Friday, August 27, 2010

WOW-the other half of the kit!!!! This is seriously the greatest deal around . . . get the newest products at 30% discount monthly, get 6 ideas using the products AND get a free cropping day in our studio to create the pages with these awesome products!!!! Some availability-call today.

We Love Britt's created by Jody Sorey
Love the circles-i can never get tired of circles-maybe that's why I'm always running in circles LOL!! Love how Jody cut the die cut paper to use the lacy borders!! Go Jody-scrappin' those everyday photos & moments!!

Summer created by Heather Banker
LOVE the focal photo!!! Great job Heather. I love the letters that are jumping to the circle-more circles-love 'em!! Love the accent to that photo with the ribbon and LOVE the journaling -I need to do this more.

Back 2 School created by Stephanie Powers
LOVE how totally different this layout looks!! Love the slanted photo filmstrip. Love the title and LOVE LOVE the collage!!

WOW, what can you say but AWESOME!!!! These girls ROCK every month-I get blocked but somehow they just keep surprising & amazing us with their talents!! THANK YOU to each of you for your inspiration & eagerness to motivate all of us.

CCL Registration starts next week!!! Early bird gets the worm-tables are assigned upon registration, so if you want that "special" table that you always get-register EARLY!!!! ANd if you are overnight guests & register early-you get a $10 credit to spend at Memory Mania!!! And you know all the special perks you get as overnight guests (goodies on your pillow, snacks and breakfast).

Blue Light Special: $5 Friday: Fancy Pants Album &/or frames

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Happy Scrappin'

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Steph said...

I was so excited about all the cool stuff in this months kit! The collage of pictures on the Back 2 School Cook-off layout was done using You just download a folder of pics from your computer and they mix them up for you. You can even do it in the shapes of letters or some clipart. The only thing is if you don't pay to upgrade they will randomly stick thier name across somethings so I just cut it in half where the words were and placed the Cook-off and paper across so you couldn't see it. It's really cool to play around with so go check it out!!