Thursday, February 03, 2011

i LOVE color!!!

So what are you working on today? Are you one of those LUCKY scrappers that was able to stay home today? What inspires you? For me, its COLOR!!!! I keep dreaming of these colors-i sure hope i can set aside some time to scrap tonight-if I get LUCKY I'll post it. Lately seems I haven't been able to scrap anything that isn't connected to a deadline-classes, LOL. But hey, whatever works. So I'm challenging you-pick your 3 favorite colors, pull your pattern paper in these colors, ribbons, letters, etc. whatever you have. Create a layout with them. Don't try to match photos to the colors-chances are, the photos will look fine with the color scheme. One more challenge, I'll post mine when I see yours LOL-its my blog-so i get to make the rules, ha ha. Seriously-i would love to see some new faces, new creations-send them to me, PLEASEEEEE. Its doesn't have to be amazing-just please show me you scrapped today

So, for all of you lucky ladies with GIRLS, did they go to Father Daughter Dance? Christy created a precious little kit yesterday just in time-come check it out!!

30% Thursday: 7 Gypsies receipt holder (if you picked up that new cricut magazine-they have cute, cute ideas with this-catch it while its ON SALE today only!!!

Don't forget to vote (see blog yesterday) for a Sweetheart Dinner & enter MM into the drawing for the free class.

Thanks for reading, & Happy Scrappin'

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