Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hey Girls,

Creative Cafe is so cool!!! Libby & Christy's projects have been so cool. Check out this week's project - Wine Container or Chipboard Purse!!! You can create with papers we used or choose your own to personalize. THERE ARE NO RULES, so create as you wish with these awesome products. AND, if you create both, you get a free paper pack of papers to design with!!! What can you do with a wine container or purse. Danielle & Christy had some great suggestions:
Wine Container - purse, ribbon organizer, box as gift of wine, decorate to match your kitchen to hold your wine, what else can you think of?
Chipboard Purse - Decorate for a teen and fill with things such as hairbrushes, bows, nail polish, makeup, etc. For small girls, it could be filled with plastic head bands, bow, ponyholders, etc... Small toys can be put in it for girls. It can then be used as a storage/carry case for the toy. For adults, fill with chapstick, kleenex, tylenol samples, hand sanitizer, small spray perfume, gum, mints, recipe cards, add dividers for birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, etc... Use it for coupons.
These are just a few ideas wecame up with.
AND, this is the blog challenge for the month of November, so create, upload your picture & email me to be entered into prize drawing on Nov. 30.
Come by this week to create one or both of these projects. Thursday 10:30 -11:30am or 5:30-6:30 pm. Its not a class so you can come anytime during happy hour to get assistance from Libby or Christy OR you can stop in anytime the area is available and create your project on your own.

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