Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's DAY

WOW, its a beautiful day outside, good to be back in the good ole' Louisiana-only bad part about today is that I'm dreading surgery tomorrow, YIKES. But John has a really special night planned to celebrate Valentine's Day & and my last night out of the house for a while (hehe) at Houmas House. Would love to squeeze in that cute movie, Definitely MAYBE. I asked my doctors if i could wheel my IV across Perkins Rowe to see it, but they didn't think i could run faster than the nurses, probably not :(so hopefully i can squeeze it in today. Also trying to talk Dane into sneaking into a daytime show to see Fools Gold right after we pay all of these monthly taxes--i know i'm nuts, but i can't imagine not going to the movies on Saturdays for the next 6 weeks, so i need to squeeze them all in today.

Well, i surely digress, i meant to just say Happy Valentine's Day & show you the cool COSMO CRICKET line which we loved to the moon & back!!!!

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