Friday, September 28, 2007


Good Morning. On my way out the door for the Scrap Pink Crop, we raised $375 for the Susan Komen Foundation in Baton Rouge. Thank you ladies for your support.

OK, so Grey's Anatomy season premiere last night, what did you think? I know that many of you were doing your homework from Photo Triage class, right?? A little tip for anyone that missed the Photo Triage Class, organizing your photos into season/year is an easy task when armed with your photo box, watching a great chick flick, eating Cal's brownies. When you don't have time to watch a chick flick-take 15 minutes each night, leave your photos by the sofa and grab at them when you get a few minutes. NOW FOR THE PHOTOS THAT NEVER GET PRINTED . . . . PRINT YOUR PHOTOS, you won't scrap photos you can't get your hands on. I know, I've been telling myself, i don't print them because I want to print different sizes as I scrap. Well, i somehow always go for the pictures that are already printed. Set a goal, triage your digital photos: Organize into files season/year Winter, 2007, etc; Then review each season/year & decide which you want to scrap, print or upload those pictures for 15 minutes each day, backup & store the ones you don't wish to scrap in your handy, dandy photo box. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS, you'll be amazed at how great you will feel once they are printed & stored.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday's Tip (A Little Late)

Okay Gang, I know I am a day late with my tip for Wednesday, especially since it is Thursday night but I didn't want to just skip out on you. So with that said here is my awesome tip using clear stamps.

When you are working on a layout and you want to stamp a word with clear stamp Alphabets, lay each alphabet down exactly where you want it on your layout, then take either your stamp press or your acrylic block and press it down over your alphabets - then just pick it up. Now your word is on your acrylic block exactly how you want it on your layout. Just ink your stamps and stamp it on your page. What this does is allows you to see exactly what your image will look like before you stamp it and allows you to make sure your word will fit where you want it.
Try this tip, when I showed it to my Crash Course class they flipped out because it is easier and quicker than trying to line them up directly on your acrylic block. You just line them up on the page then press your block to them. Now you are ready to stamp. Get going!


WOW-this may be the most awesome kit yet!!! LOADS of product-this kit is valued over $35, and lucky kit club members get these cool products for $24.99. WOW, WOW, the ideas, personality & insight each design team member (Tania Allen, Pam Boudreaux, Maureen Gorman, Sandi Gautreau, Jansen Hebert, Noelle Landry) bring to the table each month is awesome. The pictures will be loaded real soon, look closely at each layout to see the incredibly different techniques they used with the same products. I personally love their inspiration each month and they continue to amaze me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Master's Kit September

Wow! You are gonna love the kit this month. It is full of so many materials that I couldn't just do one layout - I did two. Tammy really went overboard on this one! I'm actually working on an "All About Me" book so this layout is 4 pages - all done with the masters kit (Imaginesce) and a few extra sheets of cardstock. Here is page 1 and 2 "My Life is full of" and page 3 and 4 continues with "Proud Moments." Page 3 and 4 will be on the gallery under Masters Kits soon! Sometimes one double page layout just isn't enough to tell the story! NOTE: Chipboard title is painted gold and reads "my" (above life) and "is full of" is on the right page along the bottom. It didn't photograph very well.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


WOW!!! These were cries of the recent alumni of Memory Mania Crash course. Christy is getting rave reviews on her recent crash course on Scrapbooking. If you have any friends that are interested in getting started in scrapbooking, please tell them about Memory Mania Crash Course. Recent students have emailed in to say, "Please, we want more classes with Christy!!" We Don't want this class to end. we LOVE Christy! Please, more classes?" Anyway, 30 new scrappers are singing her praises. Memory Mania next crash course begins October 10th, there is a series of morning classes or night time which ever you prefer.

P.S. On a different note, the Bazzill cardstock sale-only 5 boxes left.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Bazzill boxes of cardstock for 25 cents per sheet (reg. 59 cents). After 7 days of trying to reorganize our colors per recommendation from Bazzill management. Jade has threatened to kill me or take all of the cardstock t the dumpster if I don't do something to make it disappear. I want to live until my birthday next week, SOOOOO, you get 100 awesome sheets of cardstock for $25. There is nothing wrong with the cardstock, it is not discontinued, we are just REALLY tired of trying to decide what the name of each paper is to put in the rack. It's your lucky day, we are selling this BELOW cost and we will reorder these packs with labels on them. THESE GIRLS ARE WORTH THIS MUCH TO ME, can't get them any more frustrated than they are SO, come in and take advantage of this ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT at Memory Mania.
Why are we rearranging our Bazzill paper?? As you know we carry over 600 colors of Bazzill cardstock and we want to make it easier for you to find matching Bazzill colors. Bazzill cardstock will be arranged by the colorwheel so that each family of colors is on the same rack, making it much easier to find coordinating colors for double mats and complimentary colors. It may take some time for us to get used to but it should have a lot easier in the long run.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Does Money Grow on Trees?

