Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shape Collage - great solution

Yep, its Murphy's law once again-My baby's moving day into the dorm at LSU AND battery goes out after the first picture. Of course, he probably planned that, LOL, but I'm a mom and I'm desperate for these most special pictures--so I start snapping pics (without a flash because I have the OLD one) IPHONE. Needless to say the photos lack quality so when I saw Stephanie's shape collage for masters, it was the solution to my newest challenge. (Thanks Steph-you saved the day). AND if you've been dying to create a layout using the banners you see in all of the magazines, love the Maya Road Chipboard Banners (you already have them if you're in Masters kit club). Special thanks to my BFF that forced me to finish this layout-she was literally holding the adhesive dispenser to my head LOL. Love ya Ally.

P.S. This is also a great solution for LOTS of photos, I'm probably the only mom that wouldn't check the battery the day her baby is moving out LOL. -download the application. * Open application * Press File * Add Photos * Select photos from your hard drive * Select the shape, size & spacing or leave on auto * preview * create * name it & save to your hard drive.
Note: the free version prints , but i was able to cut that part off & upload to print at Walmart. You can select or deselect # of pics & the collage changes. Also, i downloaded the paw print-wouldn't that have been perfect-but it didn't come out so perfect. If you're experienced in Photoshop Elements you could probably open the paw print template & manually create your collage. Good luck, it really is easy - give it a try.

READY FOR MORE SKETCH layouts??? Stay tuned for Monday Masterpieces with our guest designers.

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