Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting back to Normal???

I hope that most of you have power restored and are able to get back to some sort of routine today. Everywhere i went today everyone was making a real effort to get back to some normalcy but I keep finding myself spinning in circles, what about you? I've heard some really sad stories but most end with WE WERE REALLY LUCKY!!! I've heard so many stories of people that lost their homes due to a falling tree but THANK GOD they had just walked outside or just gathered at the dining room table, stories of terrible property damage but their family's lives were spared.

On to some GOOD NEWS, Connie Boles is the winner of the newsletter hidden sentence! Congratulations Connie-your prize is at the store.

ScrapPINK (Breast Cancer Fundraiser Crop) CROP is scheduled for Friday, September 19th 6pm - 2am. This crop is $10 (sorry no coupons due to all registration fees being donated to Breast Cancer). Brandi is hosting this fun crop & we will have some fun Olympic Celebration Challenges, call today to sign up!!!!

Have you seen these awesome stickles-new colors!!!!!!!!! Glitters Stickles and stay tuned for delivery of our Distressed Stickles.

Big SHOUTOUT to Lindsey Travis LT in the US Army. Lindsey found our blog and requested some donations for all of the scrapbooking soldiers in Afghan. Memory Mania donated a HUGE box of papers, Masterpiece Books, etc to Lindsey and others in the Army. We received a card today saying how thrilled they were to get the supplies and that it helps break up the monotony there and really takes their minds off where they are. So glad to help & we'd love to hear from you Lindsey-send us some photos of layouts so we can post online.

Have a wonderful week
Happy Scrappin' (check out the Hurricane Challenge from the weekend)

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Darlene said...

Ooooh!!! Look at all those stickles!!! I think I have every color available, but I'm going to have to go check those out!! I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to stickles!!!