Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby's First Year

Even if you don't want to "scrapbook" many people want to preserve the warm fuzzies of the first year of being a mom or of baby's first year highlights. Your baby may be infant, 10, 20, 30, but what a wonderful gift for your child, no matter the age. Most of us didn't know about scrapbooking OR as a busy mom, sometimes just thinking of what to scrapbook can be overwhelming.

If you already created their first year scrapbook and you want to add some other things, here's a few thoughts of some other layouts - here is a helpful resource if you feel stuck or just want something to refer to. Also, don’t feel like you have to do all of the layouts suggested. Some of the topics may not resonate with you, or you just may not have time, which is okay. Your child will appreciate anything you create! This list has fifty layout ideas, so if you can carve out time to do one layout a week, you will have an incredible album in one year.

Here are some journal prompters to add to your kit club layouts:

Journal prompters to add to your kit club layouts:
Labor/Birth: Birth story, The details (weight, length, etc.), Handprints/footprints
First visitors (Relationships, Mommy and you, Daddy and you, Grandma and you, Grandpa and you, Aunts and Uncles and you, Cousins and you
Blessing: Godparents and you, Family friends and you
Bringing baby home: Diaper changes/on the changing table, Nap time (special loveys or animals, pacifiers, etc.)
Bath time (likes, dislikes)
Meal time (favorite foods, messy face, etc.), Bottle feeding and/or breast feeding (why this time is special), Eating baby food, Eating finger food,
First Christmas (what you thought of Santa)

You could join season/calendar kit club to include these: Holidays (New Year’s, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween (going to the pumpkin patch, first costume), Thanksgiving. The calendar would be really cute each month to include what they did on which days.

Additional layouts you may want to include: Story time (favorite books),
Play time (favorite toys), Holding head up, Smiling, Rolling over, Sitting-up, First teeth, Seasons
Winter (First snow, bundled up, cute hats), Spring (outdoor shots, spring hats, flowers), Summer (pool, sunglasses, hats, the beach, flowers), Fall (leaves, pumpkins, First Birthday (The theme/invitation, First cake, Reflections on baby’s first year, Letters from Mommy and Daddy
Your family history, Day-care (caregivers, what the room looks like, etc.), Expressions, 25 Things that Make You You, Watch me grow (monthly pictures of baby side-by-side), Favorite toy.

I hope you can take the challenge & create Baby's first year-its such an awesome experience to relive the memories.

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Thanks for reading, Happy Scrappin'

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