Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to the Memory Mania Family

Hey Girls

Please give a MM WELCOME to our newest members to our scrapbook family!!!! We really appreciate. We’d like to welcome you publicly & wish you all the best!

We love recognizing our new friends and our wonderful existing customers who are kind enough to refer their friends and relatives to us! As your friends & relatives visit Memory Mania, you will be entered into a monthly drawing to show our appreciation. We’re all helping each other, which is the whole point of all of this! Right?

Jennifer Aucoin
Debra Babin
Deshay Babin
Amy Baudoin
Terri Boudreaux
Jessica Brooks
Therese Broussard
Sherri Brown
Tracy Browning
Molly Buehl
Amy Burleigh
Karrie Champagne
Julie Comiskey
Raegan Corder
Belinda Cowart
Cindy Creel
Kinetta Crisp
Amy Daigle
Michelle Dang
Sandra Debaene
Karrie Delise
Lisa Diez
Ashley Doll
Sandy Dufren
Toni Dugas
Marley Eastwood
Paula Eaton
Maegan Evans
Danielle Fogleman
Lisa Fontenot
Kay Foreman
Lillie Frederic
Dianna Garcia
Chelsea Gautreau
Jade Gonsales
Jeanie Gremillion
Karen Herbert
Lillie Holstead
Deanna Huber
Lisa Hunter
Lauren Jackson
Dori Janise
Tina Johnson
Sandra Keran
Camila Lejeune
Denise Loupe
Catherine Mancuso
Cathy May
Lori McPhail
Denise Melancon
Paisley Morgan
Monica Nickens
Judy Nickens
Adrienne Orgeron
Beth Pertuit
Mary Prochaska
Allison Richard
Heather Richmand
Bonnie Robichaux
Jennifer Romero
Rebekah Sheets
Kelly Small
Leslie Smith
Donna Spano
Rene Stansbury
Danica Staples
LeeAnne Starnes
Celeste Stephens
Shantelle Stewart
Jaron Stone
Nicki Stroup
Loretta Tesvich
Linda Thompson
Christy Trahan
Stephanie Trosclair
Laurie Twigg
Kris Washington
Kris Wolf
Mary Ellen Young

We hope to inspire & motivate you, so check the blog often.


1 comment:

Darlene said...

So glad to see the family of scrapaholics is growing!!! It's so great to share such an enriching & satisfying hobby!!!