Monday, January 05, 2009

Memory Maniac Challenge

KUDOS to Jackie & Darlene for the 10 minute walk Challenge. Come on girls-you can find 10 minutes in your day if it means you qualify for a $50 shopping spree right??????? Click on this link for more details: !!!!

OK for today's challenge: It's the New Year, Let's get Organized. Many people spend a large amount of their cropping time digging through their loads of supplies and pictures, losing
valuable time that could be spent creating layouts!

First Let's Talk About Organizing Your Photos. You've got to read this book I'm ALWAYS talking about, Photo Freedom!!!! (Noelle, Allison & everyone else - please post your comments on this book. Everyone that has really read it feels the exact same-its awesome & its so motivating!!!

With your pictures all organized and labeled, you can just grab a stack and crop whenever you get the urge to crop! Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas about the book, I live by this book so chances are I've pondered the same questions & can give you some insight. Good luck-organizing your pictures for 2009!!!!!!!!!

AND don't forget, 10 minutes morning, noon & night of walking to keep your heart healthy!!!
Purchase PHOTO FREEDOM and get 25% off of the Cropper Hopper Photo Boxes or the Pioneer Photo Albums - valid through January 15, 2009
Not valid with any other promotions/sales/credits.

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Alley Cat said...

I LOVE this book! Of course, I haven't completely finished organizing my photos yet, but that's my goal for 2009. The main thing the book did was to encourage me not to ONLY scrapbook chronologically, but to pull pictures that were taken at different times but convey a certain sentiment or memory. Reading the book has taken away the pressure to stay "caught up" with my scrapbooking, since it's not all about doing everything chronologically anymore!

Let me just say that Tammy tried to get me to read this book for ages before I actually did. I could hardly believe that ONE book could make that much of a difference in my scrapbooking philosophy. But it did. Just read it!

Let me know how you like it!