Tuesday, October 30, 2007


OK, we've told you about it, but NOW you have to come see it for yourself!!!!! Its so YUMMY, i promise you will want to touch the 15 pounds of buttons and the many rows of chipboard, felt, etc. Its literally like a kid in a candy store!!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!!! We will have great fun during the weekly happy hours. You just stop in do your project & leave, projects range from 15-45 minutes. Here's the cool project that Libby created for this week.
Join us for our first ever Creative Cafe Art Bar happy hour. We will offer exclusive projects created by the designers of Creative Cafe that will be created right at our very own Art Bar in Memory Mania! The project cost will vary depending on the project - anywhere from $1 - $20.Participants in the weekly happy hours will receive a special Creative Cafe Club Card. It features a coffee cup for each happy hour workshop you attend that will get punched. When you fill your card, you get one happy hour workshop free! For this introductory month the workshop fee is FREE and you only purchase the supplies you want to create the project.

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