Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thank You

To all of you who took classes on Saturday, thank you so much for making my last MMU class such a positive and wonderful experience. I have been teaching MMU classes for Memory Mania since 2003 on a variety of topics and themes, and each class has been so rewarding to me not only in the process of creating the class, subject matter, and handouts, but to spend a couple of hours away from home and sharing my passion for scrapbooking with ladies who really "get it!" I haven't tried out Cricut Design Studio yet, but as soon as I do I'll post what I have done with it. Thank you so much Darlene for spearheading the gift and the cake- you got me to cry and I swore I wouldn't! We are planning our big move to North Carolina in July, so I will still be around shopping and creating layouts for the Master's team in May and June. Thanks to ALL of my former students. It has truly been a pleasure.


Darlene said...

Jody, we will all miss you!! Can't wait to see what classes you'll be doing online from NC. And I really didn't intend on making you cry. I just wanted to make your last class special!! You have shared your gift of creativity with us, and we wanted you to be able to create even more with CDS. Warning---it's addictive!!! I hardly ever use my Cricut by itself anymore. I use CDS for everything!!

Memory Maniac said...

Jody, I can't believe I couldn't be there for class, (I was enduring that 12 hour flight from London), but i definitely was thinking of all of you & knew it would be a wonderful day, except for the goodbye part. No we're not saying goodbye, ever. Your monthly in-store presence & daily emails will be missed beyond words, but technology is a wonderful thing to stay in touch. THANK YOU so much for your dedication and sharing your passion for scrapbooking with all of us. We have truly been blessed to have you for as long as we have. <3