Monday, August 18, 2008


Sending out a BIG welcome to our new scrappers for July!!!!!!!!! At Memory Mania, you're not just a guest, we welcome you with wide arms to our Memory Mania family, so join in girls & give a post to welcome the newest scrapping buddies.

Evelyn Adams
Dana Alfred
Tonya Anding
Nicole Anthony
Kami Babin
Shannon Bennett
Rachel Blanchard
Jennifer Board
Annie Boudreaux
Kari Branch
Dena Breaux
Kandi Brewster
Casey Bryan
Katie Buckley
Jackie Cambre
Ada Castellano
Patty Clavette
Ginger Cloud
Teri Cober
Madalyn Cochran
Liz Cook
Megan Deslatte
Leah Douglas
Ellen Ducote
Candy Dugas
Julia Dupont
Jennifer Dyer
Brittany Espinoza
Nicole Fabre
Vanessa Ferderking
Brandy Foret
Charlie Foster
Cheryl Foster
Wanda Gawarecki
Candice Glynn
Jaime Guidry
Lillian Guitreau
Terri Hagginbotham
Emily Harr
Rogena Hartley
Janell Harvy
Lenea Hebert
Stephanie Huye
Melanie Hyatt
Eggie Johnston
Amber Kaiser
Lynn Keller
Chrystal Kidder
Mary Kunka
Courtney Lanaux
Debbie Laprairie
Brittney LeBlance
Angie Little
Sara Melancon
Carrle Mendoza
Danielle Mock
Betsy Mullett
Laura Mutz
Kristin Normand
Cara Pagendarm
Lisa Pedone
Ami Peyton-Kleiner
Lindsey Pitalo
Kathryn Poche
Nicole Raynal
Ashley Riche
Cherie Rickard
Renee Roderik
Kim Rome
Lois Rote
Jennifer Russell
Paula Scarton
Christy Schmidt
Erin Schweinefus
Toni Seal
Sara Short
Brenda Short
Julia Sigur
Lorretta Smith
Carol Smith
Sherri Smith
Toni Sparks
Lisa Spillers
Robin Stirman
Christi Villar
Meredith Waguespack
Ava Williams
Joyce Wlech

Thanks so much to our buddies that referred their friends: Mary Claire Lambert, Kelsie Watson, Charlotte Savoy, Jacquelyn Odom, Kristy Martin, Phyllis Lastrapes!!

AND THE WINNER of the referral drawing is JACQUELYN ODOM!!!!! Jacquelyn, claim your prize at MM today. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing the news with your friends.

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Darlene said...

WOW!!! The list of new "maniacs" just keeps growing!!! It just goes to show you that Memory Mania is the best scrapbooking store around!!! You can't beat it!!!