Friday, January 22, 2010

Sketch Class . . . Come join me

Hey Scrappers,
Join me in this first Class n' Crop

Tuesday, Feb 9th 6-8pm OR
Wednesday, Feb 10th 10am-noon

You'll get a new sketch for your collection, create class layout AND get to pull papers to create another layout during the crop hour!!! You'll see how I altered the sketch for my layout to fit my pictures AND then you can flip, turn, etc to create another version of this sketch during the crop. It will be FUN!!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

P.S. Scrappin' SAVES lives . . . Its been a crazy week, I was thinking I was about to kill both of my boys, so i took the scissors and started snippin' . . . some paper, a few hours later I was remembering WHY I loved them.

CHA BOUND . . . Payroll CHECK, set up for sale CHECK, Sift through 300 CHA emails CHECK, Research vendors sneak peeks for CHA CHECK, shopping list CHECK, now all I do now is map it out, pick up Christy and catch the plane-wait i need a haircut hmmmm:)

1 comment:

Darlene said...

Have fun!!! And don't spend TOOOOOO much money!!!! LOL!!! :)