Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What would you do without a local scrapbook store??

Yikes, I hope you never have to worry about that one!!

Becky & Jody were in "getting their scrap fix" yesterday while visiting family for the holidays. They have both moved out of state and have watched their local stores close & wow, now MM is their only source of scrappin' goodness. While that is awesome for MM, it makes me so sad for scrappers not to have a local store. We talked about how tough it is NOT to have a store in the area that you can run to match cardstock to your pics or solid paper, find that perfect pattern paper & embellishment & just walk around enjoying the smell of ALL THAT PAPER (these girls walked around the store for HOURS). That thought just terrifies me-I don't think I could scrap like that-i love being able to come to MM at midnight if i need to (ha ha), well i know that's a little spoiled, but seriously I can not imagine being able to walk around a store touching & feeling all the cool scrappin' goodies. Let's all support our local scrapbook stores!!!! Without them, scrappin' as we know it will go away. Even the scrap weekends/conventions will not survive if scrappers don't have a local store to keep them involved & scrappin'.
Note to self: Things I'm thankful for-MY local scrapbook store!!!!

MM is committed to this awesome hobby of scrapbooking, to our family of scrapbookers & we're hanging in there. but we do NEED YOUR SUPPORT. I know you've seen the numerous emails this week of stores in nearby towns closing and I can't say how sorry I am for these owners-its got to be soooo hard to let that dream go and to the scrappers who will need to drive farther to find their next local store. :(

On a happier note-I can't tell you how GREAT it was to see these awesome 2 talented scrapper friends!!!! They always have so much excitement, enthusiasm and even brainstormed with me a bit--just makes me MISS them more when they leave!! Wish we could rewind a few years back when they were the croppin' excitement every Friday night!!!

Here's a few fun things that came in today:

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Happy Scrappin'

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