Nah...but aren't these cute? We usually don't have a lot of time to shop for that "special" gift. Our typical gift is money in an envelope and a homemade card. We got a little creative today. We made these money trees using garbage - really!

Follow these easy steps to create a unique party gift:
  • supplies - any size can, shredded paper, wooden dowel, pipe cleaners, scraps of paper, adhesive,ribbon or any other embellishements

  • cover you can with paper (it's easiest to embellish before ahherring to can)

  • wrap the wooden dowel with pipe cleaners

  • stuff can with shredded paper

  • center the dowel in the can - use hot glue to keep in place

  • tie money onto the tree using pipe cleaners

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Good morning sunshine!!!
What a beautiful day, just perfect for LSU tailgating (unless the rain comes as projected) which is what we were supposed to be doing today, UNTIL it was changed to a day game and John had to work this morning. BUT, we even have an even better offer, going to the Templets for a Shrimp Fest and watch the LSU game. If you've ever had Mike's cooking, that's like 1,000 times better than hotdogs and nachos at the game. AND the visiting will include "scrapbook talk" which wouldn't happen at the game either. OMG, where was i, BROOKE, YOU ROCK? Do you create cards for your friends, family? I love homemade cards!! Homemade cards can take 5 minutes or 1 hour or more, depending on you. I personally like the 15 minute card more than the 1 hour card, but that's me, the lazy scrapper. Anyway, I asked Brooke to create a card for Becky's birthday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!! I was expecting a 15 minute card, well, I don't know how long it took her but WOW-WOW-WOW, the cutest MICKEY card you have ever seen. I can't believe I didn't take a picture, I was just in awe at how cute it was-I'll have to get Becky to take a picture of the card in its new home-her scrapbook room and post. Its so cute that I've asked Brooke to design one of the upcoming Disney kit club layouts - I just gotta share her talent. Did I mention she is only 17, so next time you are in the store looking for ideas-ask Brooke. AND, if you haven't created a card yet, meet me at the Art Bar -Happy Hour in November. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


WOW, how lucky can one girl be? Driving home from Memory Mania tonight I was just thinking, "What did I ever do to deserve so many wonderful people in my life?" Not only do I have incredible family & friends, but my team at Memory Mania is just the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! I had a wonderful lunch with my 2 longtime teachers and left thinking, wow, how lucky are we to have had these 2 ladies, you know the duo, Jody & Becky, give us so much of their time for so many years and LOVE DOING IT and continuously wanting to do better & more!!!! Teaching at Memory Mania is a work of the heart, it takes so much time and research and its over in 2 short hours, then on the plan and prep for the next one. Anyway, its a lot of work and to continue searching for new things to teach and for these 2 to have done it for so long and still love to do it-we're darn lucky!!! Then I go back to the store just in awe at the girls, Christy, Rachel, Brooke are just running the store (doing about 10 different things at one time & still smiling and helping anyone that walked in) and Jade, Lexi & Rhonda, they give 300% everyday, not just on a good day, every day. They just do whatever needs to be done (have you seen the new huge Bazzill restructure? paper, FOR DAYS being reorganized). It was 8pm and they get off at say 3 or 6, but i had to force them to leave and finish tomorrow. You don't just see dedication like this everyday. You would never guess that the owner had been out all week sick because these girls had it going on. Maybe the owner could disappear for a few weeks (ok dreaming a little too big just yet). I'm telling you, i thank my lucky stars to be surrounded by such wonderful, giving girls. SO please give them a little pat on the back when you see them this week, they are awesome, and they do it because we love you & we love our jobs, its our passion. How lucky are we to work at what we love. I hope you are lucky enough to love what you do to!! Have a wonderful weekend.


