Saturday, January 05, 2008

Duh...I'm Such a Duffus!

"Does anyone have anything inside their surprise?" answer. "Anybody?"

I timidly raise my hand..."I have piece of paper in mine." "Does everyone have that?" OHHHHH, "SUMMER" 2008! I won admission to the CCL in July! I'm such a duffus! Tammy's sister made everyone one of these sweet little pies and this little slip was tucked away in one...mine. Such a wonderful surprise! THANKS so, so much! I'll be there with bells on!

And a HUGE thanks to Tammy and all the Memory Mania staff for another FABULOUS CCL experience!

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mmallett said...

CONGRATS, Michelle! I can't think of a better person that deserves it! And I concur---GREAT JOB, Tammy and all your little "elves"---I'm ready for July to get here already!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!