Monday, January 12, 2009

Memory Maniac Challenge

KUDOS to the girls that are taking the challenge of a 10 minute walk several times a day. Its not too late, you can join in too. Post everytime you complete your 10 minute walk and you are entered into a DRAWING FOR A $50 shopping spree at Memory Mania!!!! Its bribery, I know, he he. You all are so important to me, I want you to be good to your heart!!!!

OK, for the scrapbook Challenge this week: Organize one (1) month of photos using the ideas from the book PHOTO FREEDOM by Stacy Julian!!!!!! This method makes it so much easier to scrapbook your photos. I organize my photos in groups in these photo sleeves (about 4 photos per sleeve) so that i can flip through a month's photos within just a few pages. It allows you to see your theme/event at a glance, its a great time to edit duplicate photos too. Honestly, organizing my photos with this method has saved me loads of time when i have a few minutes to scrappin'. You can organize your photos while watching TV or in carpool, etc.

Note: There are cheaper photo albums out there (I tried them), i ended up wasting more money because the sleeves weren't strong enough to hold more than one photo per sleeve. If you are interested in organizing your photos this way, I can send you a copy of the document to print labels (Winter, 2007-Summer, 2007, etc) if interested, just email me

Check blog last week, there is a coupon you can print to purchase the Photo Freedom book AND get a discount on the album to start 2009 off right. These albums go pretty quickly when we have them in stock, so stop in soon.

Happy Scrappin'

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