Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hey Girls

Don't forget to take & PRINT pictures of Thanksgiving. Depending on your family traditions for thanksgiving, it may be the guys watching football; the ladies cutting coupons for the big day of shopping on Friday, in our home, its a big music fest at the Bullions.

We sometimes to forget to photograph those traditional things we do and that mean so much to us. Don't forget the food photos when taking pictures at family gatherings. You have to admit that food is easier to photograph than the kids running around the house or the adults that have to be photographed. Try different camera settings-how about the tulip or flower option, that will help capture all the great details of your favorite homemade casserole. I'm sure, like most families, specific people in your family are traditionally responsible for certain items, be sure to get photos of them preparing the item, presenting the item, or even eating the item. These pictures may add some unique journaling about Thanksgiving. You will laugh in future years about the burnt turkey, etc. YOu could even gather those traditional recipes from those family members and add to pocket on your Thanksgiving page-how awesome would that be for the future. What a warm way to bring back those memories of family members and special gatherings! Don’t wait until you are sitting there reminiscing about a recipe that you can’t get! You could even have some recipe cards on hand.

However you celebrate your family gathering, I wish you the best times & memories. Don't forget on Friday is the gift certificates sale 20% off that one day only!!!!! What an awesome way to get more for your money-get a $25 gift certificate for $20, OR its a cool gift for yourself too. You'll thank yourself all year long. The only stipulation is that the sale gift certificates can only be used on products that are regular priced!!! Excluded are kit clubs and any other discounted items, classes, crops, etc .

AND on Friday, Creative Cafe Happy Hour will be creating Christmas cards in 15 minutes are less.

Happy Thanksgiving

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