Friday, June 15, 2007

Tip/Technique Thursday...a day late!!!

Hey guys! Okay, so I'm a day late with my tip...sorry! Hope you can get some ideas from my latest layout - I had trouble coming with just one, so here are a few tips that I used in this layout:

  1. Don't be limited by printed titles - this cute printed paper from Karen Foster had words about MOVING, and I loved it! But when I put it on the page, I thought...this isn't her HOME really, so I scratched out HOME, ran it through my printer to change the words, and now it reads "Apartment Sweet Apartment"!!

  2. Use that new Flex Ruler from Bo Bunny! See how awesome my curves are?

  3. Use a sketch!! I hardly ever scrap from scratch anymore - WHY should I when it's so easy with a sketch to guide me?? I can't WAIT till that new Memory Mania Idea book comes out - it's got over 50 sketches!!

Have a Happy Father's Day with your families!


1 comment:

Memory Maniac said...

I just love this page and envy that you always think of the perfect scrapbook pictures, like the posed one at the door where the address is in the picture!! Great idea & great layout from my BFF Allison!!!!!!!!!!