Friday, September 26, 2008


What fun I had yesterday at Scrapfest visiting with so many friends I haven't seen in a quite a while. Talking with friends in the store recently, the comment has been the same, "Since the hurricane, i just can't get back into the routine things. Some people want to be in the Memory Mania just to try to feel like things are normal again. Truly, my heart just breaks every time I hear a different story of all of the damage to their homes and the huge deductibles that leave everyone holding the bag, it is such a sad time for many. For all of you that are reaching out for routine & things to get back to normal, hope these tips on OOPS help. Check out this cool Halloween paper-does that motivate you to get scrappin'?

I find planning and organizing to be one of the BIGGEST challenges of scrapbooking… you've heard us say many times to OOPS before a crop, but guess what, we OOPS just because too!!! I think its a great idea to shop at MM with your photos in a MMU bag or other organizing bag to be able to keep your photos, papers, stickers, letters, ribbons & sketch idea together. We are happy to keep your papers separate while you are oopsing-bring them up, we will put on ticket & put on hold while you OOPS the rest of your layouts.

What is OOPS, I like to plan quite a few layouts at once. Its awesome if you could do this several times a year for all of your printed photos then they will be there ready & waiting when you have a few minutes to scrap. Where do i start?

PRINT a whole lot of photos (this ensures they won't be lost on the computer & you'll be motivated to scrap photos that are printed); if you need info on sorting photos before they can be oops-look for Photo Freedom in the archives

Look through your stash at home & pull any paper, stickers, ribbon, letters or sketch idea that you have at home

Make a list of anything needed at MM & bring photos with you in a 2 gallon ziplock, MMU bag, or page protector, to match cardstock, pattern paper, letters, ribbon, sketch idea, anything that you didn't already have at home (gotta say, the clip it up helps me shop at home alot);

Some may only be able to OOPS for about 10 layouts at a time, others OOPS for 50 to last them quite a while. YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH SCRAPPIN' YOU WILL GET DONE IF EVERYTHING IS PULLED & READY TO GO!!!!!

If you have questions, bring your photos to the store & ask any of our AWESOME staff to help you OOPS. A Must have for this process is the Masterpiece Book & watch the staff, its the first thing they will pull to help you in this process. Be sure to mark the page # of the sketch or layout inspiration in your organizer bag with photos so you don't have to dream up the layout idea again.

Many scrappers say that they take this page packets with them to carpool, afterschool activities, etc. This is also a great time to sketch your layout based on any layouts or sketches you've seen for a jumpstart for your layout. This is also an awesome time to jot down your journaling & add to the packet, bet it won't take 30 minutes to complete the layout once you get home or find 30 minutes to spare (ha ha, i know how hard finding 30 minutes is).

Happy Scrappin'

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