Friday, April 02, 2010

Custom School Papers

We have NEW custom paper for several local schools, don't delay, we never know how long the company's will offer these. I loved working with these new, cool papers-half the work was done for me already.

Justin's Ring Day

Justin's Ring Ceremony

Can you tell there's a frantic mom trying to catch up on her Senior's scrapbook before May 13th?? LOL

Happy Easter !!! I hope everyone has a very happy holiday!! Cherish these times & take lots of photos of your family hunting Easter eggs, talking & chatting while eating crawfish, playing games or whatever your family traditions may be. Just promise me you'll be thankful that you are together!! I'm missing my son SOOOOO much, here's all I can send Dane for Easter :( (sorry the picture didn't come out so quick, i didn't think to snap a pic until i was at the post office-which by the way is my favorite spot these days LOL.

Happy Scrappin'

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Pam B said...

What a good idea. Dane will be so excited to get that!