Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scrap your Babies (new or old)


Is Scrapbooking Your Baby During His or Her First Year Possible?
In one word – YES. I know scrapbooking your child’s first year can feel overwhelming. Somehow, the first year seems the most important, doesn’t it? Especially right now, if your baby is a baby and your world revolves around him or her.

And if your baby isn’t a baby and you are reading this, then chances are good you believe the first year scrapbook is significant, too. I think my babies were 18 & 20 when I scrapbooked their first year. It's never too late-in fact, i REALLY think i enjoyed it more scrappin' it years later (some days I needed to remember why i loved them LOL). But, the biggest advantage to scrappin' while they are babies IS remembering the journaling & you JUST take better, more meaningful pictures!!!!!

I hope this inspires you and that you will enjoy the process of scrapbooking your baby. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You give your baby love every day. Nothing matters as much as that – even scrapbooking. (However, someday your scrapbooks will be a tangible reminder of that love!
Baby Scrapbooking Layouts Checklist
As a busy mom, sometimes just thinking of what to scrapbook can be overwhelming. Use this checklist to give you ideas of what to scrapbook. Be sure to check off layouts as you complete them. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but is a great resource if you feel stuck or just want something to refer to. Also, don’t feel like you have to do all of the layouts suggested. Some of the topics may not resonate with you, or you just may not have time, which is okay. Your child will appreciate anything you create! This list has fifty layout ideas, so if you can carve out time to do one layout a week, you will have an incredible album in one year.

The kits we create for Baby Kit Club are:
Expecting You
Labor of Love
Home from Hospital
It’s a boy/girl
Baby's Family or Fan Club
First bath
first baby food
first xmas

If you only have time for one layout per month, the above list will capture the important firsts. If you want to scrapbook more, below are some ideas, some of those below are featured in our kit club but it may provide journal ideas for kit club layouts:

Birth story with the details (weight, length, etc.)
Mommy & Daddy and you
Grandma & Grandpa and you
Aunts and Uncles and you
Cousins and you
Godparents and you
Family friends and you
Diaper changes/on the changing table
Bath time (likes, dislikes)
Nap time (special loveys or animals, pacifiers, etc.)
Meal time (favorite foods, messy face, etc.)
Bottle feeding and/or breast feeding (why this time is special)
Story time (favorite books)
Play time (favorite toys)
Holding head up
Rolling over
First teeth
Eating baby food
Eating finger food
First Holidays
New Year’s
St. Patrick’s Day
Fourth of July
Halloween (going to the pumpkin patch, first costume)
The Seasons
Winter (bundled up, cute hats)
Spring (outdoor shots, spring hats, flowers)
Summer (pool, sunglasses, hats, the beach, flowers)
Fall (leaves, pumpkins
First Birthday-The theme/invitation, First cake
Reflections on baby’s first year
Letters from Mommy and Daddy
Your family history
Day-care (caregivers, what the room looks like, etc.)
25 Things that Make You You
Watch me grow (monthly pictures of baby side-by-side)-might consider calendar kit club
The nursery
Favorite toy

30% Thursday: stamp shelf

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Happy Scrappin'

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