Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Do you remember what this long line was about in '07?

I loved this so much in the newsletter, that I had to post here.

Stephanie Powers is a Memory Maniac who has been officially ADDICTED to scrapbooking for quite some time now. She has recently enrolled in a 12-Step Plan called Camp Crop-A-Lot to "cure" her addiction. Here's how it works:
STEP 1- Admitting your addiction to scrapbooking

STEP 2-Also admitting that your scrapbook supplies are sometimes unmanageable getting in the door

STEP 3-Recognizing that 37 hours of cropping will help with the addiction

STEP 4-choicing friends to come and be supportive

STEP 5- Knowing your family will survive without you

STEP 6-Remembering that laughter is contagious

STEP 7-Realizing you are within the same room as a scrapbook pharmacy that carries plenty of meds for those soon to be completed pages

STEP 8-Knowing its not wise to replace food with scrapbooking but just in case you know your meals are available onsite

STEP 9-If you feel one addiction is not enough you can bid and bid and bid during the layout auction

STEP 10-Realizing that betting your friends who will get the first and best door prizes is part of that second addiction

STEP 11-Believing that sometimes is OK to be "schooled" with some awesome scrapbook classes

STEP 12-When it becomes late and you are guilty of DWIWF (Driving While Intoxicated With Fun), just stagger to your room

Happy Scrappin'

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