Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Using Your Masters Kits

I just finished a scrapbook of my daughter's senior trip last summer. I like to tell a story in my books (like a real "storybook") so I always include a title page and a closing page.

My closing page usually ends with a note from me saying how much I enjoyed working on the book along with a few thoughts on the events depicted in the book. Sometimes I put a photo on the title/closing pages, but I didn't do that for this book, I put a pocket page instead. Then I ALWAYS sign and date it. For the title/closing pages in "Maddie's Senior Trip" book, I used leftover paper from one of my Master's Kits.


mmallett said...

Wow; great idea! I really never thought of that, but them I still haven't gotten myself organized enough to really have an inventory of just what I have (even though I took Jody's class about organization)LOL. Thanks for the tip.

Memory Maniac said...

What a great idea- I love the title page and no picture needed; and the idea about date & how much you enjoyed working on the album is a great idea to end the book. THanks for sharing.