Friday, August 29, 2008

CCL OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!! CCL4LIFE

YEP, its that time already. Registration for CCL opens on Tuesday, Sept 2nd.

Gustav GO AWAY!!! I'm desperately praying that he won’t affect any of US!!!!!!

CCL Registration is ONLINE and ready to go. Registration opens on Tuesday, Sept 2nd. We are requesting that registration this year be brought IN PERSON OR ONLINE only (no faxes).

Of course, our first choice is to see you in the store on Tuesday to register. However, if you are out of town, check out our online registration.

We want to get all the bugs out of online registration before Tuesday so if you are interested in testing out (we're testing 4 people today), you get to register today-email me .

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Darlene said...

Love the layouts! Can't wait til January!!!!