WOW, i've been up all night reading all of the new material on this awesome new ART BAR that is coming to Memory Mania. Its called Creative Cafe by Creative Imaginations (we have a sketch at the store for you to see what to expect). Click on this link for examples of layouts created for future projects. We have a little while to wait, the first happy hour will be Thursday, November 1st at 10:30am and 5:30pm. There will be rows of bins like a candy store filled with brads, buttons, tags, felt, chipboard, with coordinating stamps, papers, ribbons, rub ons, stickers, cards. Just think, a fat-free, calorie-free candy store. Plan to meet us & your friends for "Happy Hour" every Thursday morning or afternoon, whichever suits your schedule to complete quick & easy projects from simple project recipe cards. There is a new project every week AND when you complete 12 projects, the 13th is free. Projects range from Home Decor & gifts, Birthday Party favors, School Projects, Sports Projects, Do-it-Yourself, scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Party Favors, Thank Yous, Paper Arts and Invitations. Its the perfect opportunity to get together with friends for a stress-free, fun project hour. So mark your calendars today for November 1st.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Attention all interns in Memory Mania Photo Triage Unit, if any stamping is messed up, this is why . . . just kidding, i take all of the credit for any mistakes. Here's a pic of your resident with the flu prepping for class with the help of this incredible hot resident, he he. Sorry I think the meds are going to my head. He really is hot, though even without meds. Seriously, how sweet, i didn't have enough strength to stamp so he's showing me "the best way to do it", check out the remote in his hand. OK, are you ready for some photo triage, album picture is part 2 of our rounds on Tuesday night. Don't miss this class, you will just love me when all of your pictures are organized in scrap order. Sorry girls, Dr. McHottie won't be making rounds Tuesday night.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hi Everyone! I must say how excited I am that I will be going to Memory Trends in Las Vegas on Thursday!!! This will be my first scrapbooking trade show & I know I will be star struck when I see my favorites! I read loads of blogs for inspiration & love the Aussie girls. Can't wait for the kick in the pants inspiration!!!!

Let's talk basics. I know it's so easy to get caught up in the madness of having the latest products, best layout & just overthinking a page. Perspective is the thought of this blog. We all scrapbook with the ultimate goal of filling up an album. Think about who is the album going to. This layout created for my daughter's album. I had so many pages done for her, but all from my perspective. When she was 6, she really loved my scrapbooking hobby & wanted to be an artist as well. I always had a camera in her face & she wanted to do the same. So, I sucked it up and said,' This will be your page, done by you'. I equipped her a with camera (pink, from Libby Lu, of course), a roll of film & artistic freedom to tell her story. Now, in her book, Emma's perspective is fully documented, her style. Remember to love it because it came from that person's perspective & give up the latest & greatest layout thought.

One other idea for that last page is to create an "About the Artist/Author" page. I focus so much on scrapbooking everything about my growing kids and not much of myself is documented. There is a big trend for "Me pages" that I just don't find the time to make. Include a layout featuring yourself with the person(s) to whom the album is dedicated. For example, I will include in my son's album a photo of us together. I will highlight the time frame of that album denoting my favorite things to do in that year. A good idea is to hand journal b/c it's so personalized in this manner. This would be a great place to have one of those photos of you taking a picture from behind the lens, or one with just your eye, or from your scrap spot.

Off to Vegas......YEAA!!!

Posted by Maureen

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

DEAL OF THE WEEK - $20 off

Oops, forgot to post the big deal of the week. The excitement was so great at Scrapfest this week with the Krafter’s Komfycush™ . We sold out of all the ones at Scrapfest, but we have 4 left in the store. We are offering $20 off of this most fashionable PINK cushion. Feedback from this weekend was that the liked the added height that it added to the chairs. FOr many with back trouble, you can remove the velcro sides and wrap around the back for a back cushion. I think i'm going to have to get another one for that purpose, because i like the velcro pockets to hold my trimmer and idea book while i'm working on my layout. I can never figure how to keep my workspace tidy while working on the layout. It has an extra thick padded seat, adjustable (and fully removable) side panels. Each side panel has pockets to keep your idea books and tools/supplies handy while you’re working on your favorite craft.
Here is a list of just some of the great features:
3” thick padded seat cushion that is 18” wide x 15” deep
2 adjustable and fully removable side panels to allow for varying chair heights and types
3 pockets on each panel to hold tools/supplies while you are working
Folds up for added convenience and portability
Adjustable shoulder strap
Made of a durable canvas-type material, and did i mention it is PINK!!!!!!!!!!

