Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cricut-is yours still in the box?

Have you found EVERYTHING that bug can do? Its absolutely awesome!!!!
Don't miss out on these classes at MM-this is the ONLY time these classes will be offered

Basic Cricut Class
How to Install, Change and Adjust Your Blades, How to Make Clean, Precise Cuts Everytime· How to Use the LCD Screen, · How to Use ALL of the Buttons on Your Cricut , How to Get the Most from the Paper Saver Key, · How the Real Dial Size Key REALLY Works, · How to Use "Creative Features" on Cartridges, · How to Get the Most from Your Cricut Cutting Mats, How to Make Basic Cuts,· An Overview of the 3 Cricut Machines, How to Easily Cut a Name, How to Easily Cut an Envelope and Card with the Expression

Advanced Class
How to Use Modes on the Cricut Create, How to Use Modes on the Cricut Expression, How to Use Modes on Create & Expression to Explode Your Creative Possibilities, How to Avoid "Guess Work", How to Cut using Modes on Create & Expression, How to Cut Photographs using Modes , How to Cut Fabric using Modes, How to Cut Chipboard, etc using Modes, How to Get the Most from Your Cartridge Handbooks, How to Properly Care for and Maintain Your Cricut and a few other surprises

Cricut Creative Class

What the Differences are Between Cartridge Types, How to Use the Cricut Tools, How to use the "Creative Feature" Keys on Different Cartridges, How to use Tall Ball, Italics and Roly Poly, How to use Shadow and Blackout Shadow, How to use End Caps and End Caps Shadow, How to Make Layers, How to use Silhouette, How to use Card and Card Frame, · How to Do Some Fun "Tricks" I've Learned, How to THINK Like Your Cricut! ... and More!

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Happy Scrappin'

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