a cute title-i know we all have pictures to show our "sweet" life even if it doesn't include ice cream LOL. I've been really digging the layouts recently with a title based on the paper, like (sweet), but the pictures don't really need to be about sweets-just any pictures of a sweet (awesome) life!! I saw one yesterday that said "The ROAD to a great life . . ." and they used paper with travel sign paper but the photos didn't portray any part of travel, etc. Great job Noelle-thanks for motivating us!!!!

I'll be working on Scrapetizers class today, so i REALLY need some inspiration ha ha!!!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL-Monday Madness: 25% off grab n Go Organizer today only!!

Don't forget to earn your MM Dollars this week-they can be used as cash on products in September AND then you are entered into a contest for a $100 shopping spree!!!!!!! WHO wouldn't want that??

Best wishes for an awesome year to all of our TEACHER friends!!! I hope you had LOTS of time to scrapbook this summer!!! Its going to be a great year!!! Don't forget to SAVE THE DATE FOR CCL - January 7-8 (you'll have a Dr appt on 1/7 LOL)

Thanks for reading,
Happy Scrappin'

Friday, August 06, 2010

Scrapbook Motivation

It's here, sorry you had to wait so long for the New Basic Grey Olivia and Oliver.

Check out these FUN new lines from Moxxie at Memory Mania, perfect to spotlight some summer photos!!! I hope you can steal a few minutes for scrappin' this weekend,

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL-$5 Friday: 6x6 Christmas Albums (2 for $5)
Have an awesome weekend!!!

Thanks for reading,
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Masters Kits, Part II

WOW, love these fun, bright colors. Here is part b of the July Masters Kits-don't delay, get yours today!!!

Memphis created by Jody Sorey

Chillin' Out at Field Day created by Noelle Landry

Love the fun pictures to match this fun paper. Great job Jody inking the colors the different colors to tie in all of the colors of the papers!!! KUDOS Noelle, love how you used the die cuts to emphasize the title & loving the buttons in the chipboard!!!

Awesome-makes me want to scrapbook right now!!!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL-30% Thursday- 8 X 8 Cinderella album kit

Thanks for reading,
Happy Scrappin'