Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm out of town and unable to attend the funeral today of her Cathy's son, Sgt. Michael Gabel. I can't get Cathy & her family off of my mind. Cathy is a long-time friend, customer, MMU student, CCL attendee, that many of you know & love. Cathy walks into a room & brightens it with her smile & friendly comments to anyone & everyone in the room so I'm sure many of you know her. Cathy frequently spoke about Michael to all of us, and took many wonderful trips with him. She made some beautiful scrapbooks of his travels & times in the military which will be treasured forever. Michael loved his mother as much as she loved him. This is a sweet stor I thought I would share: After I ordered a plant for Cathy, the florist called me to inquire about Michael as he frequently ordered flowers for his mother from that florist. He said that as soon as he would be in on leave he would stop & order flowers for his mom before going home. I know its a small gesture but it shows in a little way just how much his mother meant to him. I remember we sent homemade cards and goodies to he & his troop and he was so sweet & sent a video of the guys enjoying the goodies & sweet thank you letter back. I'm asking for prayers for Cathy & her family at this trying time. This link gives you more details & Cathy shows her scrapbooks. . Also, my nephew, Shelby Landen, wrote this poem.

The Freedom of Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the night
But not for the soldiers who stand up and fight
All the mothers lie down and cry
Cause’ their boys can’t have Christmas tonight

Soldiers keep quiet, enemies in sight
As they pull the trigger
They’re wondering why
For peace to exist
Someone’s got to die

As for the wives
Taking care of the children
All the husbands and fathers that died
Has got be a million

Though the wicked of the world
Has taken so many lives
We have to always remember
The birth of Jesus Christ

So you should always cherish
Your privilege for a Christmas night
Cause’ of all the soldiers who perrish
To defend your very rights

So merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
Pray for the soldiers
To make it home alive
And celebrate the birth Of our lord Jesus Christ.
by: Shelby Landen

Merry Christmas to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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