Sunday, April 06, 2008

EXPO-the most fun day of the year!!!

KUDOS to these AWESOME MM Girls!!!!! Along with Terri, Dane & Rhonda, these girls have worked the fingers to the bone getting everything ready for the fun day for you to COME GET THE SCOOP!!!!!! ALso pictured is Lisa & Debbie Gunion-thanks so much to Lisa & Debbie for travling from Texas to share the awesome TInkering Ink Peek a Boo Mini Books-these were a huge hit with customers of all ages-we'll share more pictures during the week of fun times at the EXPO. We've received the sweetest emails from many of you-thanks so much, it means so much to us to know that you did enjoy yourself.

Thanks for these awesome comments:
"I had a ball. When I awakened this morning I said, "happy birthday" to myself. Its not really my birthday but it felt that way. So much good stuff. I tried to buy it all but couldn't. That is one of the only two regrets I had about today. The other one is that I couldn't have any ice cream or brownies (dieting). I will be back to get what I couldn't get today. I loved loved loved the peek a boo albums and the ladies who instructed. Christy is always wonderful!!! "Brooke did a great job with the card demo . Thanks. I LUUUUVV Memory Mania"

Thanks to everyone for their hard work & thanks to all of the wonderful friends that came to share the day.

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