Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tim Holtz anything!

Honestly, my favorite tools is my paper trimmer... but pretty much anything by Tim Holtz is in my toolbox. I LOVE the splat mat - it cleans like a dream and keeps my workspace pretty neat. The new applicators for the Distress Inks is terrific and gives you more control and a better finish with the inks. If you haven't seen the DI applicators, they look very much like the one you use with Alcohol Inks, but specifically for the dry foam. The little misters are great for bleach (try filling one with bleach and spritzing it on cardstock - voila you have an interesting patterned paper!) blending solution (spritz on your alcohol inks for a fabulous effect) and the old stand by water for distressing. How convenient that the misters come in a 3 pack!

I'm also loving my texturizing hammer. It has 2 interchangeable heads and works wonders with Grungeboard or chipboard after it's been painted with a metallic color. Add a little distress ink and BAM! aged metal! He also has really cool scissors (I keep forgetting to bring those to classes to show off). They are very comfortable, have collapsing handles (sort of hard to explain) and they are self sharpening - you can even cut metal with them!

Those are my favorites for right now - but who knows what will happen when all of Memory Mania's CHA goodies are unveiled??? Night y'all!

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