Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey Scrappers,

I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season!!!!! Don't stress too much, remember the reason for the season!!!

Your challenge for this week is to take photos of your Christmas traditions!!! If you don't have any traditions yet, start this year!!!!! You may have some special ornaments that each child hangs each year (note: Dane has been hanging this ornament on our tree for 20 years & Justin 17); is it a tradition that your husband put the angel on the tree (he he). If you're like me, you have traditions but didn't think to take photos of them until one year, I broke the special ornament & was in a total panic I hadn't taken pictures of these special moments. (note to self: remember the reason for the season!!). Anyway this little tradition bring back loads of memories: look at these grown boys hanging their ornaments and I can remember the many years, we held them to the tree to hang these little porcelain booties**tearing up**. Wow, life passes sooooo fast, savor every single little memory. Some of my favorite memories that I didn't think to take photos of, reading Christmas stories each night sitting by the tree, the boys laying under the tree looking at the lights, Dane begging Justin to wake up to go see what Santa left, listening to the music before midnight mass, my all time favorite, turning off all lights in the house & telling your favorite Christmas memory of all time. Well, I'm sure all of you have your own special Christmas traditions, remember to take photos so you can SCRAPBOOK them this year!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all,

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Darlene said...

This Christmas season is going by way too fast!!! Maybe next year I won't be so ambitious & make 130 Christmas cards. That way I can stop & enjoy the season some more!! I need to take some more time to cherish all the memories we're creating.

Of course I will have my camera reading Christmas morning to see what Santa left under the tree!! And I need to take some pictures of our "Elf on the Shelf" as he perches in different spots in the house. That definitely needs to be scrapbooked!

Merry Christmas!