Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calgon, take me here please

A lazy little villa in ITALY, PLEASE
I could exercise every morning, I promise I would.
I would cook some fabulous local dishes & sit with wine with my friends.
Then we could wrap up the day here with all of my friends around, sipping a little wine & discussing the beautiful things we saw today.

Sorry, i was really getting into this dream. BUT I wake up this morning with an ever-ending to do list that i want to finish by 5 because TODAY i really want to step outside and enjoy the sunshine & crisp air, BUT, my body has other plans . . .
Seems to happen about every October-October is only my VERY favorite month of the year, not just because its my birthday (and you know what my birthday means to you LOL) BUT because the weather and its just HAPPY weather. But know, my body INSIST on reminding me that I'm getting OLD, a point I try really hard to not think about, how fast i am heading for that 5 0 hill LOL, but its all good, i'll have to lie low today and pray the sunshine & temps are here again tomorrow. So for today, CALGON please take me here.

OKAY, well if i wasn't in Italy today (LOL), I'd be playing with these wonderful Scrappy goodies!!!! Oops-don't be surprised to see something similar to these in CCL BFF class-are you signed up yet???

Seriously, can you ever have too much fleur de lis-NOT!!!

And the new TRIM is just "TO DIE FOR"

Come check out the latest fun scrappy goodies today!!!! What a great time to use that MM Shopper Dollars-just a few more days-don't forget-redeeming your MM Shopper Dollars enters you into a $100 shopping spree-DRAWING IS AT 1PM on Oct. 9th-winner or representative must be present.

Blue Light Special-2FER Tuesday: BasicGrey and Marks Paper Co paper in section

Thanks for reading
& Happy Scrappin'

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Darlene said...

Thinking I may need to go to the store today to purchase some new goodies!!!