Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WOW!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! Opening my emails to see these awesome submissions is better than opening gifts at Christmas. I love seeing all of the different styles & paper choices. This is going to be one awesome book!!!! I've been very choosy and I promise you will just love me for it. In fact, there have been many fabulous layouts that I want to use, but just don't have room for. For those of you that are going to submit entries for the last set of sketches due June 15, please include some southern layouts. I would love for our customers to get more ideas for layouts with their pictures to Children's Museum, the Aquarium, The Baton Rouge Zoo, The State Capitol, Jazz Fest, Fest for All, Mardi Gras celebrations, crawfish boils, BBQ, can you think of any other themes that we have lots of pictures of but never see those layouts in other idea books? Hopefully, i can make final decisions tonight & post a sneak preview. Have a wonderful day!!! I got a chance to scrapbook last night, can't you tell, I'm so excited I can't sit still (it doesn't happen that often, 2 layouts in a couple of hours).


Darlene said...

LSU tailgating would be another idea!

Anna said...

Hi Tammy,

I just loved getting your email yesterday. I just can't believe this ! You want my pages. That is just unreal ! I'm
so honored and thankful. I have never been published before. Thank you so much. This news could not come at a better time. I had an sholder surgery yesterday and was not feeling to good. You just made my day.

Again thanks

Kind regards

Anna Dogg