Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday's Tips

Hi Everyone,

Okay one more day and I am off to Talladega for the Nascar Race weekend and I can't even wait. Dega Bound Baby!!!! But never fear, ya know I'll bring my scrapbook gear!

Well, another tip using your clear stamps and this one is so simple you'll say why didn't I think of that. A lot of your clear stamp sets have border stamps in them or you might have a set of stamps that is all borders. Instead of using them as a straight border try putting them in a curvy or zig zag pattern when sticking the stamp onto your acrylic block. Then just ink and stamp. Now you have a curvy border stamp and this is one of the advantages of using clear stamps. You can get several different look out of one acrylic border stamp. Can't do that with a wooden border stamp Can ya?

Cute Title for a page

I recently saw this on a random website and thought it was something to think about.

A layout of a child goofing off and the title was: Time Wasted Playing is not Time Wasted. I just thought this was so cute and everyone that has kids would get a kick out of it.

Happy Scrappin,


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