It's Quiet in the Murphy Home

Ha ha, I've lost my voice and John and Justin are loving it. They don't think i need to go back to the doctor because this is working just great for them. Ha ha, what they don't know is, its kinda cool for me too, when they ask, i just point to John, i don't have to give any answers, ha ha. I think the girls at the store are kinda liking it too. They crack up laughing every time I whisper to them. So yes, Creative Escape was great, but my voice stayed in Arizona. So if anyone needs me, might be best to email me. I'm joking about it, but man, when you really need to communicate--its hard--trying to finalize details for the CCL Apparel which is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note, CCL is almost 100% full-again less than 2 weeks!!!! There are about 15 spots left, however, group seating is getting a little tricky, so it would be best to email me if you have a group larger than 2. Also, for lots of people who noted that they wanted to sit by somone-we haven't heard from a lot of the someone's and i'm really getting nervous, they miss out. So if you have a friend who's meeting you there, give them a call and say CALL TODAY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Merry Monday to all of you. For the Blog challenge Sept. 17-Sept. 31st.
Create a double page layout using this new item: Technique Tuesday Texture Scallop and Circle adhesive shapes; upload your layout into the gallery & email me so i can enter your name into the drawing. These are really cool and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Tell all of your friends so we can getlots of ideas, what an easy way to be entered for a drawing on Oct 1st.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Organization - CLIP IT UP

Hey Girls,
I know its your little secret, but its mine too, i'm just as interested about organizing my photos & scrapbook supplies as scrappin' itself. I'm just so proud of myself when I can get something organized to save me time & efficiency later. The CLIP IT UP is what its all about right now. I've been eyeing this little goody for months now, but everytime I take one home to put together, another customer comes in "that needs it right now", we can't seem to keep them in stock, so back to the store my little purchase goes. I don't mind waiting, its cool when they come back in the following week to share with me how helpful it was. Clip it up is making a bit hit at Scrapfest this weekend too, customers love that you can see all of your embellishments, stickers, etc at a glance AND you will use what you already own if you can see it. So this weekend, i promise, i am leaving the store with one & immediately getting my things on it so I'm not tempted to give it away again. I've recently put some of my favorite punches & ribbons out in plain site of my scrapping area and I know how much more I am using them now, so this should help me use my stock, so I can buy more cool goodies and be assured I will use them. The store is getting a new shipment of CLip it up on Monday as we're sure that the Scrapfest shipment will be gone today. Have an awesome weekend, and post your success stories with the clip it up.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh... and I forgot...

When I signed on for this teaching thing I didn't know I would be blogging and posting layouts! (not that I mind...) I hope these come out ok - this is from an A- Z album I did.

Oh! and since I have 2 daughters... here is a two page layout I did on the other...

Another tip of the day

Tammy had a great time at Creative Escape - and yes it was me that called her. We had some amazing classes that will becoming to you soon - so watch out!

Getting a tip from me is probably not the best source... my s-crap office is a mess (I have to kick my way through just to get to the cardstock) and I am probably the messiest person EVER to scrap... but I am really very organized! I was just redoing the room before the big (She who must NOT be named) came in 2005... we've been busy redoing the house since then and that room is second to last on the list. I mean - don't y'all think bedrooms are more important?

BUT... here is my biggest and best tip for y'all. When you go shopping for scrap stuff - PUT IT AWAY As Soon As You Can!! Especially coming home from an event. You wouldn't believe how much STUFF we came home with from Creative Escape - right now it's over flowing in a HUGE tupperware bin!!!

This weekend I will go through it and sort it into "Yippee I can't wait to use this", "Oh this is for the XYZ project" and "This is SO not my style- let's give it away" piles. Then it will all, hopefully disappear into drawers and boxes and special places. The give away piles require calls to friends to see if they can use the stuff and if not - off to the Ronald McDonald house or another charity. I have boxes that are similar but larger than photo boxes where I put all my "stuff" for a project, be it a class or an album I am collecting items for. That way it will all be in one place and when I am done it will go back into the "general population" (like stamps or ink pads, or photos).

I hope this was a helpful hint! I'm really looking forward to teaching this semester and meeting y'all!

