Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're Growing

Hey Scrappers,

Welcome our newest members to our family of scrappers at Memory Mania:

Lacey Addison
D.anne ainsworth
Betty Amos
Sherrie Anerson-hopy
Margie Ardoin
Katie Aucion
Lauren Baggett
Gay Boeneke
Susan Bordelon
Lori Bourg
Jennifer Brady
Melanie Braud
Linda Broadwater
Paige Brown
Connie Buccere
Jeanette Calloway
Amy Cancienne
Nicole Cannon
Dot Cashio
Karen Clausi
Lorraine Cobb
Jeremy Dauzat
Anitta Davis
Peggy Forbes
Amy Gammill
Tammy Gordon
Susie Granier
Tasha Griggs
Suzette Harrigal
Kimi Hart
Hallie Hedrick
Darlene Holt
Melanie Hunko
Mary Johnson
Danielle Lackey
Brigitte Lebeau
Trisha Liner
Monica Mecca
Amie Navarre
Julie Parks
Magen Powell
Tina Powell
Brenda Roussel
Sheila St. Pierre
Mandy Stafford
Lisa Wainwright

WOW, isn't awesome to see so many new scrappers joining this wonderful & satisfying hobby. If you recognize any of these scrappers, give them a warm welcome & some awesome scrappin' tips & tricks. Schedule a crop together.

Welcome to you, our new scrappers & watch your mailboxes for a special coupon!!!! If you recognize a friend above, reach out to your new scrappers & ask her to bring you along (PRINT THIS COUPON) and you'll get to share her discount.
NOTE: Please shop together with the new scrapper & print this blog entry as your coupon to share her discount.

Happy Scrappin'

1 comment:

Darlene said...

I love seeing this list grow!!! More & more maniacs all the time!! I always read the list to see if there's anyone I know!