Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Thank you to my new friends at EA. Amy Phillips invited me to speak with her Free Enterprise class last month at East Ascension High. I was a little apprehensive about keeping them interested, but Amy gave me some areas to include that covered areas they had been studying, like loans, supply & demand, etc. These kids were so kind and attentive-I'm sure it had to get boring, but each student held eye contact and asked questions. It was cool to meet so many well behaved & polite teenagers. They decorated a water bottle & made a cool sign across the back of the room welcoming me and pretended to be interested in my children's scrapbooks (he he)--they did tease me a little because of the purple Dutchtown scrapbooks. I was so impressed with them that I had to share how impressed I was with them. They even mailed me this cute picture to remember them by. They all received gift certificates and water bottles afterwards for their kindness.

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