Just so you don't think I'm exaggerating - this is what we got at CE... (ok some was at the Bazzilll Warehouse... very little from Scrapbooks, Etc but as far as my husband is concerned it is ALL class product! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TIP for the Week

Okay Guys, here we are again. It's Wednesday which seems to be my "Blog" day for you guys. So, Happy Wednesday to everyone and just think tomorrow's Thursday which will be followed by Friday which we all live for!!!! He He.

Now for my Awesome Tip. When working on a layout or project in your scrap space, keep a basket next to you on your table or the floor. As you work with a certain tool or punch, drop it in the basket instead of getting up and returning it to its normal spot. This way when you are done working, you can just grab your basket, walk around your room putting away your items, you are done in about 5 minutes and it also keeps your workspace clear of any clutter while you work. So I challenge you to try this tip, I promise you will love it. I did.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey Girls,

Thanks for participating in the blog challenge. The winner is . . . Kim Breaux. Here are a 2 of her layouts entered into the drawing. More layouts in the gallery.

Back from Arizona

WOW, so Creative Escape was A**Mazing!!!!! Pictures with Heidi Swapp &Renee Kutcher; andloo how cute Rhonna Farrer is-got to get her to LA. It was so much fun to get away and scrap. Ha ha. You may think that sounds funny and that I get to do that anytime, why go to Arizona to scrap. Well, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. I've been wanting to go to Creative Escape since I heard about it last year and a good friend, Renee Kutcher called me one night about midnight to tell me she had an extra ticket-so hence, Tammy flying to Arizona. I met some really cool people and my favorite friend I met was Kim from California, a sweet little gal I met opening night. It was so cool to visit and learn what is going on in scrappin' world in California, about the same as in Louisiana, but so nice to hear about things in other places or things from another scrapper's point of view. Ok, back to CE, You know I'm not really a project girl and all of the classes were projects, but they were cool and the teachers all explained they could teach us more technique through projects than layouts, so I was down with that and the adventure began. WOW, awesome teachers: Heidi Swapp, Rhonna (like Rhonda for those like me have been saying Rona) Farrer-this class was awesome, but she is so awesome, so what did I expect? Tracey Niehues (very clever), Chris Randall (I learned to solder jewelry), Heidi Lynn Schreiber (Mr. Bazzill's daughter), Lesli Spafford (hilarious girl that her husband baked cookies for 650 ladies at the event to win us over). Guest speaker was Alison Tyler Jones-WOW, i think we cried a time or 2. Funny we shed a few tears in a few classes. You know, as a teacher, i always feel funny talking about me or my family, but as a student, i really enjoyed hearing a little more about the teacher, that she has daily struggles and trials just like us AND the funny stories about their children. We created a 21 challenge art journal with Rhonna to help us create a habit with 21 days of inspiration. We created a "Today" artboard to make us "happy" when we wake up, Heidi shared with us that she's not a morning person and has a hard time being happy when she opens her eyes, he he. Did you know that Heidi Swapp went from 3 kids to 5 in 1 year-she had 2 babies within one year and that she's moving to CHINA? WOW-what an adventurous woman. Moving on, then we created cards with Lesli-very cool. The "My Thoughts Exactly" journal with Tracey, that girl is very creative and super clever-AWESOME teacher. I enjoyed the calendar with Heidi Lynn as it was creating layouts for a calendar-very cool. Visited the 7,500 sq. foot store of Bazzill owners AND the Bazzill warehouse (I'm such a geek-this was almost my favorite thing to do, seeing it be cut, packaged and touch every color of Bazzill-i know Memory Mania already carries every color that Bazzill makes, but seeing thousands of each sheet was way cool-John was a great sport but I did see him roll his eyes a few times. The good news is, I didn't see anything in Scrapbook Etc (7,500 sq feet) that Memory Mania doesn't already have, in fact, MM has more items to choose from, but the store was really cool and a great experience. All classes were 1 page spreads, would you scream or what? Ok, this will take an hour to read, sorry, signing off.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Products are Here!!!!

Happy Wednesday to everyone. The delivery trucks keep on coming with all new products that will make your mouth water. We have several paper lines with matching embellishments and rubons. Lots of new embellishments and also some cool organizers in new colors.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Purchase any Scrapbook Trends and receive one free of equal or lesser value. Offer expires 9/21; must bring coupon to qualify. Happy Labor Day!