Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memory Mania Masters Kits, that's what all the talk is about

The Legers created by Heather Banker

Water Fun created y Stephanie Powers

Heavy Metal created by Jody Sorey

Mudbugs created by Noelle Landry

You Two created by Jody Sorey

Terrific Tuesday to everyone. I know with the holiday, you're all thinking its Monday today, but its notttt!! So how about this to wake you up & get you excited this morning???

WOW-I know, I know, the kit is awesome, the design team creations are awesome!!! So sorry-there is only ONE kit leftover to sell!!! The masters kits is such an awesome deal-the kits are exclusive to members only so register now to be sure you don't miss out on the next kit.

Masters kits are always the latest & greatest products, products not carried within the store AND 30% savings-only for members!!!!

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Happy Scrappin'

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