Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm beside myself with excitement today . . .

I'm not there yet but the anticipation is KILLING ME!!!!!
This is the sign I can't wait to see tonight

But this is the sight I will see tomorrow for Family DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I can't believe the day is finally here that I get to see my "soldier boy"!!!! Its been 16 weeks and that's just a little too long to keep a mamma from her boy-don't you think? LOL. Oh well, doubt seriously I'll get the army to agree.

I can't wait to give him that belated "22nd" birthday hug.

OK, sorry to digress from today's post, but as I side I can't contain myself today. Poor Justin, don't know how he's going to put up with me all day.

I've been holding onto this pic below (its not really new anymore), but i had hoped to create a layout using this paper, but somehow i just couldn't bring myself to scrap those pictures yet. Maybe at CCL. But I DID, at least, get to use them to create a little recordable book for him & shipped to him when he finished basic training. The only bad thing is he had to listen to all the "love notes" LOL from all of his family in front of his entire squad LOL. But he said the push-ups were worth it-hearing our voices was cool after so many weeks. I included the cover & opening page of the little book in case anyone has a soldier in the family. Allison bought the recordable book at Hallmark & I just covered the pages with military paper, journaling & recorded the family's voices-oh, little tip-don't forget to punch the hole for every one on each page or you will record OVER each page's voices. LOL-learned that the hard way.

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL TODAY: Wacky Wed- buy a Cricut vinyl, get a FREE Cricut cartridge rental.

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome week (I know I will).

Happy Scrappin'

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