Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WANTED: Pranksters responsible for this . . .

This is a special report from the CCL PRANKSTOPPERS . . . Unsolved mysteries . . .

CCL Police are searching for the pranksters responsible for the vandalism of the CCL Tent, chairs & signs at approximately 3:30am on January 7, 2006.

It appears that this was an inside job aided & abetted by hotel security. The suspects appear to be 3-4 females, ages 30-40, addicted to CCL, armed with 4 toilet paper rolls & sticky notes and last seen in the CCL Crop Room. If anyone has any information leading to the apprehension of these CCL Addicts, you are urged to contact, or anonymous tips can be made at 225-744-CCL.

Justice will prevail!! LOL-its all in the name of FUN! Were you at CCL the year that the police paid a visit to me regarding CCL patrons taking Margaritas glasses from Ninfas? What a riot-they had me going for a little while. SOOO you're never to old to have fun at summer camp!!!!

If you haven't taken the plunge to come to CCL, let this be the year!!! Get your friends to register with you OR come make new friends!!!

Happy Scrappin'

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