Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to our newest Scrappers!!!!

Welcome our newest members to our family of scrappers at Memory Mania:

Dawn Amos
Krista Andry
Laurie Aucoin
Mona Babin
Samantha Beasley
Susan Bordelon
Lindsey Brecheen
Brandy Burrell
Kelly Davidson
Tina Davis
Jan Day
Amy Duplessis
Beth Estes
Cathy Griffiths
Amy Hebert
Malorie Holmes
Debe Jenkins
Lauren Laird
Lynn Landry
Jennifer LeBlanc
Tara Maples
Lauren McCabe
Tracey McDowell
Emary McGehee
Sonja Miller
Linda Millet
Lacey Millet
Lynn Moak
Courtney Nickens
Karen Pierson
Gail Pigion
Jeanne Plaissance
Trish Ponvelle
Johanna Reese
Jill Rehn
Charlotte Ricaud
Rebecca Richardson
Christine Robinson
Dana Rodriguez
Brenda Roussel
Theresa Roy
Allyson Sadler
Terri Santa Colonna
Meghan Schilling
Rita Simpson
Sharon Sledge
Ashley Smith
Mae Stevens
Jessica Swaye
Jennie Templet
Stacy Vollenweider
Denise White

WOW, isn't awesome to see so more and more scrappers each & every month discover & enjoy this wonderful, fulfilling hobby?? If you recognize any of these scrappers, give them a warm welcome & some awesome scrappin' tips & tricks. Schedule a crop together.

Welcome to you, our new scrappers & watch your mailboxes for a special coupon!!!! If you recognize a friend above, reach out to your new scrappers & ask her to bring you along (PRINT THIS COUPON) and you'll get to share her discount.
NOTE: Please shop together with the new scrapper & print this blog entry as your coupon to share her discount.

Happy Scrappin'

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Darlene said...

Wow!!! What a list!!! It's so exciting to see the list grow!!!